Saturday, November 26, 2016

Skincare Review: Amanda Blakley and Beautycounter

Like many, I can really struggle to adjust my skincare routine as the weather gets colder. I have some products that I love year round, but with changes in temperature...not to mention *sigh* aging, medications, and dehydration, this is the worst time of year for my skin. Yuck!

I have recently become very fond of Amanda Blakley Skincare. It is a line that has been specifically formulated for those of us with extremely sensitive, excema prone skin. It was developed to "provide the simplest and most successful approach to skin care with the best results in terms of minimizing sun damage, wrinkles and breakouts." While I am far from acne prone, my skin is extremely reactive to absolutely everything. Amanda Blakley Skincare is beautifully simple, with a one step approach. Their line is based on the concept that if you use harsh products, you will be more susceptible to severely dry skin, acne and rashes. 

Amanda Blakley Skincare has two main products-a gentle creamy cleanser and a fragrance-free, allergen-free, soothing moisturizer. Both are extremely easy to use, leaving your complexion fresh, and not in the least bit irritated. In addition to being super soothing, Amanda Blakley Skincare is extremely easy to use-perfect for on the go. 

Definitely an affordable, streamlined line for anyone needing products for sensitive, reactive or acne prone skin.

Another skincare regimen that I recently tested was Beautycounter. I have become acquainted with Kristine Gardner, who is a Beautycounter Managing Director. Beautycounter has been in the press recently, as it can now be purchased at Target. Their mission is to help make the world healthier, along with safer products that you can trust. They want to get safer products to those of us who depend on them. Beautycounter wants to educate consumers about the harmful ingredients that can be hidden in the products that we use daily.

Kristine sent me a sampler of Beautycounter skincare products (contact her through her site for samples). When I tried them, my skin wasn't irritated at all. I particularly liked the night cream and the eye perfector. I really have been trying to choose products that are healthier for me and for my family, and the mission of Beautycounter is absolutely one that I believe in. I believe that I have become much more conscious of these decisions since I've been a mother. The line is quite extensive, however, not all of the products are available at Target. Kristine's website features the full line of Beautycounter products, including cosmetics.

I was pleased to try both Amanda Blakley Skincare and Beautycounter. I actually have found myself combining the two, since I've been so dry. They compliment one another beautifully, and give me enough moisture during colder months.

If you'd like to try either, you can follow the links in this post. They are not affiliate links, but are for your convenience. You can also go to:

Two newer lines to try!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pualani Beauty-its like Hawaiian Shaved Ice for Your Lips!

I came across Pualani Beauty, and I immediately wanted to work with them.
Their introduction:

Pualani Beauty


It's quite beautiful, actually. According to their website: "Pualani Beauty was created with a love for the Hawaiian Islands, and wanting to share the essence and beauty of the islands with the mainland and beyond."CA 95003

If you read my blog somewhat regularly, you know that I have a lip balm addiction. It's out of control. I was very excited to try their lip scrub and up butter.

The verdict? My lips are super soft, thanks to Pualani Beauty! Cold weather-I'm not afraid of you!! I used their Shave Ice Lip Scrub (as gorgeous as it is fantastic) and Guava Lip Butter. My lips are flake free, soft, ready for a big kiss (my anniversary is this week)!

I'm also loving their Nani Beauty Oil. It smells fantastic, and the oil is great for clearing up dry spots.

My skin can be overly dry and sensitive, and it can become sensitive and rashy without any rhyme or reason. I did stop using the Nani Oil on my face to avoid problems, but had no issue with Nani Oil elsewhere.

This is a great line of natural skincare products, and they will be well loved as part of your regimene. 

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Facebook/Instagram: @pualanibeauty

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sixteen20 Brand is Adorably Preppy

I started to see Sixteen20 Brand tees a few months ago, and completely fell in love with their preppy bunny logo. 

Sixteen20 Brand was started by the Toy family from New England. During a trip through the South, they fell in love with how much Southern Pride they saw in everyday apparel. They decided to bring a bit of that enthusiasm to New England, and Sixteen20 Brand was born!

The Sixteen20 Brand bunny is a symbol of class, tradition, adventure, and the ability to survive the four seasons of the great Northeast.

As nice as it is to dress up from time to time, I practically live in long sleeved tees during cooler months, so I was so excited to receive a "boat bunny" tee. Sixteen20 Brand makes an adorable variety of tees, sweatshirts, sweatpants, pullovers, shorts and stickers. It is so fun to see their brand grow (personally, I adore the pink pullover pictured below, and I can't wait to make it mine)!

If you'd like to see more Sixteen20 Brand, you can follow any of the links in this post (they are not affiliate links, but are there for your convenience), or go to You can also find them on social media at:
Facebook/Instagram: @sixteen20brand
Twitter: @sixteen20b 

You will definitely be seeing more of this preppy bunny!

The Twinkle in My Eye

If you love jewelry, you likely own (and love) a pair of diamond studs. Diamond studs are, in my sparkly obsessed eyes, the most wearable earrings in my jewelry box. 

Personally, I have a few different pair, going back to the tiny sparkles from my high school boyfriend. After 25+ years, they're still beautiful. I've graduated to a little bigger size, and a pair of black diamond studs that my husband picked out for even more variety. I could easily have an entire wardrobe of diamond studs, each of them uniquely special.

Enter Acme Jewels. I came across their gorgeous jewelry on Etsy, and basically now have a huge wish list! I've said this before, with online shopping, you can buy jewelry from around the world, that you might not have found otherwise. I believe that the days of your average mall jewelry store have past.

Acme Jewels was founded in 2014, by owner, Shruti. Acme is based in New Delhi, India, offering a wide range of vintage style handmade jewelry set in a combination of 14kt Gold and 925 Sterling Silver, with pave and rosecut diamonds, and a variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones. They also design customize jewelry.

I was particularly fond of this pair of simple handmade diamond studs. They are set in a combination of 14kt Gold and .925 Sterling Silver with rosecut diamonds. The diamonds are set in Sterling Silver and the post and back of the earrings are set in 14kt Gold. The oxidized setting makes the rosecut diamonds shimmer. These studs by Acme Jewels are different from anything else that I own, and I get so many compliments when I wear them.

The specifics:
Gross Weight:        3.160 gms
14kt Gold :              1.280 gms
Silver Weight :         1.800 gms
Diamond Weight:    0.40 cts

I loved hearing that Shruti is the 5th generation from a highly reputed jewelry family in New Delhi, India. She has travelled worldwide and has been all across the US, participating in jewelry trade shows. Acme Jewels has established a distinctive presence online. I've been so impressed with her prompt attention, as professional manner.

I am always so happy to introduce my readers to new companies that they may not have seen otherwise. Forgive the expression, but Acme Jewels is truly a hidden gem, and absolutely deserves a look! What's even more exciting? They're having a sale through the end of November. This is the perfect time to pick up something sparkly to wear during the holidays, or as a special gift for someone else. Hint-their precious gemstone pave bands are to die for!

To see their store, you can follow any of the links in this post (they are not affiliate links), or go to:
Instagram/Twitter: @acmejewels9
Pinterest/Tumblr: Acme Jewels