Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Wish List Item #11 - The Pearl Girls Duchess Pearl Earrings

I became acquainted with The Pearl Girls several months ago, when I purchased their Duchess Pearl Earrings. They are based out of Athens, GA, and needless to say, they are fabulous. The owner, India Rowe is so personable, that I considered asking her to be my BFF. Since I'm not a stalker, instead, I try to support their small but thriving company in any way possible.

Since I'm so conservative, I got a little crazy and decided to go for more than a stud or huggie. I can be a wild woman sometimes! I decided to order the Duchess Earrings, which were designed after the Duchess of Cambridge's pearl earrings. The best part? They're only $49!! That's a price to get online for right away!!

These were not endorsed by the Duchess, although they were styled after her great taste. Don't we all wish we had a bit of her style? These are sterling silver hoops with a drop pearl. It is great to be a Duchess and what a great pair of earrings! Easy to wear everywhere, I personally find myself reaching for them over and over. They're actually M's (AKA-Preppy Dad) favorite earrings of mine.
These earrings offer gorgeous pearls, gorgeous value and a different pearl earring that looks great alone or paired with a classic pearl necklace. They are stunning, while not being over the top.

You can find these beauties at For $49, they would also be a great gift for someone else with great style-maybe your BFF, sister, mother or daughter. I adore mine.

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