Thursday, December 25, 2014

Nidra Patented Contoured Sleep Mask Review

If you're a regular reader of Preppy Mom, you won't be surprised to know, once again, that I'm a terrible night. I'm a champ at the nap, but that doesn't allow me to accomplish much.

I was given the opportunity to try the Nidra Patented Contoured Sleep Mask over the last couple of months, and I really think it has helped. I've tried sleep masks before, but they sometimes leave me feeling claustrophobic, or like I'm wearing goggles. I know, I'm weird.

The Nidra mask fits snugly, but not tight at all. It has patented vents, so that it's easy to breathe. The material is soft, and feels so nice against my face, and it really does offer a darker than dark sleeping experience. It doesn't bother me if I've just fallen asleep (obviously, the mask doesn't have magical powers), and the sun starts to peek in, or my husband is getting ready for work. 

I'm working on the rest, but if light bothers you while you're sleeping, or if you live in a dorm or apartment with night owls, I would give the Nidra Sleep Mask a shot. The ventilation alone makes it fabulous.

You can find the Nidra Patented Contoured Sleep Mask at:

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