Monday, August 4, 2014

Perfectly Posh Review and Party

I recently had the chance to try some products from Perfectly Posh. Perfectly Posh is a skincare pampering company, that allows individuals to become consultants, and for customers to host parties in their homes or online.

Becky Perry sent me so many things from Perfectly Posh to try. I'm really sensitive to fragrances and ingredients, so I really like to try things when I can. I was really glad that Becky sent me samples of some body products!

It was a fairly quiet day yesterday, so I had a little personal spa day. I've been looking through the Perfectly Posh catalog (that resembles a newspaper) for about a week-checking things out. My husband jokes that I'm the only person who gets into "product" catalogs like a great novel. That's me!

The first thing I used for my mini spa day was the BFF:Best Friend Forever Exfoliating Face Wash. This was a nice face wash with little microbeads to exfoliate. It smelled great, too, a great combination of grapefruit and peppermint.

After I exfoliated, I put on a mask. Becky sent me two different samples, but I chose Saint Moisture Mask, which is a wash off mask. Saint Moisture Mask is formulated for dry and tired skin. That's me! It's made with honey and avocado. The skincare regimin I generally use doesn't include a mask, and this was heavenly (Get it? Saint? Heavenly? Ha!). Seriously, it felt so nice. I left it on for about ten minutes, and then washed it off when I got into the shower.

The next thing I did was to hop into the shower. I used a body scrub that Becky sent called A Peel to Me Citrus Body Scrub. This scrub energizes and tightens with a citrus zest and loofah scrub.  This felt and smelled amazing! It didn't irritate my skin at all, and it wasn't too harsh on my skin. Sometimes exfoliants can be too "much."

After my shower, I chose the Creamy Coconut Cocktail Skindelicious Body Butter. I always say-this summer/winter/whatever, I'm going to be better about putting on body cream. Honestly, this felt and smelled great. The coconut smell wasn't overpowering, although I'm a fan of coconut. It sunk in quickly, and I didn't feel sticky at all. This was really nice.

I used the Night & Day:You are the One Face Moisturizer. It felt really nice and didn't leave my face feeling tight or irritated at all. It is made with lavender, glycerin, and natural olive oil. It not only felt great, but it smelled good too. This would be a good moisturizer to keep in my tote to apply when I'm feeling dry during the day.

The last product that I used was probably my favorite. I'm fairly obsessed with hand creams and lip balms. This Hey, Honey Healing Hand Cream was super moisturizing, and is made with real honey. It smells amazing, and left my hands feeling so soft.

It was so nice for Becky to send me samples of Perfectly Posh products. The line is reasonably priced, and the products are fun to use. I really liked everything I used, and I especially am excited about the body scrub, and their products for manis and pedis!!

As a thank you, and a way to spread word about Perfectly Posh and Becky's business, I'll be hosting an online party for Perfectly Posh. You can order through the Facebook event or through this link:

The party goes until Saturday, August 16th at 2:00 PM CST.

Becky will be doing specials and giveaways, AND there are new products coming out! The August Special is the Good Morning Beautiful Face Mask Wash, which is in limited quantity, and is selling for only $16! Good Morning Beautiful Face Mask Wash gently cleans, tightens and energizes your face with lemon, green tea and caffeine. Grab one before they are gone!

Let's have a great party for Perfectly Posh and for Becky! 
Any questions?
Message Becky on Facebook at 
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Woo hoo!

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  1. What a day that must have been! I need one of those kind in my life now and then! Glad you enjoyed such a relaxing day with 2 days, at home, you definitely needed that!