Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jane Scrivner Skincare

Obviously you know by now-I absolutely love trying new skincare. It's clearly my "thing." I'm always looking for that product that will make me look like I did when I was 21, but also, I just love different products and lines. Not everything is a home run either, and I try to share that with you as well. It is important to note that just because something makes me itch, it will likely be fine for 99% of humans. I just have crazy sensitive skin. I will not give up though, and I hope you learn about new lines and products, and maybe find your holy grail product in the process.

One skincare line that I was so excited to try was from Jane Scrivner. I had heard great things, and then I saw her products popping up on people's skincare regime Instagram photos. By this point, I was on a mission. I had to find it. And...I live in Iowa. Obviously nowhere to be found-I'm trying to remember why I left Phoenix or Boston at this point-thank goodness for the internet. I contacted Jane, and she generously sent me a few products to try for my blog.

Jane's thoughts on beautiful skin are just what you hope they would be. She says, "There is nothing more pleasing than great skin looking back at you from the mirror in the morning, it starts your day, it sets you up and it imbues a feminine confidence that you just can't buy. My motivation is to get you that skin." I want Jane Scrivner to be my bestie. I'm not kidding.

Jane Scrivner spends time reading and researching about raw materials that have a great track record, ingredients that are pure, natural, preferably organic and that genuinely work. Once she decides on an ingredient, it will be sourced to the absolute best version, organic, raw, first pressing making sure it's full of fresh nutrients to feed the skin. She doesn't use blended base oils, but opts for 'single' estate oils and she tries to basically trace the field it was grown in! Jane Scrivner's essential oils are the best that she can find. THAT is determination!

Jane Scrivner sent me her 3 Step Dream Team Flawless Skin Program to try. In the program are the Nourishing Cleanser, Skin Elixir and 'OO' Cream. I had recently had a major reaction to something (maybe a medication-we never knew exactly), so I wasn't able to try the products for a while. I definitely needed willpower!

Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Cleanser is a luxury balm that can be used to gently cleanse, or as a night balm. It comes with a super soft cleansing towel, which helps gently exfoliate. The Skin Elixir is a daily moisturizer that absorbs quickly, and leaves skin soft and glowing. It can easily be used under makeup. Jane Scrivner's 'OO' CREAM (Over Oil Cream) locks in moisture, protects and mattifies.

After using the Flawless Skin Program, my skin is soft and less irritated. The 3 products that I've tried are seriously luxurious, moisturizing and soothing. I'm glad that I waited to start Jane Scrivner's skincare until after my skin had healed and calmed. It may not have been a problem, but I would have hated to not give it an adequate chance, just in case. This line is fantastic!

If you'd like to find Jane Scrivner Skincare, you can follow any of the links in this post. They aren't affiliate links-just to be helpful. You can also go to:
Facebook: @JaneScrivnerNaturalSkincareRange
Twitter: @JaneScrivner
Instagram: @JaneScrivnerSkincare

**Jane Scrivner sent me products for review purposes, but I was not compensated. All opinions are 100% my own.**

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