Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Little Red Hen (Or...A Mother's Work is Never Done)

Obviously, I'm pretty obsessed with the girly stuff. Makeup, skincare, the color pink, and gorgeous, dainty jewelry. If only finances kept up with my wish list, I'd be one happy camper (dressed in a pink monogrammed uniform, of course). Oh, and naturally I have sons. They're amazing, but don't share my love of the things listed above. Ah, well--I get to share my "must haves" and "wish I had" lists with you!!

I recently came across Heart of Water Jewels, and fell head over heals for their Red Hen Eggs. Heart of Water Jewels' owner, Sally, designed the line in memory of her sister, who had nicknamed her Red Hen. Sally wrote to her younger sister, as she was out making her way in the world, signing her letters with her nickname, Red Hen. The Red Hen line is made up of gold envelopes, gold hens, and beautiful gemstone and gold eggs. The pieces are unique, personal, and extremely feminine.

You likely know the story of The Little Red Hen, who asks her friends the duck, the pig and the cat for their help planting seeds, grinding wheat and making bread. When they wouldn't help, the Little Red Hen goes about the hard work herself. 

Heart of Water Jewels' Red Hen is also "charming and proud: she’s not afraid of hard work and can make it on her own. She’s an emblem of initiative, responsibility and competence rewarded. While the duck, pig and cat in us assert themselves daily, we all have a Little Red Hen that wins out in the end."

When Sally and I began talking about a collaboration for Preppy Mom's Wanderings, we wanted to make sure that we could incorporate the story and the spirit of the Little Red Hen when we shared the beautiful line with you. 

With much discussion, we decided on the time leading up to Mother's Day. I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who fumbles with what to buy my Mom in May, especially once I passed the age when we made something in school (a looong time ago). Flowers are too common, candy/sugar isn't a good option for many, and the list goes on. When I thought about the Red Hen Eggs from Heart of Water Jewels, it seemed that The Little Red Hen is much like a Mother. Mom's are ready and able to do the hard work necessary to get things done, not always thanked for their efforts, but yet finding reward.

Heart of Water Jewels has many stunning pieces, but to me, the Red Hen Eggs are so special, and would make such a touching gift for the Mom's out there. Sally has a variety of gemstone colors, chains, golden envelopes and hens to choose from. I've included photos from Sally, as well as a picture of my Red Hen Egg above. I put it on a simple gold box chain that I had, but there are many options. It would be beautiful to give Mom a necklace with Red Hen Eggs in her children's birthstones. Personally, I hope for the solid hen with the gemstone eye to go with my egg!

Sally is so lovely to work with, and will gladly help choosing the perfect gift for Mom. You can click on any of the links in this post to go to Heart of Water Jewels, or, you can go to https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeartofWaterJewels

I can absolutely say that this is one of the most special lines that I have found. It is definitely worth a look!

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