Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Spring Break...Katherine Style!

It's Spring Break!

Give yourself a healthy glow and stay protected this Spring!

We have 5 products to keep you looking fresh while your spending time at the beach!

* "WOW" Stick SPF 20 - Travel Friendly and SPF Protection thats easy to apply

* Miss Pam Lipstick - The perfect shade of Neutral Pink for Spring

* Flapsdown Cheek Glow - Gives you a Healthy Glow

* Everyday Concealer - In Medium and Dark can double as a liquid bronzer and contour tool

* Everyday Eyeliner - It's waterproof and will stay on through your longest beach days

These are essentials that will pull you together, and give you a beautiful glow this Spring!

Please choose Andrea Fleming (Preppy Mom) as your stylist. I would really appreciate it!
If you're interested in becoming a Katherine Stylist, let me know, and I can answer any questions for you!


  1. Not familiar with this brand, but your picks look wonderful!

  2. I've never heard of Katherine Cosmetics before but the products you featured seemed great. Thanks for sharing. :) xo Brigette

  3. I have heard of this brand from a few bloggers and love that shade of lipstick! Great post!