Monday, July 25, 2016

9Wishes Vanishing Balm Review

I recently tried 9Wishes Vanishing Balm. It is a brightening balm that perfects your complexion, so that you don't need to use foundations, bb creams or cc creams. 

I was immediately impressed by the light texture of the balm. It is white balm that went on very evenly without depositing any color. 9Wishes left my skin looking bright, and I truly didn't need any foundation. Personally, I didn't need a powder on top, but oilier complexions might want one.

I have a dry, sensitive complexion, and 9Wishes Vanishing Balm was moisturizing and cool on my skin without being heavy. I liked the dewy look of my skin after using this balm-my face looked like it was lit from within-rosy and healthy. My pores looked diminished, and it made the fine lines under my eyes look much more plumped up and moisturized. 

9Wishes Vanishing Balm is absolutely a product that I am happy to incorporate into my skincare routine! It's gorgeous!

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