Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Naughton Braun Pearls

I absolutely know that I am among countless others who share in the belief that it is difficult to adequately describe the beauty of pearls. Of course, there are pearls out there that near perfection, although few ever see such divine skill. It is my opinion that even the pearls with flaws are beautiful in their uniqueness. Pearls of different colors, shapes, quality and luster are a brilliance of nature.

Naughton Braun Pearls is a pearl jewelry company that uses only the finest freshwater pearls, silk threads and gemstones. Naughton Braun Pearls was founded by Bernadette Braun and Stacie Yuhasz, who are freshwater pearl lovers, avid travelers, mothers, designers and entrepreneurs. Naughton Braun believes that Women empower Women, and in the importance of giving back.

Naughton Braun has been very busy with Chinese New Year celebrations, but Stacie has given so much of her time to work with me. I had approached her to review a piece on my blog, and easily became entranced with Naughton Braun's sumptuous pearls and stunning designs. They have pearl jewelry that is simple enough to wear daily, and others appropriate for bridal or black tie. The Fairy Pools Earrings and Captiva Earrings are two stunningly gorgeous pieces from their earring collection. 

Fairy Pools Earrings

The Fairy Pools Earrings are described as dancing wisps of a fairy wing. These earrings pool and reflect color that surrounds them, enhancing your every move. The Fairy Pools are 13-15mm pink Edison pearl earrings set on gold-plated sterling silver hoops.

Captiva Earrings

The Captiva Earrings by Naughton Braun are bejeweled Sterling silver Edison pearl drop earrings, radiant with colored CZs and subtle lustre. They are 12-13mm Edison Pearls on a hinged sterling silver drop, topped with a circlet of colored CZs (they come in Emerald, Ice, Lagoon, Canary, Rose and Royal. The Captiva Earrings were featured by Jewellery Monthly Valentine's Day 2017 Gift Guide. I have The Captivas in rose, and they accessorize my usual pink, green and navy palette perfectly.

While either pair of earrings would be gorgeous for dressier occasions (The Captiva Earrings in rose would be absolute perfection for a spring or summer bride), they really work beautifully for daily wear. I'm generally comfortable wearing studs or huggies, but I am very confident wearing both of these. I've been growing my hair for what seems like ages, and these have such a lovely shimmer with my hair up or down. They don't have a long drop, and they are far from unbelievable bling. They will enhance a variety of skin or hair color combinations. You cannot go wrong with either pair. Actually-I don't think you could go wrong with anything from Naughton Braun.

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*Naughton Braun Pearls sent me these earring for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own.*

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