Monday, August 1, 2016

WTRMLNWTR Review and Coupon Code


Have you tried WTRMLNWTR yet? It's Delicious. It Hydrates. It Rejuvenates. It's a Seriously Amazing Quench. Want to know more? πŸ‰

I find the story of how WTRMLNWTR was started to be fascinating. In 2013, founders Jody and Harlan felt the urge to make real change in the world and then use that passion for something radically different. 

They focused their combined energies on a shared interest for both sustainability and healthier consumer beverages. Their brainstorming process resulted in the idea of WTRMLNWTR! They formed meaningful relationships with farmers, and were then able to utilize “discarded” melons to create what was already becoming one of the most exciting new beverages in the market. At this point, they were able to realize their combined dream of bringing a new and better product to the consumer. They created a product with the highest standard from both a consumption and sustainability perspective. WTRMLNWTR was born!

WTRMLNWTR has a super impressive list of ingredients: Watermelon Flesh, Watermelon Rind & and a teeny bit of Organic Lemon. How awesome is that??!! WTRMLNWTR is loaded with naturally occurring potassium (a key electrolyte), which is amazing for your workouts! The watermelon fruit also contains tons of L-citrulline, an amino acid, and lycopene, a carotenoid phytonutrient that’s been thought to be super important for your cardiovascular health (not to mention bone health). Basically, the concentrations of potassium (740mg), l-citrulline (520mg), lycopene (9.5mg), and vitamin C that exist in the wonderful and insanely under appreciated watermelon are really really good for you. 
I sounded pretty brainy there, didn't I?

Seriously though, WTRMLNWTR is amazingly delicious. It's been a really hot summer, and WTRMLNWTR provides a super quench. It's not too sweet, but it is so so yummy. My kids love it, too. 

You have to try this stuff! You can get WTRMLNWTR at Whole Foods, or you can have it cold delivered right from the company's website, Use code HYDR8 for free shippingπŸ‰ 

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