Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Thoughts


I haven't linked up for Thursday Thoughts in a while, but I do enjoy the link up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, and lots of other fun bloggers!

I love it when my readers and other bloggers leave comments so I can return the visit.  Linkups like these are a great way to meet other bloggers:)

I guess my main "thought" has been about our unexpected move. When I say unexpected, that is actually an understatement! So, we literally put our house in storage and moved to Iowa from Ohio. Iowa may seem kind of random, but M and I both grew up here. We're currently staying with his parents, which is causing me major angst. 

I think when the necessity came about, I was in denial, because I did the worst job packing ever. We didn't have much room in our small SUV for much more than the kids and the dog, so I was trying to pay attention to that. However, I must have been in shock or something, because I brought ridiculous clothes. One normal bra, and then the rest are lacy fancy push up ones that I never wear. What the heck?? I did the same thing with underpants (what a weird word...). I'm guessing that I was doing laundry when I was packing because I didn't bring any of my normal clothes! I did bring a pair of jeans and a pair of khakis, but not even one pair of shorts-ugh! And shoes?? A pair of flip flops, a pair of running shoes, and that's it. Ugh! 

For my readers who know me well, you know that I have a "small" cosmetics obsession. I couldn't bring my arsenal with me, and so I have panic attacks daily about what is happening as everything sits in hot storage several states away. Hopefully we will be able to get a place quickly and we can get everything here.

Everyone else is taking the move very well. M's parents are the most lovely people out there, but I worry about everything from the kids not eating their vegetables to them being too noisy. I try to stay out of the way, but I don't want to seem aloof. 

I haven't seen any of my childhood friends yet, although M has seen a few of his buddies. I went away to boarding school at fifteen, and then my family moved away when I was sixteen. I've lived a lifetime since then, but I will be very happy to see familiar faces. I think very fondly of my friends from here, so it will be good to reconnect. It will likely help me to feel better about the move.

Wow! I guess I really did have lots of thoughts on the move!! I've cancelled most of my sub boxes for now, but Wantable Intimates is sending me a box to review (please, I hope they don't send me ridiculous undergarments-I need everyday stuff), and I can really use Stitch Fix too! I'm wondering about Cypress & 5th-does anyone get it? What are your thoughts??

So-any advice for our current situation? I know I'm a counselor, but it's sometimes hard to evaluate your own situation. I'm planning to get my Iowa certification here in the next while, and maybe a part time counseling job in the fall. You know that saying, "You can't go home again?" I really hope it gets easier, because it really is a great place, and my boys will love it here.

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