Saturday, August 2, 2014


I seriously almost decided to go to bed, but I refused to throw in the towel on day 2. That would be pathetic. I went to The University of Arizona. Not kicking and screaming by any means, but also not totally psyched. Coming from a small boarding school on the east coast, it was an unusual choice. I had gone to visit Tucson over spring break my senior year, and my brother took me to a fraternity party. That made the decision go down a little bit better.

So, I signed up for sorority rush and headed to Tucson. I knew my brother and his girlfriend, and a guy who had graduated from my high school a few years before, and that was it. I pledged a sorority that I seemed to fit in (Honestly, how can you really tell in 5 days? Luckily, it was a good choice), and set about my college career. Joining a sorority was good for me-it helped me meet people and forced me to get out. I actually loved it. The girls were great, and it was so much fun. I mean, come on-it was A LOT of fun.

The Theta house at UofA and several of my sorority sisters our freshman year.

I had vacationed in Phoenix because my mom had moved there, but holy hell, it was hot. I remember walking back to my dorm one day that fall, literally in tears because it was so hot. In many ways, I didn't want to like it right away. I was still with my high school boyfriend, who was all the way across the country. I wanted to be with him, and I worried about not being with him. Also, while the whole no season thing was terrific when I came to Phoenix from New Jersey in December, but it did take getting used to from April to October.

So, once I let myself like Arizona, I loved it. I'm actually a huge Wildcats fan. My roommates over the years varied from awesome to "what the heck," and, like everyone, I have college stories that I think are HILARIOUS. I'll spare you.

Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat

I started out pre-med, which is a huge joke. Not because I don't have the brain power, because I absolutely do, but because I went to a huge university where freshmen could pretty much only get 8am classes. I had lived a regimented boarding school life for three years-I went to class when I was told to, I ate when and what I was told, sat with a table of people I was assigned to eat with, and dressed in a dress or skirt for dinner each night (except in February, when girls were allowed to wear dress pants). There were a few ways that I "stretched out" in college, and one of them was having very poor attendance at morning classes. I had a lecture in the basketball arena! I think I went twice. So...I guess you could say I lacked the dedication to be pre- med. 

Like many college students, I really didn't have anything else that I wanted to do. I thought maybe Psychology, but that was the 8am basketball arena class. That didn't seem like a good choice. So, I changed my major a million times. I decided on education, which I would have never guessed prior to college. Then I spent some time studying in Paris, so I changed it to art education. I have a lot more interest than talent, but sure enough, I graduated with a BFA in art education.

I stayed with B all through college, which looking back on, was a terrible idea. We both did our own thing-we had agreed to date others, but I spent a lot of time missing him, and wishing I was at school with him. Those are not bad things necessarily, and he was generally a nice guy. He's a very nice adult, so it's pleasant to see him at high school reunions. We broke up within 6 months of graduating college, once we moved to the same place. Really, the horse was dead long before we stopped beating it.

I did date a mish mash of college boys while in school, so I definitely would never say that I missed out. I went on fun trips with my friends, and went to Phoenix when my laundry really needed to be done. I'm kidding...but not really. I'm still friends with several of my college friends, and I can honestly say that I'm GLAD I went to a huge school. There was so much to do, and so much that was offered. I didn't speed through, but it took me longer than four years. 

Good times...

Ok-comment and tell me where you went to school! What is your favorite memory?

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