Monday, March 7, 2016

Not All Eggs Come from a Bunny...

In February, I wrote about Diana Miller, owner of SCLadyDiJewelry. She has a huge collection of Joan Rivers' jewelry, and has been a collector for more than 25 years. I know there are many collectors and fans of Joan Rivers' jewelry out there, but Diana is different. She cares about each piece, and why the design was important to the late Joan Rivers.

In her research, Ms. Miller read of Joan Rivers' passion for collecting Russian jewelry. When Joan learned in 1993 that the first organized exhibition of Faberge jewels was taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia, she packed her sketchbook and hopped a plane to that city. It was the first exhibit of Faberge since 1914. 

One very special piece in that exhibit was a Faberge egg necklace once owned by Queen Marie of Romania. Sometime later, Edgar, Joan’s husband, purchased this necklace as a gift for Joan. Imagine, if you can, a knee-length gold chain dripping with Faberge eggs and charms.
In her book, Jewelry by Joan Rivers, Joan tells of how she and her daughter, Melissa, would lie on her bed and play with the egg necklace for hours. Each time she took it out, Melissa would discover something different—a little ivory pig, a centime coin, a piece of hematite from the World War I era, and of course, those dazzling eggs.  

Queen Marie’s necklace inspired Joan to create a similar piece for her jewelry line. According to Joan, the egg necklace “has a timeless design that’s right at home in the New World, not only beautiful and unusual, it’s utterly versatile. Each egg and each charm can be removed to be worn singly; the necklace itself can be shortened or lengthened, as the mood strikes; and the whole piece can be personalized with eggs and charms of one’s own choosing. It’s a necklace made for a queen and every woman will feel like a queen when she wears it.” 

The wonder of decorated eggs was certainly not originated with Joan Rivers, but she did have a love for their beauty. She designed her collection to share with other jewelry enthusiasts, each egg a unique piece of wearable art. Her collection grew over many years, into one that is full of both beauty and whimsy.

One can find the egg shape throughout Joan Rivers’ jewelry line. It appears in many of her necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even in her watches. Joan also replicated the large Easter eggs created by Faberge for the Russian Imperial family. The gift of the Faberge Easter eggs was a tradition for 32 years. Each egg took a year to make, involving a team of highly-skilled craftsmen, who worked in great secrecy.

To display and store Joan’s beautiful egg-shaped pieces, she designed special display stands and storage boxes. For Christmas, she designed bejeweled egg-shaped ornaments. And for your home décor, she created lovely enameled egg-shaped photo frames and boxes.
SCLadyDiJewelry has a large collection of Joan Rivers' Egg Jewelry. Pictured here, I have included two of her necklaces, as well as several examples of individual charms that SCLadyDiJewelry has in her shop. Diana also carries earrings, sets, a watch charm, and Joan Rivers' designed displays for the collection. The prices of the Joan Rivers' Egg Collection in her shop, SCLadyDiJewelry start at $10, so there is truly a bit of this beauty for everyone.

To see Diana's entire collection, to ask questions, or to purchase, visit her shop SCLadyDiJewelry.


  1. Those are SO pretty!

  2. Wow those are very intricate and a lot less expensive than I expected!

  3. I would definitely invest into those beautiful eggs and necklaces...I have always been fascinated by the Faberge eggs!