Sunday, June 26, 2016

Betty Hula

I've been wanting to try Betty Hula for ages, a skin care line out of the UK.
Betty Hula's mission is to develop soothing, luxurious, affordable products that leave your skin feeling nourished, revitalized and silky smooth. They use only the finest natural ingredients, combined with delectable and innocent skin-nurturing products with fragrant and exotic scents of the tropics. The result is a collection of the finest skincare products that are handmade with care, just for their customers

Each Betty Hula product is packed full of wonderfully rich and indulgent anti-oxidant ingredients, all of which help to heal, hydrate and soothe tired, neglected skin. Ingredients like rich shea and cocoa butter, soothe skin with natures finest aloe vera and hydrate it with avocado and apricot kernel oil. Betty Hula is the perfect skincare collection for anyone whose skin could do with pampering. Their products also help dry, cracked skin, stretch marks, eczema and are extremely kind and gentle.

Believe it or not, despite my skincare obsession, I have a really hard time finding products that work for my skin. I might find a great face cream, but not an eye cream-you know what I mean. I'm always searching for something or another. So, the skin on my bod is a mess. I've had excema for my entire life. Some moisturizers make me itchy, and others, my skin just laughs at. When I was little, my parents would put socks on my hands at night to keep me from scratching. I'm painting a really pretty picture, right? It gets worse when I'm stressed, so yup-it looks pretty bad right now.

Betty Hula sent me their Secret Wonder Oil, which is a versatile and great smelling award winning moisturizing oil. It's amazing for any dry or problem area of skin including wrinkles around the eyes. It is good for relieving signs of stretch marks, scaring, dry/sensitive and aging skin, combination skin, oily skin and for soothing sun burn. I've been using the Secret Wonder Oil on my arms and legs at night. It smells soooo good, and unlike some oils, it doesn't make me itch. I'm still a bit dry, but I'm a work in progress! She also sent me samples of the Rum and Black Current amd Champagne and Spice Body Creams. They're great after a pedicure, and their smell is pretty amazing.

I will absolutely continue to use Betty Hula products. She makes a Wonder Oil purse sized roller ball with my name on it! You can read more about Betty Hula, and purchase products or by clicking on the Betty Hula links in this post. Good stuff!

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