Friday, November 7, 2014

The Month is Young!

Well, I hope that no one thought that I would write a post about Collier, and not Hudson! There's so much to say about the littlest Fleming, but the best way to describe him is feisty. 

I should have known when he, too, entered the world early, but instead of five weeks early, he decided to join us nine weeks early. So, our Christmas baby became a Halloween baby. The peds specialists were there waiting for him, too, except they whisked him away as soon as we got a look at him. I have a picture that the Special Nursery gave me to keep in my room with me, and to this day, I think they gave me a picture of someone else's kid. Seriously, it looks nothing like him at six, and it looked nothing like him at six hours. There is likely another mother in the Boston area, looking at her child's first picture, saying, "Huh...I just don't see it." That's because she has a picture of Hudson Joseph, who I am so thankful for every day of my life. I do know that we have the right child though, since between my nose and Mark's curly hair, there's no doubt he's our fella.

I remember every year thinking, ok...this year has to be easier. Well, he turned six a few weeks ago, and we're still asking ourselves where he gets the ornery side. Mark and I are both so mellow, and he's just a pill. He has a devilish grin, that I see getting him into trouble one day. Right now, it melts my heart, no matter how much of a pistol he's been.

He's not bad, just a handful. However, in addition, he's one of the most loving little guys you'll meet. He still likes to sit on our laps, he gives bear hugs to the newest of friends, and is nice to everyone. When he was in pre-k, his teacher called him the mayor of the classroom, because instead of working, he had to pay social visits on all the other groups of kids.

We just signed our little scrapper up for wrestling, which kind of blows my mind. He does have Iowa and Blair Academy in him, so maybe six isn't too young. 

I love listening to him as he learns to read. He's sounding everything out-everything from Pete the Cat (we like his groovy buttons) to street signs. I have no doubt that he'll be able to do whatever he sets his mind to, and, as he might say as he gets older...shaking his fist, "and don't you forget it." Says the boy with the curls and the angelic face 💖

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