Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Crabberrie Totes-Seriously Cute!

When following all things preppy, I couldn't help but come across Crabberrie. Crabberrie is a company based out of Virginia, that makes the cutest tote bags ever!

I had seen Crabberrie's totes, and was fortunate enough to have a phone call with the owners, Shea and Mike. They have recently launched a new line of totes for sororities, and they have added to their line of sport totes. I visited with them about their company, and offered to write a review for them. 

One of their new totes has an equestrian logo. While my allergies have kept me off a horse, I've been around many riders. One of boarding schools that I worked at had a robust equestrian program, and I became familiar with the riding world. Crabberrie sent me a tote, and I had one of my former students take it to Junior Nationals earlier this summer. Cute, right?

I'm thinking, as a mom, I will want a tote for every sport my boys participate in! Knowing my boys though, I'll probably have at least one wrestler. Since I can't think of a cute pattern that Crabberrie might introduce, I'm happy they have so many others to choose from!

I couldn't very well write up a review of Crabberrie without showing their crab tote! They are very reasonably priced, too, with their large totes being just $48! Please check out, or follow them on twitter @crabberrie. Show them some preppy love, because they are awesome.

I love this company! Stay tuned for a giveaway of a Crabberrie tote later this month. Yay!

***Disclaimer-Crabberrie sent me a tote for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for this review.***

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  1. Need a partner? It sure sounds like you are having fun and I need a little in mine! :) Love your kept them short and sweet and to the point and easy to follow but with all the needed info! Enjoying your Blog!