Friday, March 25, 2016

Currently...I'm Loving

So, I sometimes obsess about things...just a tad. Ok, perhaps more. Not in a weird way, like I'll only eat white foods for six months, and then move on, but if I like something, I really like it. I wish I could say that my thing is exercise (at least it hasn't been in a loooong time), or eating vegetables.

So, I'm loving several things right now. Trust me-if they weren't incredible, I wouldn't recommend them. None are crazy expensive, but they're definitely must try's.

Skincare is always one of my "things." I really like to try before I purchase, but that's not always possible. Luckily, when you purchase many products online, you can usually return them if you don't like them. Hopefully my suggestions help. 

Glossier. Is. Awesome.
Particularly their Balm Dotcom, which comes in Original and Coconut (and they even send it to you in this cute little pink cosmetic pouch).

Glossier's description is, "A vacation in a luxe little tube, Coconut Balm Dotcom lets you take Tulum with you wherever you go. It’s our cult favorite do-anything skin salve with a mood-boosting update—the same super dense formula is made with beeswax and castor seed oil for long-lasting hydration, plant extracts provide antioxidants and skin-enhancing nutrients, and the dreamy coconut scent smells like the best parts of summer."

My skin has always been extremely dry and sensitive. It's also dehydrated, so I lack water and oils in my skin. The Balm Dotcom is an excellent balm to put on extra dry spots (elbows, heels, lips) or stubborn flakes. My skin is so dry that I've been putting it on top of my moisturizer at night. It's been about two weeks, and I can HONESTLY claim my love for this product! I'm only needing it in a couple of spots now. I'm so excited for what this product is doing for my skin, I know that it will be a permanent part of my regimen. I've even been using it on my kids lips before bed.

If you'd like to try this, or another product from Glossier, you can use my link to save 20% from their site.

I'm also cosmetics obsessed (shocker). If you haven't tried ColourPop yet, this is one of those "What are you waiting for?!" moments. ColourPop has amazing colors, tons of different finishes, great staying power, and....wait for it....every product is between $5-$8! 
Their most recent collaboration is with actress, Jaime King. The entire set above is $30! Jaime King said about the collaboration with ColourPop“We created this line because I saw a gap in the “beauty” market. I was tired of seeing very few care about what beauty means for women,” she said. “For some, that means no makeup, for others, they cannot afford it, nor do companies actually consider the color of their skin and that it’s not only unfair but radically gross that most do not create something that makes all women and men feel beautiful. Yes, men, who want to wear makeup as that is why I made this as well. I want to celebrate the inner beauty that we all innately carry and create that which celebrates that which radiates from within.”
ColourPop has so many colors, you probably wont know where to start. Even if you're thinking you'll stay with nudes--there are SO many options! The texture of their pressed pigments is unusual. It's almost gel-like, but doesn't feel like that when you're wearing them. The pigments have great color payoff, and they're easily blended, so go ahead and layer, highlight, contour, line, soften it up, smoke it out...have fun with this line.

So, unless you don't read magazines, or the Internet, or watch tv, you've likely heard of Outlander. Oh, and it all started with a series of historical fiction romance novels by Diana Gabaldon. Starz has made a hit series, that is about to start Season 2.

I won't ruin any of the books/show, but it is the story of Claire, a WWII combat nurse, who is on a second honeymoon with her husband in 1945, Scotland. She finds herself traveling through time to 200 years earlier, where she meets Jamie, a Scottish Highlander.

There is, of course, major romance, major drama, and gorgeous scenery. Let's add in sword fights, prison breaks, war, torture, ocean voyages, espionage, a gorgeous cast, and more sex than I'm comfortable watching with my mother. I guess that amount is really none, but there is lots of it in the book, and in the series.

Caitriona Balfe plays Claire. She was nominated for several awards this season. I'm not the kind of person who "pictures" a character from a book, but she plays Claire beautifully.

Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie, and yowza! I'm kind of at a loss for other words. I'm guessing this was the reaction they were after when he was cast. Maybe I should have gone to Scotland at some point in my life, although I'm not sure they're all made like this!
Season 2 starts on April 9th, so you still have time to binge watch Season 1. If you're not a tv person, I guarantee you can easily find the books. Even if you're not a romancey kind of person, I'm not kidding, it's still exciting for so many reasons.

If you're not sold, I guess watch a house remodeling show? Just kidding, but seriously...

So, I know it's everywhere, but I have to include another one of those super trendy, where did this come from trends: LuLaRoe. Yup, I love it. LuLaRoe is super comfy clothes in fun prints (see just a few below), and it is sold during online trunk shows. If you're on Facebook, you've probably been invited to at least 1.

It seems like LuLaRoe came out of nowhere, and it has quickly become outrageously popular. They're best known for their leggings. Of course, they also have shirts, dresses, skirts, cardigans, and they just introduced men's and kid's tees (they already had leggings for girls and tweens).

If you don't like leggings or prints, they have all of the above in solids. Leggings are fun and comfy for me, as a stay at home mom, but for the rest of life, their other options fit most of us for work or play.

You can't buy LuLaRoe in a store, or online. If you're looking for a trunk show, you can find one easily on Facebook, or their website can connect you with a stylist.

Jewelry, oh jewelry, you're never last. I seriously adore this dainty Garnet and Silver ring by Sally Cooper. Sally is a jeweler out of Melbourne, Australia. 

I'm loving this wire wrapped ring from Sally's Etsy store, Love Your Threads. At the center, there is a faceted Oval Garnet, set on a 14k gold fill wire. The Garnet sits between 2 silver beads. It is sparkly and very comfortable to wear. The Garnet is 5x7mm, and is perfect as a stacker, a midi, or even a pinky ring. 

14k gold fill wire is something that you can wear every day. It doesn't tarnish, and the gold doesn't wear like gold plating. The cost of this ring, which is hand-made by Sally, is less than $25!

If you want a little sparkle, please check out Sally's store on Etsy. She is also on Instagram @LoveYourThreads. She has so many pretty things, and this is so lovely!

I'm very excited to share these fun finds with you. I will only share things that I adore with you, and this list is full of them! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them for me. 
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's Spring Break...Katherine Style!

It's Spring Break!

Give yourself a healthy glow and stay protected this Spring!

We have 5 products to keep you looking fresh while your spending time at the beach!

* "WOW" Stick SPF 20 - Travel Friendly and SPF Protection thats easy to apply

* Miss Pam Lipstick - The perfect shade of Neutral Pink for Spring

* Flapsdown Cheek Glow - Gives you a Healthy Glow

* Everyday Concealer - In Medium and Dark can double as a liquid bronzer and contour tool

* Everyday Eyeliner - It's waterproof and will stay on through your longest beach days

These are essentials that will pull you together, and give you a beautiful glow this Spring!

Please choose Andrea Fleming (Preppy Mom) as your stylist. I would really appreciate it!
If you're interested in becoming a Katherine Stylist, let me know, and I can answer any questions for you!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day!

In honor of 'Pi' day, Julep has a sweet nail look inspired by a favorite dessert - Cherry Almond Pie. Get the 3 polishes used in this nail look for just $14 (normally $42). Hurry, this offer only lasts 3 days! 

Julep Sweet Steal: 3-Piece Polish Gift for $14

3 Polish Gift for $14

Julep takes inspiration from all over the place for the oodles of nail looks they create. Today, their big influence is delicious pie…mmm. That’s because 3/14 is Pi Day. What is Pi, you ask? Pi is the numerical value of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter which is approximately 3.14159. I know, they're mixing their metaphors a little here, but it’s all for a good cause—cute nails! 
The nail look below is inspired by Cherry Almond Pie. Julep used scotch tape and three Julep polishes to create this look.  Today through 3/16, you can get this 3-Piece Polish Gift for just $14! Normally, each polish is $14 each, so this is truly a sweet steal. 

Here’s what you’ll get in your 3-Piece Polish Gift:

  • Meghan (Classic with a Twist): Flaming red crème polish
  • Cassandra (Bombshell): Deep cabernet crème polish
  • Oxygen Performance Top Coat: Adds shine and stamina to your nail polish
Get 3-Piece Polish Gift today, because the offer only lasts through 3/16

3 Polish Gift for $!4

Monday, March 7, 2016

Not All Eggs Come from a Bunny...

In February, I wrote about Diana Miller, owner of SCLadyDiJewelry. She has a huge collection of Joan Rivers' jewelry, and has been a collector for more than 25 years. I know there are many collectors and fans of Joan Rivers' jewelry out there, but Diana is different. She cares about each piece, and why the design was important to the late Joan Rivers.

In her research, Ms. Miller read of Joan Rivers' passion for collecting Russian jewelry. When Joan learned in 1993 that the first organized exhibition of Faberge jewels was taking place in St. Petersburg, Russia, she packed her sketchbook and hopped a plane to that city. It was the first exhibit of Faberge since 1914. 

One very special piece in that exhibit was a Faberge egg necklace once owned by Queen Marie of Romania. Sometime later, Edgar, Joan’s husband, purchased this necklace as a gift for Joan. Imagine, if you can, a knee-length gold chain dripping with Faberge eggs and charms.
In her book, Jewelry by Joan Rivers, Joan tells of how she and her daughter, Melissa, would lie on her bed and play with the egg necklace for hours. Each time she took it out, Melissa would discover something different—a little ivory pig, a centime coin, a piece of hematite from the World War I era, and of course, those dazzling eggs.  

Queen Marie’s necklace inspired Joan to create a similar piece for her jewelry line. According to Joan, the egg necklace “has a timeless design that’s right at home in the New World, not only beautiful and unusual, it’s utterly versatile. Each egg and each charm can be removed to be worn singly; the necklace itself can be shortened or lengthened, as the mood strikes; and the whole piece can be personalized with eggs and charms of one’s own choosing. It’s a necklace made for a queen and every woman will feel like a queen when she wears it.” 

The wonder of decorated eggs was certainly not originated with Joan Rivers, but she did have a love for their beauty. She designed her collection to share with other jewelry enthusiasts, each egg a unique piece of wearable art. Her collection grew over many years, into one that is full of both beauty and whimsy.

One can find the egg shape throughout Joan Rivers’ jewelry line. It appears in many of her necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even in her watches. Joan also replicated the large Easter eggs created by Faberge for the Russian Imperial family. The gift of the Faberge Easter eggs was a tradition for 32 years. Each egg took a year to make, involving a team of highly-skilled craftsmen, who worked in great secrecy.

To display and store Joan’s beautiful egg-shaped pieces, she designed special display stands and storage boxes. For Christmas, she designed bejeweled egg-shaped ornaments. And for your home décor, she created lovely enameled egg-shaped photo frames and boxes.
SCLadyDiJewelry has a large collection of Joan Rivers' Egg Jewelry. Pictured here, I have included two of her necklaces, as well as several examples of individual charms that SCLadyDiJewelry has in her shop. Diana also carries earrings, sets, a watch charm, and Joan Rivers' designed displays for the collection. The prices of the Joan Rivers' Egg Collection in her shop, SCLadyDiJewelry start at $10, so there is truly a bit of this beauty for everyone.

To see Diana's entire collection, to ask questions, or to purchase, visit her shop SCLadyDiJewelry.

Must Have-Julep's Color Caddy

The Julep Color Caddy is back by popular demand and refreshed with a colorful new design! This nail polish caddy holds everything you need to keep manis and pedis on point—tools, treatments and up to 48 nail polishes.  

Spring is here, and that means lots of bright colors and pedicures! It's also a great time to get organized.

Today through 3/13 (Sunday) you can snag the Julep Color Caddy plus three free polishes of your choice for just $30 – that’s a $72 retail value. To get your free polishes, add the Color Caddy to your cart along with three polishes from the new Color Caddy nail catalog and enter in promo code BAGIT at checkout. 

Color Caddy

Offer expires 3/13/16 at 11:59 PM PT, or while supplies last. Promotional code BAGIT must be entered at checkout and is valid for 3 free polishes per order. To receive free gift, add 3 polishes from the Catch the New Caddy catalog to shopping bag, in addition to the Brushstrokes Nail Caddy. 

**This post does contain affiliate links**

Thursday, March 3, 2016

"You Look Disgusting"

Several months ago, Em Ford began posting images of herself without makeup on social media. She called it "You Look Disgusting." The following film contains real comments that were left on images of her face.

She then applied makeup, covering her flaws. The comments that followed were mixed, but no less disturbing.

Her message: 
"You are beautiful - no matter how flawed you feel, no matter how upset you may be about the way you look or how hard you find it to make friends, or be confident. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you're not beautiful - not even yourself" 

Her video brought tears to my eyes. I have often been my own worst critic-never tall enough, never thin enough, not blonde enough, too blonde, my hair was too short, too long, too wavy, my face is too blotchy, too dry...
These thoughts allowed me to be more vulnerable to criticism of others, when I was much younger.

I'm much older now, and although I have a husband who tells me often how beautiful I am, I still find that I am my own worst critic. As a result, I have no pictures of myself pregnant with my two sons, and very few with them when they were small. These are moments that I will never get back, for while I was there, when they look back at the pictures, they will not see me sharing my joy. I was behind the camera.

Em Ford's message spoke to me in so many ways. Even when life is at its happiest, we need to be confident and to know that we are beautiful. I make a real effort to come out from behind the camera now. How about you?

Watch the video, and let me know what thoughts you have.

YoutubeChannel - #MyPaleSkin
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