Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fab Fit Fun Summer VIP Box

Have you scored the Fab Fit Fun Summer VIP Box yet? 

Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly subscription box that is curated by Guiliana Rancic. For $49.99 a quarter, the box is filled with the season's hottest swag. The Summer box is loaded with beauty, fitness and lifestyle items, and it's awesome! The best part? It's still available!!

The promos for Fab Fit Fun are always tempting. They usually reveal one or two items ahead of time. I didn't get the Spring box, but Fab Fit Fun sent me a "come back" coupon for $5 off, so I ordered.

The main item that I was looking forward to was the Sonya Dakar Flash Facial. Being a skincare/beauty product addict, I had heard of Sonya Dakar, but surprisingly I've never tried any of the products. The Flash Facial works in 60 seconds to reveal softer, plumper, and younger looking skin. It's packed with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid. My face can be sensitive, but this was amazing. It didn't irritate my face, and it left it looking beautiful. The retail on this product is $95!

The next item was pur~lisse pur~protect SPF 30 daily moisturizer. It is very lightweight and moisturizing. This is great for my skin in particular, as it is for normal to dry skin. I remember having sunburns all the time as a child, but I don't get any sun now. I know I'm super pale, but I just don't care. I'd rather save my skin. This moisturizer is great-it provides good sun protection without being heavy or greasy. The retail on this is $55.

This item may be my favorite part of the Fab Fit Fun Summer Box. It's an adorable clutch/makeup bag by Thursday Friday. It's a canvas bag, and I will use it as an insert into my pocketbook/a makeup bag. It has a nylon lining and a metal zip closure, and it's SO incredibly cute!!! There is also a $30 gift card to Thursday Friday. The retail value of the clutch is $35.

Oh, how I wish I had straight hair that didn't frizz like crazy in the summer! Unfortunately, I don't, so I was glad to receive a bottle of Balanced Guru No a Frizz Oil. This hair oil is an organic combination of argan, jojoba, and tamanu oils. With just over a week's use, I can tell the difference in my hair. It's soft, but not oily at all. I haven't been bothering to straighten it, but this product leaves my waves soft and pretty. This product retails at $25.

I love water bottles, and I'm especially enamoured with fruit infusers. This water bottle by Fab Fit Fun says "Grab Life by the Exercise Balls." It's BPA-free, and is a great size. My favorite infusion is strawberry and lime, although there are so many options in the summer! The retail price of this bottle is $15.

How trendy is nail polish this summer?! I love super bright colors on my toes, and I was so happy to receive this Zoya nail polish in Maya. Maya is a gorgeous melony-orange color that is a perfect summer shade. The retail price of Zoya nail polish is $9.

The next item in the box was a pair of lip balms by KISSTIXX. I've never heard of this brand, but I'm a lip balm addict. These flavors are Sweet and Sour, and they smell amazing. They have SPF 15, and leave your lips feeling so soft and kissable! The retail on these is $5.99.

The next item in the box was a snack. It was a bag of POPchips in sour cream and onion. POPchips are popped instead of being fried or baked. These are light and delicious, and only have 100-130 calories per bag! The retail of a bag of POPchips is $1.29.

The next item was a can of Skintimate Shave Gel. This is one of the three sponsored items in the box. I use this already, and I'm happy to get another can. It helps guard against razor burn, and leaves legs soft and smooth. The retail value is $1.99.

The next item was also a sponsored item. It is a 12 count of Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners. These are made to help keep you drier longer, and can be used every day to help you stay fresh. The retail is $1.50.

The last item in the Fab Fit Fun Summer Box was a Slim Fast bar in Birthday Cake flavor. This was also a sponsored item. Slim Fast Bars have only 180 calories per bar, and are a part of their 14 day slimdown. The value of the bar is $1.

If you haven't ordered the Summer Box yet, you're in luck!  Three of my readers can get $15 off the box with code 5434308! Go to to sign up. Enter the code above, and you'll receive $15 off the box, which has a value of $245.77!

***This review contains referral links. This box was paid for by me, and I was not compensated in any way for my honest review.***

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