Thursday, May 5, 2016

I'm Loving Mama Lee's Bakery

I'm definitely the kind of person who gets excited about finding and trying new things. That's one of the really wonderful parts of writing a lifestyle blog. I get to try really great things, and to meet people who are doing what they love. People who are truly talented at their life's passion-whether that be baking, making jewelry, or working with textiles (there are so many more, obviously). As I try something, I get to tell my readers about it. I also find favorites that I will absolutely recommend. These are my most recent must haves, and I love telling others about them!

I'm loving Mama Lee's Bakery

I know that macarons are extremely trendy, and I don't care one little bit. I think they are gorgeous. I have enough pins of macarons on my Pinterest, that I should probably start their own board. Actually, I have only had them a couple of times, which I suppose is good, because I don't think they are meant to be their own category on the food pyramid. Seriously though, now that I live in a small-ish area, I have no idea where to buy them, and with my cooking/baking skills, I'm not ready to tackle them on my own. Regardless-I LOVE them.

I recently became acquainted with Miranda Lee, owner of Mama Lee's Bakery. Miranda became vegan for spiritual and ethical reasons and raised her daughter with a cruelty-free lifestyle as well. Having a plant based diet was difficult during the early 90's, especially in the south. Her daughter felt excluded at school when she couldn't eat cookies, cakes, or any other desserts that were brought in by her classmates, so Mama Lee began experimenting in the kitchen. After years of failures and mishaps, awesome recipes were created! They were so good that many friends and family members thought it would be a good idea to sell these to consumers, and thus, Mama Lee's Bakery was born!

Miranda makes all kinds of vegan treats at Mama Lee's Bakery, but it seems that her doughnuts and macarons are extremely popular. Miranda ships nationwide, and she was kind enough to send me some raspberry macarons. She has a large variety of flavors, but raspberry is my favorite sweets flavor. They arrived beautifully packaged, and they were so gorgeous. I think I might need to take on a new career, photographing and painting macarons. They were absolutely delicious. Not too heavy, or too almond-y. The raspberry wasn't too overpowering. They were absolute perfection. 

If you're looking for a special dessert for an event, or maybe to have as a take-away from a shower or wedding, you won't be sorry if you call on Mama Lee's Bakery. You can find her by clicking on her store name, or go to:

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