Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

It's been a while since I've done a Thursday Thoughts post. There seems to be a lot of stuff going on though, so it seems like a good thing to do tonight!

-In the past week, I've reconnected with two old friends. 
*When I was in the second grade, I had my very first best friend, Dani. We probably all did, but she was that first friend who I was inseparable from. We were silly, and we giggled a lot. She moved away to Michigan that summer, and I was devastated. I remember taking my first solo plane ride to see her. We got up at the crack of dawn to see Princess Diana marry Prince Charles...well, I guess we all know how that ended. We kept in touch for many years, and then lost touch in high school. I've looked for her on Facebook over the years, and then I found her! I was pretty sure that it was her, but I was so excited when she wrote back. It's been so much fun catching up!
*I also got together with a friend from my pre-boarding school days, Jodee. I've lived back in my home town since May, and I was so happy that she asked to get together for a drink. She is so smart, and so kind. I'm really glad to have her in my life again. It actually makes me believe that our drastic move will be good.

-I belong to a couple of Random Acts of Kindness groups. They're really fun, and it is so nice to get actual mail. Both of the groups I belong to are ones to decorate your planners. They're so inexpensive to do. You usually send washi tape, stickers, cute post-its, and stuff like that. I ordered some really cute things from China that came today. They were like $.99. Some of the little post its have an Eiffel Tower, which I love. Something funny though, is that they say, "Paris is for Lover." Just one.

-I'm doing my first giveaway. It's for Derma MD's Lifting Duo, and it's worth $238! Derma MD is a clinical line of skincare that I've been using for the past few months. My skin is so much better-I've been pretty lucky in the aging department, but my skin is pretty dry and sensitive. I can definitely tell the difference! If you'd like to enter the giveaway, you can read about it and enter here:

-This is the last weekend before the boys start school. Our neighborhood school didn't have space in kindergarten, and we didn't want them split up, so they'll be going to another school in the district. Transportation might get a little tricky at times, but they'll be going to a really good school. C is so excited to be going into 3rd grade-he's gotten so tall over the summer. He loves school! H will be in kindergarten, and the structure will be good for him. I think he'll be a little more mischievous in school than C. They were supposed to sleep over in the neighbor kids' tent on Saturday, but the little boy who was supposed to host the sleepover got into some mischief today, and is grounded. Little boys...

-One of my friends works for a company called Perfectly Posh, and she sent me some things to try. It was really fun trying body scrubs and a great hand cream, among other things. I'm hosting an online party, so if you'd like to join us-you can check it out here:
She'll be doing giveaways and there are specials. Perfectly Posh isn't very expensive, and the products are fun. If you need something, I would definitely see what they have. Becky gets things to you really fast!

-Several of my online friends and I are doing a book club. Our first book is called The Vacationers. It's supposed to be a great read. Has anyone read it? Any other good recommendations after the summer?

Well-it's almost Friday, so I guess that means it's time to get this posted!! Any plans for the weekend?

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