Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sirot Transformative Glass Technology

The new year is full of resolutions for all of us. Lose weight, exercise more, try to be less stressed out, shop less, be more domestic...well, perhaps the last few may be unique to me. 

Another one of mine is to take better care of my hands. It's known that hands are the first to show signs of age. It seems like it has happened overnight-my hands are starting to look less than awesome.

I had heard about Sirot Skincare, a line started by Ellen Sirot. Ellen Sirot is a famous (likely the most famous) hand model. She began Sirot when she began to see her hands age, and she is definitely an expert when it comes to keeping your hands gorgeous.

Sirot gives your skin the appearance of being "more glass-like and youthful looking with their breakthrough Transformative Glass Technology. It uses a special blend of selected silicates and silanes, molecules based on silicium (silicon), an essential mineral found in every organ of the human body. This mineral is essential to the production of elastin and plays a key role in collagen construction to keep our bodies, skin, hair and nails functioning at optimal levels." 

Transformative Glass Technology helps your skin appear plump, it softens the look of wrinkles, and it helps the skin appear brighter and more radiant.
Sirot Skincare was so gracious to send me their SPF 20 Daytime and Nighttime Hand Duo and Revitalizing Eye Serum to try and review.

Sirot SPF 20 Daytime Handcream is super rich and moisturizing. It has tons of anti aging ingredients to help make your hands look better, and SPF 20 to keep them looking great. I can definitely tell that my hands feel much more moisturized throughout the day, even after repeated hand washing. Although I rarely get much sun, they say that the amount of sun that our hands get on a daily basis is enough to cause damage. This is why using a handcream with SPF is so important. 

Sirot Nightly Hand Treatment revitalizes, nourishes, improves texture and tone, reduces the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving hands radiant, all while you sleep! Sirot handcream duo is effective and absolutely decadent!

I've been on what seems to be a never ending search for an eye cream that I love. I see signs of my age under my eyes, with some vertical lines and dark circles. There is such a huge variety of eye products out there-gels, oils, creams, serums,'s so hard to find the perfect one. I like the feel of gels, but because of my age and dry skin, I don't get enough moisture with an eye gel. I was very happy to try Sirot Revitalizing Eye Serum. It reduces the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. It nourishes, brightens, tightens, helps with dark circles, helps under eyes reabsorb moisture, and it contains light reflecting particles. I've been using Sirot Eye Serum for several weeks, and I can definitely see that my undereyes have lightened, and they look more clear and fresh. I love that it comes in a pump, instead of a jar, although it seems like the pump does dispense a bit more than needed. It doesn't really seem like I'm wasting product though, so I could be wrong, as it definitely absorbs nicely.

If you're looking for a line to try for the new year, especially one that focuses on helping your hands look healthy, young and gorgeous-definitely check out Sirot.

You can find Sirot at Evine Live.
Facebook/Instagram: @sirotskin
Twitter: @ellensirot

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