Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hearts & Flowers

I'm not going to lie, I loved Joan Rivers. I thought that she was hilarious, and she certainly had style! I watched her on QVC, wishing I could pull off a sequin trimmed blazer as a 30-something mom. Friday nights were always dedicated to Fashion Police, just to see what she gave the thumbs up, or...sigh...the thumbs down. When she died unexpectedly, I felt like the world had lost a creative muse.

Joan Rivers' jewelry was unique, timeless, and highly collectible. I often thought of starting her bee pin collection for my mother, and now I'm sorry that I did not.

I recently became acquainted with Diana Miller, owner of SCLadyDiJewelry. She has a huge collection of Joan Rivers' jewelry, and has been a collector for more than 25 years. They aren't just possessions for her, or just items to sell, but she knows their history, and each piece is special to her. Diana will be leaving certain pieces to special family members one day. She is exactly the type of shop owner that is a pleasure to work with, and she is lovingly selling some of her pieces that are no longer available.

If you are looking for a special gift to hint about to your sweetheart, or something extremely special to buy for a mother, this is it! SCLadyDiJewelry has so many beautiful pieces to choose from, but the Hearts & Flowers Charm Necklace is truly special.

by Joan Rivers

“The Victorian language of love—and a whole set of unforgettable messages. For romance and charm, the Victorians had it all over our era. Even their jewelry conveyed tender messages through symbolic hearts, flowers, and colors. I’ve loved and collected these pieces for years! And I’m thrilled that Hearts & Flowers isn’t just beautiful, it’s rich in meanings—as true now as in that unforgettable time gone by.”  ---  Joan Rivers

Hearts & Flowers by Joan Rivers is a golden-finish chain, hand-painted in the Victorian fashion, and starts with your first 7 heart charms:

* FAITHFULNESS – A hand-painted evergreen heart, set with fine traceries and a crystal primrose of pale aqua, is “padlocked” to keep love true.

* TRUE UNDERSTANDING – A pair of matched hearts, set with bright crystals, nestles together on glowing crimson, and re-appear on the back, sculpted in golden-finish metal.

* SEEKING & FINDING – A rich pattern of simulated cabochons in hues of coral (travel by sea) and turquoise (travel by land) reverses to “Love” in flowing script.

* STAR OF HOPE – Set in a heart of blue, deep as a midnight sky, radiant beams encircle a lustrous, simulated pearl, under a starry crown of three crystals.

The STAR OF HOPE charm is the stunning centerpiece of the Hearts & Flowers Charm Necklace.

* SWEET MEMORIES – A turquoise-colored spray of forget-me-nots bows on its graceful stem in a field of ruby-red.

* NEW LOVE – A peridot-colored crystal shimmers within a heart of pure white, like earliest spring’s first green rising from the snow.

* KINDNESS – A glorious starburst, source of warmth and radiance, rises from a topaz-colored heart accented with a crystal the color of deep garnet.

Diana has four starter necklaces that she is selling. This would be such a special gift - to own a piece of Joan Rivers' creative, unique and spectacular jewelry, AND Diana is offering an additional piece with each starter necklace. As a gift, buyers will either receive a pair of earrings that match the STAR OF HOPE heart, or a charm bracelet that matches the additional TENDER INNOCENCE heart.

Diana also has three complete HEARTS & FLOWERS CHARM NECKLACES for sale in her shop, SCLadyDiJewelry. The complete necklace is truly a luxurious piece.

by Joan Rivers

“The perfect romance is always worth waiting for.” – Joan Rivers
This exquisitely romantic necklace begins with 7 Victorian miniature heart charms, each expressing a tender sentiment more beautifully than words ever could. But just wait! As you add each new heart charm, you will see this fascinating piece grow in enchantment and beauty. Anticipation is always part of the fun of collecting!

* SECRET LOVE – Opals have a secret life – there’s a fiery glow, deep inside their pale, serene blue.  Two simulated opals are tucked into the graceful curves of a scrolled heart.

* GUARDIAN ANGELS – A sculpted angel, framed in turquoise blue, reverses on the other side to its twin, engraved and overlaid with hand-painting of rich green.

* TENDER INNOCENCE – The fresh, delicate beauty of a spring columbine in first bloom is captured in shades of peach and yellow.

* PASSIONATE LOVE – A rose garden exquisitely carved in the color of coral, symbol of life and energy, reverses to an intaglio of flowers in golden-finish metal.

* TRANQUILITY – A cool, translucent aventurine heart soothes the spirit (and couldn’t we all use that?) cradled in a halter of royal purple and golden-finish scrollwork.

* CONFIDENCE – A bold, fire-orange, padlocked heart carries its own tiny key, to assure confidence in all you do.

* ETERNAL LOVE – A crystal-headed snake twines itself around a crimson heart, forming the symbol of eternal love.

* DEEP THOUGHTS – A pansy of deep, magical blue reverses to another, sculpted in golden-finish metal. “Pansy” comes from “pensee - French for both “thought” and this flower.

* SUDDEN JOY - A bluebird comes swooping down from a tracery of clouds, bringing happiness.  On the reverse, there’s a brilliant sunburst, indicating celebrations.

* CREATIVITY – On a heart of the soft romantic color of tanzanite, a crystal-set flower stands on its head, a sign of imagination and creativity.

* ESTEEM – In classic Victorian style, gemstone initials spell out “R E G A R D”  in crystal flowers the color of ruby, emerald, garnet, amethyst, ruby and diamond.

* LOVE’S ENCHANTMENT - Blush-pink flowers are caught in a three-dimensional “cage of love” in swirling filigree, not able to escape—and probably not wanting to either.

Joan’s hearts are very versatile, and she wanted you to have fun with them! Just by opening the spring ring that’s at the top of each heart charm, you can remove and re-attach them anywhere you like—including on another open-link chain or bracelet, if the mood strikes you.

THE PERFECT SETTING FOR ROMANCE – Also available is a lovely velvet jewelry presentation box to store and show off your completed necklace. This box is beautiful and very affordable. A necklace this unique deserves a “special” jewelry box.

Joan Rivers' jewelry is collectible, unique, and has become even more so since her passing. The Hearts & Flowers Charm Necklace is no longer available, and SCLadyDiJewelry has both the starter necklace, the complete necklace, the presentation box, and several additional pieces. Diana's collection is breathtaking.

To see Diana's entire collection, to ask questions, or to purchase, visit her shop SCLadyDiJewelry.