Friday, December 26, 2014

We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards

I was recently given the opportunity to use We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards with my sons. I'm a huge supporter of Character Education, so I was anxious to try the cards at home.

The cards offer different topics, with easy to understand definitions for conversation starters. There is also a Biblical element for families who choose to integrate Religion into family discussions. I've worked with older students on Character Education programs, and I personally like to see discussions about morals and ethics happen when children are younger, and then continue as they get older. I also like the approach of Character Education starting at home. I obviously know that every family is different, and so I personally was glad to start using We Choose Virtues in our home.

Each card is a great conversation starter. Our two sons are so different from one another, and therefore, we never know where our discussions will go. That is part of the program that I enjoy. You can follow the cards exactly, or use bits and pieces to fit your comfort level.

We have grandparents helping us with our children, and we have found that the discussions are even more fruitful with our three generations discussing various topics. It has certainly helped us to understand one another better!

Looking for a program to use in your home? You can find the Parenting Cards at

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