Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Harding-Lane Review (AKA The Perfect Hat)


I came across Harding-Lane's adorable hats on Instagram. I love baseball hats. Not the gross ones that your college boyfriend wore all the time. I'm talking about really nice, colorful, cute, preppy baseball hats. Harding-Lane has so many designs that I had a hard time choosing one. I thought this preppy little crab would be perfect for summer. It has become my go-to hat lately. I'm growing out my hair for about the millionth time, and I'm proud to say, I'm making it through the awkward stage, even in the summer. So, I'm usually in my Harding-Lane hat when I take the boys to swimming lessons! I also am impressed at how well it fits. It's definitely superior to the others on my shelf.

How cute are my hat and sunglasses? It looks like I'm going on an adventure. My adventure this summer is chauffeur for the kids!

Harding-Lane was founded by brother/sister Steve and Sarah, who grew up in Massachusetts. They dreamed about not only working together but also working for themselves. In the spring of 2009, they came up with an idea: Steve was perpetually in search for the perfect fitting baseball cap (something he could never seem to find) and one that didn't have brand names or team logos on it. Sarah had grown up needlepointing belts and pillows for family and friends. Together, they decided to put needlepoint stitching on baseball hats, and to give profits back to environmental organizations.

It was also important to Steve and Sarah that they find a manufacturer that could not only meet their high standards creatively, but also environmentally and socially. Harding-Lane's manufacturer is Fair Labor, Worker's Rights and Social Accountability certified, and is known for meeting the goals of eco-friendly brands from around the world. They give a percentage of their annual profits back to The Trustees of Reservations, a Massachusetts based organization committed to protecting nearly 27,000 acres of land in the state. The mission of Harding-Lane is to create unique products that look great and give back. Pretty impressive, yes?

If you're looking for a unique hat for yourself, or as a gift, Harding-Lane is definitely worth checking out. They have so many different designs, from fish, golf, mermaids, dogs, flags, you name it! Harding-Lane also makes key fobs, belts and tee shirts.

You can find Harding-Lane by clicking on any of the links here (don't worry, they aren't affiliate links), their website is or on Instagram @hardinglane. They're also on Facebook and Pinterest. Definitely check them out-their things are amazing.

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