Thursday, July 14, 2016

Luxury Scent Box Review

One of the best parts of writing Preppy Mom, is that I'm able to write about all the amazing things that, in my mind, are fantastic. My husband might listen to me talk about a new eyeshadow palette, ONCE, but let's be honest-he could care less. My 7 and 10 year old sons don't even know what I'm talking about, and my 80-something year old in-laws can't even believe I bought a what's it by a who's it, or why I would want to do so. I get really excited about new companies and products that I find, and I want to talk about them. So, here we are!

I have had the pleasure of trying Luxury Scent Box, a monthly fragrance subscription. Luxury Scent Box has subscriptions for both women and men. It was created to match its subscribers with fragrances that have ingredients that they like, and are in the same fragrance family with other fragrances that they enjoy. The founders are fragrance specialists, having studied fragrances and over 15 years of expertise in the world of perfume and cologne. 
Luxury Scent Box was created to help take the guess work and disappointment out of shopping for a new fragrance. The founders know about the different scent families, not to mention the intricacies of fragrances themselves, that they can recommend scents that will be a perfect (or very near perfect) for their subscribers. They also send you a purse sized decant of each fragrance, so that taking your favorite scent with you is easy. Luxury Scent Box was started, and remains in California.
Luxury Scent Box has created a short scent survey that populates fragrance recommendations selected for them. Subscribers are able to own a variety of scents over time, by choosing and receiving a new fragrance in a Luxury Scent Box travel size atomizer each month. Choosing from a large selection of 100% authentic designer fragrances as a part of the monthly consultation. Every month Luxury Scent Box is shipped straight to your door, and costs $15 per month.

Personally, I like sweeter fragrances that are fruity with vanilla or coconut. For my first fragrance, I asked to be surprised with a scent. I was sent Escada Agua del Sol. I love most of Escada's Summer editions, so I'm actually not surprised that I was matched with one of them. Agua del Sol means "Water of the Sun," if 8th grade Spanish serves me correctly. It is a warm scent with delicate tropical, fruity notes. Officially, the notes are Mandarin, Apricot Nectar and Sandalwood. It's absolutely delicious.

I had such a great experience with Luxury Scent Box, that I'll be subscribing to their service. I can't wait to see what they'll pick for me next! If you'd like to subscribe to Luxury Scent Box, you can find them at, or click on one of the links in this post.

***I was sent one month of Luxury Scent Box for review purposes. The opinions are 100% my own. The links in this review are to help readers to find Luxury Scent Box, and are not affiliate links.***


  1. I've been out of touch so it sure is nice to see a post from you...which means all is well, I sure hope. I'm glad u r enjoying your new scents and that is something I can understand even if the rest of your crew can't or couldn't careless...LOL, mine either! I'm going to look into it for I also enjoy a good scent but then who, I mean, what women that is doesn't. Take care!

    1. Good to hear from you, Sandi! I'm having a great giveaway on my blog now. Hope you check it out!