Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Derma MD Hero Power Wash Review and Giveaway

Happy Day!! It's a great day because I'm having another giveaway, and I'm super excited!

If you follow my blog, you may have seen that I've been using Derma MD skincare for a while now. I seriously love all of their products. My husband, M (Preppy Dad?) was given the opportunity to try Derma MD's Hero Power Wash Shave and Cleanse.

The Hero Power Wash is a unique all in one cleanser and shaving gel that deep cleanses pores, conditions, reduces razor bumps and increases moisture retention. Similar to the Enzyme Cleanser that I use, the Hero Power wash also is made with pineapple enzymes to help exfoliate the skin. 

Like many husbands, when M and I started dating, I swear he would have been fine washing his face with a Brillo Pad. I can happily say that he pays a little more attention now. I would love to say that I have been able to get him using moisturizer or eye cream, but baby steps are fine! He reports that he really likes the Hero Power Wash. He uses it in the shower, both to wash his face, and to shave. It doesn't leave him red or sensitive, it cleans his face without over cleansing it to the point of being tight, and it helps him to achieve a close shave. I would say that it's a success based on him saying he wants to continue using the Hero Power Wash, and not just a "sure, whatever."

Derma MD has been so generous, and they have given me TWO bottles of Hero Power Wash to give away.

As always, you can get Derma MD products for 50% off at www.dermamdskincare.com and use code "Preppy Mom." 

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  1. If they have skin issues, most definitely! Everyone deserves to have clean, smooth skin!

  2. Yes, they should. I think masks and exfoliants are super important!

  3. I don't think they NEED it but i think they'd be more apt to use it if it were targeted towards them. - cheryl debelis

  4. If they need it - oil control prob most needed

  5. why not, their skin may have problems as well

  6. Men should because their skin is important too. They can be stubborn and not what to use products with a bunch of steps. It just depends on their skin really. They may only need 1-2 products. Other men may need more.