Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Social

Obviously, if you read my blog, you've noticed how terrible I've been about writing for the past couple of weeks. I feel behind in every area of my life right now!

As I do on most Sundays, I'm linking up with Neely@acompletewasteofmakeup and Ashley@ashleylately for the Sunday Social. They provide questions each Sunday for bloggers to answer and share. It's a fun way to get to know other bloggers, and for readers to get to know bloggers a bit better.

Here are this week's questions:

  1. What was your best birthday? It doesn't bother me to say that I LOVE birthdays. When we were first married, M. used to throw me a birthday week, but that hasn't happened in years. My favorite birthdays by far were my 21st and my 40th. I'll go with my 21st, like many other bloggers. I was in college, and my 21st happened to fall on a two day date party for my sorority, with an Italian Wedding theme. Part of the fun was choosing the cheesiest possible outfit to wear. I found leopard print leggings, a sweater that looked like black poodle fur, and huge dangling earrings. My date wore a shamrock green ruffled tux. My sorority rented out a bar, and fun was had by all. Dates of my friends that I had never even met were buying me drinks. I felt awful the next day, but that night was a blast! Here is a picture of me and my brother at the party...
  2. What was your best vacation? I've been very lucky to have had many opportunities to travel in my lifetime. My favorite vacation though, was a trip that I took with my parents to Switzerland to visit my older sister at boarding school. We traveled around quite a bit, and it was just fun. My father was a surgeon, and it was rare that he would allow himself to relax. Since he couldn't be called back to the hospital, we all had a blast. We shopped and went sight seeing. I brought a Swatch home for a friend, who now happens to be my husband. We went to dinner at an oom pa pa pub (I'm sure there's a real name), and we all laughed so hard. I've been on many great trips, but my father died a little over a year later, so this one was even more special.
  3. What was your best date you've ever been on? My best date? I'm going to go with my very first one. It was actually with M. when I returned from Switzerland. He was apparently kidding when he said to bring him home a Swatch, but when I called him to tell him I had one for him, he asked me to go see a movie. I was 14, and we went to see Crocodile Dundee. We only dated about a month, but stayed in touch for years, and got back together when I was in my late 20s.
  4. Best movie (quality) you've seen? My favorite movies in general are older Meg Ryan films (before her plastic surgery. My favorite is probably When Harry Met Sally. Ink watch it every time it's on.
  5. Best TV show ending of all time? I really enjoyed the Gossip Girl finale. They tied everything up with a neat bow, including weddings and the identity of Gossip Girl.
What would your answers be to these questions? Leave a comment below, and let me know your thoughts and that you stopped by!!