Wednesday, March 22, 2017

DAFNI Straightening Brush

I must have missed the class when they taught girls to style their hair. I'm a complete disaster! Even my biggish bangs of the 1980s were sub par. I'm not being hard on myself, I seriously have never had any hair styling game. In high school and college, I either wore my hair half-up or in a pony tail (in a bow or scrunchie, of course).

I've been wanting straight hair for ages, but can't afford a pricey treatment, and I'm a mess with a straightening iron. I've worn my hair either in a super easy pixie or bob most of my adult life, so I could avoid having to do much to style my hair. I've been growing it for a while now, and it just seems even more curly than I remember it! My sister (who has long, thick, really pretty hair) made me promise not to cut it for a while, so I've been at a loss. I had seen DAFNI advertised, and I thought it looked like something that would help me get my crazy hair under control. I sent them a letter to see if they would send me a straightening brush to review, and I was thrilled when they said yes.

The DAFNI Straightening Brush was developed in 2012 by Sharon Rabi and her father Kobi. It's really interesting to me that they came up with the idea after Sharon got a too-short and unmanageable haircut. I've had so many of those in my time-I see a cute picture, bring it in to my hairdresser, and leave in shock (and sometimes tears). They wanted something easier than a straightening iron. It took them two years before they came up with the perfect model, but their straightening brush was the first of its kind.

Using DAFNI is as easy as brushing your hair. The unique 3D surface of the brush is wider than that of a traditional straightener, allowing you to style large sections of hair with each brushstroke, reducing the time it takes to straighten your hair by as much as 10 times. Due to DAFNI’s ceramic coating and protective structure, you can use DAFNI exactly as you would a regular brush.

I hate HATE having my picture taken. I'm trying to be better, as we realized that with the exception of a few pictures with the boys when they were newborn, there were no pictures of me. So, I'm trying. Unfortunately, I don't look anything like the me from before marriage and children, but I couldn't very well show you how well DAFNI works without pictures.

So, the picture above is my hair before using the DAFNI brush. It was completely air-dried, although you can blow dry your hair with it as well. This was the very first time I had used it-I thought it would be good to show my very first result.

The picture above is after I've done about half of my hair.

Finally, the finished product. It's straighter than I've EVER gotten it from a straightening iron or blow dryer! I don't have any finishing product in it at all-I wanted to show it from just using the DAFNI brush for the first time. It stayed straight until I washed it again, and I think it was more manageable for several days. Each time I use the DAFNI brush, it gives me a better result. This may be because I'm better used to the brush, but regardless, it's fantastic!

If you've seen DAFNI, and you're wondering if it works, I can tell you that it absolutely does! I'm so happy with mine.

If you're looking for the DAFNI Straightening Brush, you can find them at:
Facebook: @DAFNIofficial
Twitter: @DAFNI_hair
Instagram: @dafnihair @dafnihairus
YouTube: DAFNI Hair

*I received the DAFNI for review purposes, but the opinions and this review are 100% my own.*

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ralph Lauren Red Polo Extreme

I received a bottle of Ralph Lauren Red Polo Extreme from Influenster to review. I love wearing a variety of fragrances, but my husband generally doesn't wear cologne of any kind. He was happy to wear it for my review, however, and I'm so glad that he did, because he really likes it, and it smells amazing. Even our son wears a tiny bit, and it isn't overpowering or heavy at all.

Polo Red Extreme is considered to be a spicy, gourmand fragrance. This is the exact type of fragrance that I personally wear (women's obviously). It is a sweeter fragrance, and really wearable. The main notes are Blood Orange, Black Coffee and Black Ebony Wood. You can smell notes of orange and coffee right away. It's very smooth-not harsh at all. 

This is definitely a scent I would pick out for my husband. I highly recommend this fragrance-it's delicious!

*I did receive this bottle of Ralph Lauren Red Polo Extreme free for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own.*