Friday, July 4, 2014

Thursday Thoughts-July 3, 2014

I'm not always great about blogging Thursday Thoughts, but since it's still Thursday on the west coast, I thought I'd go ahead.

Lots of thoughts right now- I welcome advice, or the occasional "get your act together" as needed.

-So the main thing that has been on my mind this week is a story that has been all over the news, a pilot carrying his wife and terminally ill son, crashed in Colorado. The family has been living in Ohio, but the father is from my home town. He was actually my 8th grade boyfriend. Not significant at all in the big picture, but to the memory of 8th grade, it was a pretty big deal. I used to go and watch him wrestle, and he was my first for most things to that point in life, and just an all around good guy. It's just so incredibly sad. I think this is all more real because I'm back in this town. I may be saying that for a while, as I go places and do things now that I'm an adult. They'll definitely be different!

-The 4th of July has always been a really big deal around here. I think, except for Boston, it's never been so celebrated in a town where I've lived. The last 4th I spent here was when I was 17. My mom had already moved to Phoenix and I came to spend most of the summer with my best friend, J. Wow, I wish she lived closer now. Anyhow, we met up with a group of friends and had a great 4th. I believe Boones Strawberry Hill and Purple Passion were involved, and I don't really remember what we did, but we all remember it as fun! One of my friends is driving in from Iowa City to see if we can get our game on again. I may need to take a nap first!
The boys are looking forward to the parade and there are usually silly games around. Then fireworks at sundown. Our poor Waffles will be scared to death.

-I've been watching True Detective. Wow-it's some dark stuff. Any recommendations either on HBO or Netflix? Maybe a book?

-Finally, I've been really terrible about leaving the house except to go to the doctor. I vow that this next week, I will get my act together. I will leave the house on my own, and maybe have lunch with an old friend or two. I will go to the cemetery to see my dad. I can't believe I've been here almost a month, but I haven't been yet. Time to start living here. Any advice??

Ok, those are about the only things on my mind tonight. How about you? Big Plans for the 4th?

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