Friday, June 17, 2016

Splash Dye Activewear Review

Cosmic Purple Cropped Pants

I admit that since I've become a stay at home Mom, I'm loving wearing leggings, yoga pants and jeans during the day. For so many years I put on work clothes, and was uncomfortable for several hours until I could go home and change. I'm in no way sloppy, but I'm comfortable, and I've found that I'm more creative, more free, and definitely happier. So many cute combos to wear!

I came across Splash Dye Activewear on Etsy, a clothing store founded by lead designer, Terri Sher. Terri has an extensive background in the art industry, and a profound love for yoga, which she practices as often as possible near her home in Sacramento, California.

Bringing her experience, talent & love of yoga together into a line of artistic yoga clothing was the perfect expression of her own vision of “wearable art."

Terri uses white, blank clothing mainly made of cotton, but with a small amount of spandex (making it stretchy enough for yoga & activewear) is sourced from USA based manufacturers that are reputable & sweat shop free.

After experimenting with a variety of tie dye techniques, Terri developed her own style that fitted with her wearable art vision. The name Splash Dye seemed to encapsulate the style better than the traditional tie dye description that seemed to hearken back to an earlier era of hippies and flower power.

Splash Dye is vibrant and modern, creating color co-ordinated activewear & yoga outfits that will work around the town as well as in the gym or the yoga studio.

They will likely be one of the most comfortable pair of yoga pants or leggings you will ever own. Truth.

Terri was lovely, and sent me a pair of her Cosmic Purple Cropped Pants. They are so cute, and I feel that I must apologize to all my students so many years ago for the sorry excuse of tie dye shirts we made in my art class! Now that you're "grown ups," I recommend that you buy a pair from Terri!

I wasn't sure if I should buy leggings, yoga pants, what length, or color combo. All I knew was Splash Dye Activewear spoke to me. Terri helped me pick out the Cosmic Purple (her most popular design), and directed me towards the cropped pants. They're so comfy, and are great for yoga, walking, etc., while not being too "I didn't change my clothes before I ran errands." Plus, as you can see, they are super cute! I love that Terri's picture shows them being worn, and how they move. They are just as beautiful in person, and in the craze of cute, patterned leggings-these should be right up there, getting lots of love.

I've linked to Splash Dye Activewear  several times in this post, but you can also find Terri at

Thank you so much to Terri who sent me a pair of cropped pants for review. All thoughts on her product are 100% mine. I will absolutely be back to buy additional color combos from Terri, because they are amazing, and I hope my friends and readers do as well. 

Absolutely fantastic leggings!

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