Friday, April 29, 2016

Love Knots and Whatnots

I've always loved the idea, and the look of love knots. They have become pretty mainstream now, but I still love them. There are many different styles-some with diamonds and other stones, and some that are quite simple. I came across The Love Knot Shop, and was impressed by the huge variety of jewelry that the store's owner, Julie, had to offer.

In particular, I fell in love with The Love Knot Shop's Worry Rings. It would be almost laughable for me to say something like, "Who me? I don't worry..." If my mother could do it again, she would likely have convinced my father that it would end up being the perfect middle name for me. Yes, I worry about everything, so naturally I love The Love Knot Shop's Worry Rings. I purchased one about a year ago from Julie, that is made from rose gold wire, with a variety of colored and textured beads that slide along the wire. She recently made me another (pictured above), out of sterling silver wire. Julie's Worry Ring's are a fidgeters dream. First of all, they are so very pretty. I get questions and compliments on mine all of the time. Secondly, for me, I concentrate better when wearing mine. If I'm writing, or working on something, sliding the beads along the wire actually helps me to concentrate. Each ring is one of a kind, made with love by Julie herself.

The Love Knot Shop does make knot jewelry also! Julie makes a variety of styles from a variety of materials. I love her knot rings that are made from mixed metals-perhaps one day! Julie made me the cutest knot ring from a glittery silver wire, and it is the perfect pinky ring, or would be a great midi ring. 

Working with Julie, I very much appreciate jewelers who hand make their pieces. I know that there are so many popular jewelers out there who cast their pieces, and they are stunning. For me, however, knowing that a piece is handmade just makes it a bit more special.

If you're looking for a piece of jewelry, whether a ring, bracelet or necklace, check out The Love Knot Shop. It really is important to support small business, and artisans. You will absolutely not be disappointed. Julie is a joy to work with, and her jewelry is incredibly special. If you'd like to see her store, click on any of the links above. I hope you find something special!

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