Sunday, November 2, 2014

November-A Month of Thanks

I'm not really sure why we tend to concentrate our thanks to November. I do try to appreciate and be thankful for the happiness in my life all year round, but I realize that like many, my intent far outweighs my actions. I'm not always great about follow through-again...intent vs. actions, perhaps it's the ADD that I've acquired as a parent. I swear, I could never in a million years do it alone. 

So, here it month of thanks.

1. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am thankful for my more than incredible husband. Mark is an amazing father, and husband. He's also a little better about the action part than I have become. I may be thinking about the cupcakes that need to be made for school, but he's making them. 

It was 28 years ago that we had our first date. I think I still had braces, and we went to see Crocadile Dundee. I cannot say that we were high school, or even college sweethearts, but we dated about a month, but remained friends for many years. It wasn't until my late 20s that we saw the light. My dad, who we call Dr. Bob must have been on to something, though. For the few years I had left with him, he used to say, you know who I wish you'd get back together with? That Mark Fleming fellow.

I cannot even begin to say all the things I'm thankful for when it comes to my husband. I'll write a few.
-I love it that at 45, most of his friends still call him Flem.
-I love it that when we are in public, he always sits next to the stranger.
-I love it that he loved me when I was 14, even though he didn't admit it until I was 27. He loved me when I was 22, cute and little with life ahead of me, I love it that he married me, even though I was the anti-bride. If you were at our wedding, I hope you remember it as being laid back and fun. I love it that he loved me when it didn't seem like we would have kids, and that he loved me when we did! I love it that he loves me when I'm in my 40s, a little sick, a lot older, hopefully a little wiser. I love knowing that he'll continue to love me when grey hairs come in, even though I'll cover those babies up in the blink of an eye!
-I love how he doesn't mind that I volunteer him for stuff. He really didn't mind that I said he'd be Santa at CH-CH, and then I left town.

Ok, I'm sure I've already embarrassed the heck out of him, which is not my intent. I'm thankful for my husband, every single day, and not just in November.

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