Thursday, February 16, 2017

NNNY Skincare

Skincare has never been more advanced, yet many companies are using natural ingredients like they haven't in years. NNNY Skincare is one of the companies that is clearly getting it right. They have what seems to be the perfect balance of skincare technology and natural ingredients that have been used to keep skin beautiful for generations.
NNNY Skincare was founded by beauty innovator Yuko Nishio, a 27 year old CEO of a well respected modeling agency in Japan. Yuko traveled extensively for photo shoots and found that her skin - along with that of her models - was extremely dry. Shocked by her aged appearance, she tried a variety of prestigious beauty products but found their excessive fragrances and synthetic, chemical ingredients irritated her skin, clogged her pores and lacked the performance she needed.
Yuko began to research herbal medicine and its effects on the body from the inside, out. She also studied epidermal anatomy to learn how these naturally derived ingredients could be used to penetrate the skin’s many layers and help promote natural healing. When she was 37 - just ten years after her quest began, she followed her passion for skincare nearly 10,000 miles to the Phyto-Aromatherapy Institute in Philadelphia.
While studying in the U.S. she learned how adding the right amount of specific plant extracts and essential oils could not only help prevent many of the visible signs of aging, but also profoundly repair skin damage. This personal interest has since flourished into a successful business as one of the world’s top professional estheticians, including certification as a skincare instructor at the Phyto-Aromatherapy Institute. Upon returning to Japan in 1995, Yuko opened the prestigious spa Nature Sage Salon in Tokyo.
An unwavering passion for healthy, radiant skin also inspired Yuko to create her own natural product line. Launched in 2004 and created from decades of research, the NNNY Exclusive Skin Care Series with proprietary Nano Natural Technology was originally available exclusively to Yuko’s spa clientele. After more than 20 years she now treats an international roster of elite clientele, including celebrities, top makeup artists and royal family members who love the instant radiance they can create with NNNY Skin Care.
While I'm not a client in Yuko's spa (I can dream though), I have been extremely blessed to try two of her amazing products - Nano Mist and Nano Whiteen Cream EX. 

Nano Mist

Yuko's Nano Mist provides instant protection and hydration that lasts. Since I have very dry skin, I have always applied a mist several times a day, just to keep my face from feeling parched. I can absolutely tell that I don't need to reapply during the day - even this winter!

Nano Mist is a light protective and moisturizing mist that provides long lasting hydration and an instant soft dewy glow. Its ultra-restorative spray holds moisture in the skin and helps prevent harmful pollution and environmental elements from clogging pores and stripping away the naturally protective moisture barrier. Nano Mist utilizes Nano Natural Technology that helps each restorative ingredient penetrate deeply for amazing results from the first application. It is designed to easily store and carry everywhere you go, and it is always fragrance, colorant, paraben and cruelty free. 

Nano Whiteen Cream EX

Yuko's Nano Whiteen Cream EX is basically a super rich 5 in 1 Powerhouse. It is a powerful blend of 55 restorative botanical extracts to moisturize, brighten, tone, nourish and protect. This combination has created the ultimate powerhouse product, while keeping it gentle and ultra luxurious.

The anti-aging moisture cream helps restore youthful glow and supple, smooth skin texture instantly. Premium plant oils and precious botanicals form a long-lasting protective moisture barrier to prevent dehydration with a sumptuous silky feel. Nano Whiteen Cream EX uses Nano Natural Technology to help each restorative ingredient penetrate deeply for amazing results from the first application. There are fifty-five unique plant botanical extracts and naturally derived ingredients seamlessly blended to provide the optimal antioxidant shield to protect and repair. As with NNNY Nano Mist, the Nano Whiteen Cream EX is designed to easily store and to carry along. It is also always fragrance, colorant, paraben and cruelty free.
When I first received these products from NNNY, I had a major reaction to something. Under advisement from my dermatologist, I basically used nothing on my skin for almost 3 months. It's impossible to know for sure, but I think NNNY's products might have helped during the process, had I used them. Especially the Nano Mist, as it is extremely soothing. Regardless, I'm very glad to have them to use now, and I plan to buy their Camilla Soap one of these days. The only downside to the products from NNNY is that their price point is very high, and that is the ONLY negative for me. NNNY has created extremely high quality and beneficial products. My skin is soothed, moisturized and much more luminous. This is absolutely a gorgeous line.
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