Friday, July 7, 2017

How Sensitive Are You?

It's no secret that I seriously struggle with my skin. I think that people with extremely dry, sensitive skin can be just as self conscious of their skin as someone with acne. Before you roll your eyes at me, please read on.
I've never really had breakouts, even as a teen. Maybe a lone pimple here and there, but that's about it. While I may be lucky in that department, my complexion has been anything but peaches and cream. My skin being red, blotchy and dry has caused me to stay home from many a function over the years. When I was younger, I would try and try to cover my redness, only to end up with dry patches and frustration. This completely ages me, but in junior high we had to square dance in gym, but the boy that I had a huge crush on complained because my hands felt leathery. It's not like I was an outcast or anything, it probably bothered no one but me, but oh how that has stayed with me through the years.
To my huge disappointment now, I do not have a single picture of myself from either of my pregnancies. As a matter of fact, my irritations, reactions, redness, itchiness and more attacked my entire body. I would scratch until I bled. One night, while in the ER for a kidney stone (being pregnant did NOT agree with me), I must have scratched off my wedding ring, which we never found.
I'm telling you all of this to let you know what a long road it has been for me-my entire life with severe eczema. I've been on steroids, used prescription creams, been through light therapy and more. I think one of the reasons that I became so interested in cosmetics and skincare is because I had to learn to cover up my redness, while also fighting irritations and dry skin. I've found a few moisturizers that have worked for me, but I've finally found a full line of products (for both face and body) that are soothing and non-irritating. 
I was excited to try Aixallia Skincare. I had to wait to try them because of a HUGE eczema flare, but it was worth the wait. Aixallia is an entire line made for sensitive skin. Made in Aix en Provence, Aixallia's products are made from ultra pure water and only the finest ingredients. They use an ultra-purification treatment to remove all chemical and bacterial contaminants from the water used to formulate their skin care. This purity makes Aixallia the most effective beauty treatments possible. Their active ingredients are used in a whole, natural state, making them safer, more effective and less susceptible to deterioration.
Aixallia sent me several products to test for review purposes. Their soft water base and neutral pH respects the skin's dermal/epidermal border. Their products are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive conditions. Of course I was anxious to try their products!

I tried the Coconut and Calendula Exfoliating Shower Gel, the Rose and Almond Body Lotion, and the Olive and Rose Hand Cream. It did take me a bit to try these three, as I pretty much had a rash from neck to feet. I have pictures that the dermatologist took, but I will not be showing them. Trust me, it was bad! So, I added things very slowly, even though I knew everything from Aixallia was for sensitive skin.

The shower gel is probably my favorite product from Aixallia. It gently exfoliates, has nice suds, and can be used every day. My husband and kids use it, too. This is a must try product! The body lotion is also very gentle and it absorbs quickly. I'm not very good about remembering to put body lotion on, although with my dry skin, I really should be. I use cortisone creams so often that I just kind of miss other moisturizers. Aixallia's body lotion is very nice though. Their hand cream is very nice-I definitely recommend it. It is very light and it doesn't leave my hands sticky. It has little to no scent, and it's easy to have in my purse. There isn't sunscreen in it, although I really love this cream for during the day. I use a much heavier hand cream at night.

For my facial care, I tried the Emulsifying Make-Up Remover, the Green Tea Day Cream, the Lavender Night Cream and the Rose and Argan Eye Cream. Again, I added products slowly to make sure I didn't react. I didn't have even the slightest reaction.

Aixallia's Micellaire Water is fantastic! It is very gentle, yet extremely effective, packed with cornflower water and organic plant extracts. It removes my makeup effectively, including mascara. It doesn't irritate my face at all, which most things do. It doesn't leave any sort of film on my face. My husband and son have used it to cleanse their skin as well. Great stuff! I recently swapped out my heavier moisturizers for Aixallia's day and night creams. I'm actually kind of obsessed with the green tea day cream. It's light and fresh, and it leaves my face glowing. It's absolutely lovely. The night cream contains lavender water, which is soothing (and it's supposed to help you sleep). I like the night cream, and I'll continue to use it. My face does look fantastic these days, and I think the two work nicely together. I'm not a huge fan of lavender, but the scent is extremely faint. The rose and argan eye cream is light and it absorbs quickly. It leaves my eye area moisturized, but I don't feel like it has enough anti-aging properties for my 45 year old eyes. Since childhood, my eyes have taken a beating, and it's completely my fault. Having eye allergies and also itchy facial skin, I've rubbed my eyes and scratched the skin for as long as I can remember. Now I know what that did-aaarrrggghhh! I don't have crow's feet so much as deep horizontal lines under them. I need major moisture and major anti-aging benefits in my eye cream, and this one doesn't give me quite enough. I feel badly, because I really like it, but it isn't my primary eye cream. If you are younger-this is a seriously fantastic eye cream to revitalize and moisturized your eyes. Start early, and DON'T rub your eyes!

I am so happy and grateful to have been able to try Aixallia. The products have no impurities, no alcohol, synthetic fragrances, phenoxyethanol or parabens. Quite literally, it's ultra pure skincare.

If you'd like to find Aixallia Skincare, you can follow any of the links in this post, or go directly to their website at: You can also find them at:
Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @aixallia

*I was sent products from Aixallia for review purposes, but this review is 100% my own. I was not compensated in any way for this review.*

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Girl's Best Friend

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I would argue that jewelry in general holds that special place in my heart. I admit that I spend an unusually lengthy amount of time looking at gorgeous jewelry and gems online. 

I'm actually fascinated by gemstones, and I think that working in that area may have been my true calling. I don't mean working in a jewelry store (can you imagine where my paycheck would go?), but actually designing jewelry, cutting gemstones and making gorgeous jewelry. Perhaps in another life!

For now, I get the chance to introduce you to some amazing jewelers, and to show off their work. I love how unique each designer is, and how their personalities show in their jewelry.

I purchased this beautiful moonstone ring from Gardens of the Sun. Meri Geraldine is the owner/designer in Bali. There are so many amazing things about Gardens of the Sun. Obviously their jewelry is spectacular. Each piece is completely unique, and their prices range from affordable to not (at least for me). I love how dedicated Gardens of the Sun is to its customers and to the environment. They use sustainable materials and they honestly want to sell jewelry that speaks to the individual.

Something else to love? "Gardens of the Sun values sustainability, tree planting, craftsmanship and quality materials. These are jewels you are proud to wear. They make you feel more beautiful inside and out, and remind you to be kinder to yourself." Each piece of jewelry purchased directly supports a women's tree nursery initiative in Indonesian Borneo. Gardens of the Sun is truly a company that I recommend with all of my heart. I adore my ring, and I love their mission.
Instagram: @gardensofthesun

I was sent these sweet little silver and cz studs by Violetta Blues. Violetta Blues is a new line from Idylle, a home decor store in Winterthur, Switzerland.
Store owner, Eva Graschi has started the new jewelry line, and the pieces are delicate and perfect for every day. She is extremely helpful and responsive. I'm very excited to see her jewelry line grow, and I'll be anxious to share more information as it does. 

The easiest way to see Violetta Blues' jewelry and to reach out to them is through Instagram. It is so fun to see gorgeous jewelry from new designers!
Instagram: @violettablues

I love these dark wood and sea glass bracelets from Sea Candy Jewelry in
Laguna Beach. I'm actually kind of obsessed with the beach. Odd that I live in Iowa, or perhaps being completely landlocked is the reason that I dream of the beach. I am fascinated by sea glass. The journey that these smooth pieces of glass make to shore is remarkable. I have a zen garden that has pieces of sea glass among its sand, and I find it incredibly soothing.

Sea Candy Jewelry has a variety of jewelry made from sea glass, including pieces made from rare colors and types of sea glass.

Owners Olivia Oddo and Sean Malek donate 10% of their profits to ocean cleanup projects. They are doing their part to protect our oceans and beaches, so they can continue to be loved and enjoyed.
Instagram: @seacandyjewelry

It is such an honor to share these three companies with my readers. I adore their jewelry so much, and I truly hope that you will get to know them as well. Whether new or established, each is worth supporting. Their owners are all so genuine and love what they do. 

**I was not compensated for my reviews. All opinions are 100% my own.**

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It's Julep Mystery Box Time!

HOT OFFER! Made for Summer Mystery Boxes just $24.99 Each

Made for Summer Mystery Box

This month, we couldn’t decide what to put into just one mystery box…so we created three. We dare you to try and pick just one. Pick up your Made for Summer Mystery Box - $100+ value only $24.99.

The Pastel Mystery Box: Want to know what’s in this box? Here’s a hint: six of our favorites in beauty and nail in sunwashed, summer-ready hues. $100+ value for just $24.99.

The Bold Mystery Box: For all of you who live by the mantra “the bolder, the better,” this mystery box goes out to you. You’ll love the super-saturated shades that’ll make you stand out all day, every day. $100+ value for just $24.99.

The Neutrals Mystery Box: When it comes to neutral shades, we know you have strong feelings about them. (Translation: you love them.) That’s why we packed this mystery box full of our favorite natural hues—just for you. $100+ value for just $24.99.

WAIT, THERE’S MORE...When you grab a mystery box this month, you’ll get a chance to be one of 6 lucky individuals to name a polish in our 2017 holiday collection.

NOTE: Offer expires on 5/11/17 at 11:59 PM PT, or while supplies last. Purchase of multiple units of the same type of mystery box will result in polish or product overlap. There is no overlap between different types of mystery boxes. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offer or discount (e.g Maven 20% discount). No exchanges or returns are possible on Mystery Box or individual items. Estimated full retail value is at least $100. Taxes vary by location.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

BarkBox Review

Waffles got her very first BarkBox!

Bark & Co. Andi's Famous Dumplings

Nootie No Grainers NYC Jerky Chews-Roasted Duck Recipe
Grain and gluten free

Bark & Co Best Treats Ever! Duck and Turkey Strips

Bark & Co. Lady Liberty Ball

Butcher's Block Bones Krunchie Tube

She absolutely loved everything! She carried around all 3 of the dumplings at once, showing them off to everyone!

Right now, you can get 50% off your first box at or if you use my referral link, your first box is FREE! Their regular price is $25/month with a 6 month subscription. SO worth it!

Preppy Mom's Kisses💋

I signed up to be a LipSense distributer, and I'm super excited. I named my business Preppy Mom's Kisses💖

If you haven't heard of LipSense, it's gorgeous lip color that you can layer to create new colors, and it seriously stays on all day. It doesn't come off when you drink, smooch, or even when you wipe your lips (it takes a special remover). 

9am wearing Roseberry


LipSense is the absolute hottest thing right now. They can't even keep it in stock. If you're looking for a color that LipSense is out of-don't be discouraged! Let me know, and I'll see if I can find it for you💋

We also sell amazing eye color, foundation, skin and body care!

Check out the website (just put my distributer ID in to shop). Again, if what you're looking for is out of stock, send me a message!

Thank you for supporting me💖

Distributer ID- 354068

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

DAFNI Straightening Brush

I must have missed the class when they taught girls to style their hair. I'm a complete disaster! Even my biggish bangs of the 1980s were sub par. I'm not being hard on myself, I seriously have never had any hair styling game. In high school and college, I either wore my hair half-up or in a pony tail (in a bow or scrunchie, of course).

I've been wanting straight hair for ages, but can't afford a pricey treatment, and I'm a mess with a straightening iron. I've worn my hair either in a super easy pixie or bob most of my adult life, so I could avoid having to do much to style my hair. I've been growing it for a while now, and it just seems even more curly than I remember it! My sister (who has long, thick, really pretty hair) made me promise not to cut it for a while, so I've been at a loss. I had seen DAFNI advertised, and I thought it looked like something that would help me get my crazy hair under control. I sent them a letter to see if they would send me a straightening brush to review, and I was thrilled when they said yes.

The DAFNI Straightening Brush was developed in 2012 by Sharon Rabi and her father Kobi. It's really interesting to me that they came up with the idea after Sharon got a too-short and unmanageable haircut. I've had so many of those in my time-I see a cute picture, bring it in to my hairdresser, and leave in shock (and sometimes tears). They wanted something easier than a straightening iron. It took them two years before they came up with the perfect model, but their straightening brush was the first of its kind.

Using DAFNI is as easy as brushing your hair. The unique 3D surface of the brush is wider than that of a traditional straightener, allowing you to style large sections of hair with each brushstroke, reducing the time it takes to straighten your hair by as much as 10 times. Due to DAFNI’s ceramic coating and protective structure, you can use DAFNI exactly as you would a regular brush.

I hate HATE having my picture taken. I'm trying to be better, as we realized that with the exception of a few pictures with the boys when they were newborn, there were no pictures of me. So, I'm trying. Unfortunately, I don't look anything like the me from before marriage and children, but I couldn't very well show you how well DAFNI works without pictures.

So, the picture above is my hair before using the DAFNI brush. It was completely air-dried, although you can blow dry your hair with it as well. This was the very first time I had used it-I thought it would be good to show my very first result.

The picture above is after I've done about half of my hair.

Finally, the finished product. It's straighter than I've EVER gotten it from a straightening iron or blow dryer! I don't have any finishing product in it at all-I wanted to show it from just using the DAFNI brush for the first time. It stayed straight until I washed it again, and I think it was more manageable for several days. Each time I use the DAFNI brush, it gives me a better result. This may be because I'm better used to the brush, but regardless, it's fantastic!

If you've seen DAFNI, and you're wondering if it works, I can tell you that it absolutely does! I'm so happy with mine.

If you're looking for the DAFNI Straightening Brush, you can find them at:
Facebook: @DAFNIofficial
Twitter: @DAFNI_hair
Instagram: @dafnihair @dafnihairus
YouTube: DAFNI Hair

*I received the DAFNI for review purposes, but the opinions and this review are 100% my own.*

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ralph Lauren Red Polo Extreme

I received a bottle of Ralph Lauren Red Polo Extreme from Influenster to review. I love wearing a variety of fragrances, but my husband generally doesn't wear cologne of any kind. He was happy to wear it for my review, however, and I'm so glad that he did, because he really likes it, and it smells amazing. Even our son wears a tiny bit, and it isn't overpowering or heavy at all.

Polo Red Extreme is considered to be a spicy, gourmand fragrance. This is the exact type of fragrance that I personally wear (women's obviously). It is a sweeter fragrance, and really wearable. The main notes are Blood Orange, Black Coffee and Black Ebony Wood. You can smell notes of orange and coffee right away. It's very smooth-not harsh at all. 

This is definitely a scent I would pick out for my husband. I highly recommend this fragrance-it's delicious!

*I did receive this bottle of Ralph Lauren Red Polo Extreme free for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own.*

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Naughton Braun Pearls

I absolutely know that I am among countless others who share in the belief that it is difficult to adequately describe the beauty of pearls. Of course, there are pearls out there that near perfection, although few ever see such divine skill. It is my opinion that even the pearls with flaws are beautiful in their uniqueness. Pearls of different colors, shapes, quality and luster are a brilliance of nature.

Naughton Braun Pearls is a pearl jewelry company that uses only the finest freshwater pearls, silk threads and gemstones. Naughton Braun Pearls was founded by Bernadette Braun and Stacie Yuhasz, who are freshwater pearl lovers, avid travelers, mothers, designers and entrepreneurs. Naughton Braun believes that Women empower Women, and in the importance of giving back.

Naughton Braun has been very busy with Chinese New Year celebrations, but Stacie has given so much of her time to work with me. I had approached her to review a piece on my blog, and easily became entranced with Naughton Braun's sumptuous pearls and stunning designs. They have pearl jewelry that is simple enough to wear daily, and others appropriate for bridal or black tie. The Fairy Pools Earrings and Captiva Earrings are two stunningly gorgeous pieces from their earring collection. 

Fairy Pools Earrings

The Fairy Pools Earrings are described as dancing wisps of a fairy wing. These earrings pool and reflect color that surrounds them, enhancing your every move. The Fairy Pools are 13-15mm pink Edison pearl earrings set on gold-plated sterling silver hoops.

Captiva Earrings

The Captiva Earrings by Naughton Braun are bejeweled Sterling silver Edison pearl drop earrings, radiant with colored CZs and subtle lustre. They are 12-13mm Edison Pearls on a hinged sterling silver drop, topped with a circlet of colored CZs (they come in Emerald, Ice, Lagoon, Canary, Rose and Royal. The Captiva Earrings were featured by Jewellery Monthly Valentine's Day 2017 Gift Guide. I have The Captivas in rose, and they accessorize my usual pink, green and navy palette perfectly.

While either pair of earrings would be gorgeous for dressier occasions (The Captiva Earrings in rose would be absolute perfection for a spring or summer bride), they really work beautifully for daily wear. I'm generally comfortable wearing studs or huggies, but I am very confident wearing both of these. I've been growing my hair for what seems like ages, and these have such a lovely shimmer with my hair up or down. They don't have a long drop, and they are far from unbelievable bling. They will enhance a variety of skin or hair color combinations. You cannot go wrong with either pair. Actually-I don't think you could go wrong with anything from Naughton Braun.

If you're looking to shop with Naughton Braun Pearls, you can find them:
Facebook/Instagram: @NaughtonBraun
Pinterest: Naughton Braun

*Naughton Braun Pearls sent me these earring for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own.*

Thursday, February 16, 2017

NNNY Skincare

Skincare has never been more advanced, yet many companies are using natural ingredients like they haven't in years. NNNY Skincare is one of the companies that is clearly getting it right. They have what seems to be the perfect balance of skincare technology and natural ingredients that have been used to keep skin beautiful for generations.
NNNY Skincare was founded by beauty innovator Yuko Nishio, a 27 year old CEO of a well respected modeling agency in Japan. Yuko traveled extensively for photo shoots and found that her skin - along with that of her models - was extremely dry. Shocked by her aged appearance, she tried a variety of prestigious beauty products but found their excessive fragrances and synthetic, chemical ingredients irritated her skin, clogged her pores and lacked the performance she needed.
Yuko began to research herbal medicine and its effects on the body from the inside, out. She also studied epidermal anatomy to learn how these naturally derived ingredients could be used to penetrate the skin’s many layers and help promote natural healing. When she was 37 - just ten years after her quest began, she followed her passion for skincare nearly 10,000 miles to the Phyto-Aromatherapy Institute in Philadelphia.
While studying in the U.S. she learned how adding the right amount of specific plant extracts and essential oils could not only help prevent many of the visible signs of aging, but also profoundly repair skin damage. This personal interest has since flourished into a successful business as one of the world’s top professional estheticians, including certification as a skincare instructor at the Phyto-Aromatherapy Institute. Upon returning to Japan in 1995, Yuko opened the prestigious spa Nature Sage Salon in Tokyo.
An unwavering passion for healthy, radiant skin also inspired Yuko to create her own natural product line. Launched in 2004 and created from decades of research, the NNNY Exclusive Skin Care Series with proprietary Nano Natural Technology was originally available exclusively to Yuko’s spa clientele. After more than 20 years she now treats an international roster of elite clientele, including celebrities, top makeup artists and royal family members who love the instant radiance they can create with NNNY Skin Care.
While I'm not a client in Yuko's spa (I can dream though), I have been extremely blessed to try two of her amazing products - Nano Mist and Nano Whiteen Cream EX. 

Nano Mist

Yuko's Nano Mist provides instant protection and hydration that lasts. Since I have very dry skin, I have always applied a mist several times a day, just to keep my face from feeling parched. I can absolutely tell that I don't need to reapply during the day - even this winter!

Nano Mist is a light protective and moisturizing mist that provides long lasting hydration and an instant soft dewy glow. Its ultra-restorative spray holds moisture in the skin and helps prevent harmful pollution and environmental elements from clogging pores and stripping away the naturally protective moisture barrier. Nano Mist utilizes Nano Natural Technology that helps each restorative ingredient penetrate deeply for amazing results from the first application. It is designed to easily store and carry everywhere you go, and it is always fragrance, colorant, paraben and cruelty free. 

Nano Whiteen Cream EX

Yuko's Nano Whiteen Cream EX is basically a super rich 5 in 1 Powerhouse. It is a powerful blend of 55 restorative botanical extracts to moisturize, brighten, tone, nourish and protect. This combination has created the ultimate powerhouse product, while keeping it gentle and ultra luxurious.

The anti-aging moisture cream helps restore youthful glow and supple, smooth skin texture instantly. Premium plant oils and precious botanicals form a long-lasting protective moisture barrier to prevent dehydration with a sumptuous silky feel. Nano Whiteen Cream EX uses Nano Natural Technology to help each restorative ingredient penetrate deeply for amazing results from the first application. There are fifty-five unique plant botanical extracts and naturally derived ingredients seamlessly blended to provide the optimal antioxidant shield to protect and repair. As with NNNY Nano Mist, the Nano Whiteen Cream EX is designed to easily store and to carry along. It is also always fragrance, colorant, paraben and cruelty free.
When I first received these products from NNNY, I had a major reaction to something. Under advisement from my dermatologist, I basically used nothing on my skin for almost 3 months. It's impossible to know for sure, but I think NNNY's products might have helped during the process, had I used them. Especially the Nano Mist, as it is extremely soothing. Regardless, I'm very glad to have them to use now, and I plan to buy their Camilla Soap one of these days. The only downside to the products from NNNY is that their price point is very high, and that is the ONLY negative for me. NNNY has created extremely high quality and beneficial products. My skin is soothed, moisturized and much more luminous. This is absolutely a gorgeous line.
You can find NNNY Skincare at:
Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @NNNYSkinCare 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Valentine's Day Hints

I've said it before, but I think Joan Rivers was pretty fantastic! While her comedy might not have appealed to everyone, her style was undeniable. I can't pull off that much sequins and glitz, but oh, how I wish I had it in me!

Joan Rivers' jewelry was unique, timeless, and highly collectible. I should have purchased a few of her pieces while she was still with us.

Diana Miller, owner of SCLadyDiJewelry. She has a huge collection of Joan Rivers' jewelry, and has been a collector for more than 25 years. They aren't just possessions for her, or just items to sell, but she knows their history, and each piece is special to her. Diana will be leaving certain pieces to special family members one day. She is exactly the type of shop owner that is a pleasure to work with, and she is lovingly selling some of her pieces that are no longer available.

If you are looking for a special gift to hint about to your sweetheart, or something extremely special to buy for a mother, this is it! SCLadyDiJewelry has so many beautiful pieces to choose from, but the Hearts & Flowers Charm Necklace is truly special. Even better? They're on sale 25% off until 2/14/17!

by Joan Rivers

“The Victorian language of love—and a whole set of unforgettable messages. For romance and charm, the Victorians had it all over our era. Even their jewelry conveyed tender messages through symbolic hearts, flowers, and colors. I’ve loved and collected these pieces for years! And I’m thrilled that Hearts & Flowers isn’t just beautiful, it’s rich in meanings—as true now as in that unforgettable time gone by.”  ---  Joan Rivers
Hearts & Flowers by Joan Rivers is a golden-finish chain, hand-painted in the Victorian fashion, and starts with your first 7 heart charms:

* FAITHFULNESS – A hand-painted evergreen heart, set with fine traceries and a crystal primrose of pale aqua, is “padlocked” to keep love true.

* TRUE UNDERSTANDING – A pair of matched hearts, set with bright crystals, nestles together on glowing crimson, and re-appear on the back, sculpted in golden-finish metal.

* SEEKING & FINDING – A rich pattern of simulated cabochons in hues of coral (travel by sea) and turquoise (travel by land) reverses to “Love” in flowing script.

* STAR OF HOPE – Set in a heart of blue, deep as a midnight sky, radiant beams encircle a lustrous, simulated pearl, under a starry crown of three crystals.

The STAR OF HOPE charm is the stunning centerpiece of the Hearts & Flowers Charm Necklace.

* SWEET MEMORIES – A turquoise-colored spray of forget-me-nots bows on its graceful stem in a field of ruby-red.

* NEW LOVE – A peridot-colored crystal shimmers within a heart of pure white, like earliest spring’s first green rising from the snow.

* KINDNESS – A glorious starburst, source of warmth and radiance, rises from a topaz-colored heart accented with a crystal the color of deep garnet.

Diana has gorgeous Joan Rivers' Hearts & Flowers pieces that she is selling. This would be such a special gift - to own a piece of Joan Rivers' creative, unique and sentimental jewelry. Diana is offering 25% off the Joan Rivers' Hearts & Flowers Collection until 2/14/17!

Diana also has complete HEARTS & FLOWERS CHARM NECKLACES for sale in her shop, SCLadyDiJewelry. The complete necklace is truly a luxurious piece.

by Joan Rivers

“The perfect romance is always worth waiting for.” – Joan Rivers
This exquisitely romantic necklace begins with 7 Victorian miniature heart charms, each expressing a tender sentiment more beautifully than words ever could. But just wait! As you add each new heart charm, you will see this fascinating piece grow in enchantment and beauty. Anticipation is always part of the fun of collecting!

* SECRET LOVE – Opals have a secret life – there’s a fiery glow, deep inside their pale, serene blue.  Two simulated opals are tucked into the graceful curves of a scrolled heart.

* GUARDIAN ANGELS – A sculpted angel, framed in turquoise blue, reverses on the other side to its twin, engraved and overlaid with hand-painting of rich green.

* TENDER INNOCENCE – The fresh, delicate beauty of a spring columbine in first bloom is captured in shades of peach and yellow.

* PASSIONATE LOVE – A rose garden exquisitely carved in the color of coral, symbol of life and energy, reverses to an intaglio of flowers in golden-finish metal.

* TRANQUILITY – A cool, translucent aventurine heart soothes the spirit (and couldn’t we all use that?) cradled in a halter of royal purple and golden-finish scrollwork.

* CONFIDENCE – A bold, fire-orange, padlocked heart carries its own tiny key, to assure confidence in all you do.

* ETERNAL LOVE – A crystal-headed snake twines itself around a crimson heart, forming the symbol of eternal love.

* DEEP THOUGHTS – A pansy of deep, magical blue reverses to another, sculpted in golden-finish metal. “Pansy” comes from “pensee - French for both “thought” and this flower.

* SUDDEN JOY - A bluebird comes swooping down from a tracery of clouds, bringing happiness.  On the reverse, there’s a brilliant sunburst, indicating celebrations.

* CREATIVITY – On a heart of the soft romantic color of tanzanite, a crystal-set flower stands on its head, a sign of imagination and creativity.

* ESTEEM – In classic Victorian style, gemstone initials spell out “R E G A R D”  in crystal flowers the color of ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby and diamond.

* LOVE’S ENCHANTMENT - Blush-pink flowers are caught in a three-dimensional “cage of love” in swirling filigree, not able to escape—and probably not wanting to either.

Joan’s hearts are very versatile, and she wanted you to have fun with them! Just by opening the spring ring that’s at the top of each heart charm, you can remove and re-attach them anywhere you like—including on another open-link chain or bracelet, if the mood strikes you.

Joan Rivers' jewelry is collectible, unique, and has become even more so since her passing. The Hearts & Flowers Charm Necklace is no longer available, and SCLadyDiJewelry has both the starter necklace, the complete necklace, and several additional pieces. Diana's collection is breathtaking, and to find these pieces on sale is very special.

To see Diana's entire collection, to ask questions, or to purchase, visit her shop SCLadyDiJewelry.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jane Scrivner Skincare

Obviously you know by now-I absolutely love trying new skincare. It's clearly my "thing." I'm always looking for that product that will make me look like I did when I was 21, but also, I just love different products and lines. Not everything is a home run either, and I try to share that with you as well. It is important to note that just because something makes me itch, it will likely be fine for 99% of humans. I just have crazy sensitive skin. I will not give up though, and I hope you learn about new lines and products, and maybe find your holy grail product in the process.

One skincare line that I was so excited to try was from Jane Scrivner. I had heard great things, and then I saw her products popping up on people's skincare regime Instagram photos. By this point, I was on a mission. I had to find it. And...I live in Iowa. Obviously nowhere to be found-I'm trying to remember why I left Phoenix or Boston at this point-thank goodness for the internet. I contacted Jane, and she generously sent me a few products to try for my blog.

Jane's thoughts on beautiful skin are just what you hope they would be. She says, "There is nothing more pleasing than great skin looking back at you from the mirror in the morning, it starts your day, it sets you up and it imbues a feminine confidence that you just can't buy. My motivation is to get you that skin." I want Jane Scrivner to be my bestie. I'm not kidding.

Jane Scrivner spends time reading and researching about raw materials that have a great track record, ingredients that are pure, natural, preferably organic and that genuinely work. Once she decides on an ingredient, it will be sourced to the absolute best version, organic, raw, first pressing making sure it's full of fresh nutrients to feed the skin. She doesn't use blended base oils, but opts for 'single' estate oils and she tries to basically trace the field it was grown in! Jane Scrivner's essential oils are the best that she can find. THAT is determination!

Jane Scrivner sent me her 3 Step Dream Team Flawless Skin Program to try. In the program are the Nourishing Cleanser, Skin Elixir and 'OO' Cream. I had recently had a major reaction to something (maybe a medication-we never knew exactly), so I wasn't able to try the products for a while. I definitely needed willpower!

Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Cleanser is a luxury balm that can be used to gently cleanse, or as a night balm. It comes with a super soft cleansing towel, which helps gently exfoliate. The Skin Elixir is a daily moisturizer that absorbs quickly, and leaves skin soft and glowing. It can easily be used under makeup. Jane Scrivner's 'OO' CREAM (Over Oil Cream) locks in moisture, protects and mattifies.

After using the Flawless Skin Program, my skin is soft and less irritated. The 3 products that I've tried are seriously luxurious, moisturizing and soothing. I'm glad that I waited to start Jane Scrivner's skincare until after my skin had healed and calmed. It may not have been a problem, but I would have hated to not give it an adequate chance, just in case. This line is fantastic!

If you'd like to find Jane Scrivner Skincare, you can follow any of the links in this post. They aren't affiliate links-just to be helpful. You can also go to:
Facebook: @JaneScrivnerNaturalSkincareRange
Twitter: @JaneScrivner
Instagram: @JaneScrivnerSkincare

**Jane Scrivner sent me products for review purposes, but I was not compensated. All opinions are 100% my own.**

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

7 Charming Sisters

Have you come across 7 Charming Sisters yet? They are a fun new jewelry company with a personalized twist. They have "created a series of seven different lines of jewelry, each catering to different tastes and occasions. No matter who you are or where the day takes you, 7 Charming Sisters has something perfect for your unique style."

How did 7 Charming Sisters develop their unique looks? It is the brainchild of seven actual "work sisters" who've been colleagues for many years. The sisters are: Paula, the elegant Classy Chick, Kim, the vivacious Life of the Party, Jennifer, the dedicated Fashionista, Donalda, the flirtatious Social Butterfly, Jessica, the smart and Sexy Nerd,  Kimberly, the cute Girl Next Door and Melissa, the sporty Super Mom; 7 Charming Sisters has a deep commitment to helping those with disabilities find jobs and employs disabled people in their studio. Many of their handmade pieces are handcrafted by those with intellectual disabilities who earn commission. That's something that we can all get behind! I love their mission.

7 Charming Sisters allows you to take a quiz, which will match your style with a sister. Each sister has their own unique style, as detailed above. 
According to the quiz, I am most like Melissa-The Super Mom. Many of the pieces from the Melissa line appealed to me, but I also loved jewelry from the other lines at 7 Charming Sisters. I wonder if it is because of all the lives I've led? I'm pretty conservative, in college, I loved to go out and have a great time with my sorority sisters, I've been a school administrator, and of course, the most rewarding part of my life is being a wife and mom. I'm FAR from being super mom though-I'm a total domestic failure, but I'm trying to get there. Ask me in a year 💖

When it comes down to it, however, I think we all have a bit of each sister within!

I chose two pieces from 7 Charming Sisters to wear, show off and review. The Absolute Legend Earrings (Paula-The Executive) and The Unmatched Elegance Necklace from Melissa (Super Mom).

Absolute Legend Earrings
Simply stunning studs that ooze sophistication with slight edge. The Absolute Legend silver crystal drop earrings are the staple sparkles that will be your go-tos to pair with a dramatic statement necklace for a festive occasion or simply pop on for a quick Sunday morning errand where you still want to feel like a million bucks. Material: rhodium-plated zinc metal alloy, Swarovski crystal, Measurements: 7/16" drop, Closure: ear post.

Unmatched Elegance Necklace
Gold and pink stone station necklace features pink and clear crystals and turquoise station pieces set in gold. Can be worn either long or layered twice. Material: 10k gold plated zinc metal alloy, crystal, imitation stone, Measurements: 40" long, 2 1/2" extender, Closure: lobster clasp.

The pieces that I chose were lovely. I'm skittish about earrings being too big (you won't find me in much more than a stud or huggie), but the Absolute Legend Earrings are a great size, and really are perfect to wear with everyday outfits. They add just the right amount of sparkle.
The Unmatched Elegance Necklace is one of my favorite "go to" pieces for the past couple of weeks. It looks so good with turtlenecks and sweaters, and seriously brightens up neutral winter colors. I've received so many compliments!

I had so much fun looking through the 7 Charming Sisters website. I have a list of jewelry that I love, and that I think would really pull outfits together, or that would add a pop to what I'm wearing. I'm so happy to have found them!

If you're looking for fashion jewelry that is reasonably priced, with a huge variety of pieces, and no monthly commitment, definitely check out 7 Charming Sisters. You can follow any of the links in this post, or find them online and on their social media sites that I have listed below.
Instagram/Facebook: @7charmingsisters
Twitter/Pinterest: @7charmingsister

**I was sent the jewelry items listed for review purposes, but this review is 100% my own.**