Friday, March 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts Blogger Link-Up

Today I'm linking up with Jen @ Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. I've been terrible about writing lately, so even though it's 1 am here, I'm still making sure to write!

-The NCAA Tournament is starting. I live in Cleveland, so there will be a lot going on here. I'm especially excited this year because I went to The University of Arizona. They've had a great season, and obviously I'm hoping for a good showing for March Madness! My husband went to Iowa State, so we have the boys' jerseys and sweatshirts clean and ready, depending on the game. Of course, they don't really know what's up, but they go along with us anyhow.

-It's been a stressful few days in our house. We have two dogs, and our Bassett/Dashchund mix bit our 8 year old last night. I never know what to do in this kind of situation. We're taking her to the vet, but my husband's instinct is to call the rescue where we got her. We did sign an agreement when we got her two years ago, that we would return her to them if anything happens. We'll see, but I would never ever want her to go to a shelter. I just don't know what will happen, and that stresses me out too. Ugh!

-I'm a huge fan of mini series and made for TV movies/cable series. I loved The White Queen, and Saturday night is the finale of Black Sails. I have a while to wait for Game of Thrones, but my brother recommends House of Cards and True Detective. Any others out there that I should catch up on??

-My mother got me a crock pot for my birthday. All I know how to make is Queso Dip. If you have recipes-send them my way! (

-Our weather has been nuts! On Tuesday, it was almost 60 and the boys were outside riding bikes. Wednesday/ Thursday we got snow and windchills were below zero. Tomorrow it's going to be 50. It's crazy.

-So, I used to work as the Dean of Students at an all girls' boarding school. Even though a big part of my job was to handle discipline, I still adored the girls-even if they were in trouble. Most of them are in college now, and I keep in touch with many of them. One of the girls posted something on Facebook today that literally made me laugh so hard, I had tears in my eyes. I've said I don't want to return to education, even though I've got degrees in the field and done little else. There are times like today that make me miss it so much, even though I know it would be different (different school, different students, etc). These girls were just so much fun, I worry that all others will be boring! 42 seems a little late to start a new career though...

-Have any of you seen these teeny tiny little crocheted animals? My niece loves them, and I know if I show my boys, they'll want them, too. They sell on Etsy from $20-$100+, which is crazy! In our house, the dogs would either eat them, or they would go through the wash in the pocket of a 5 year old. I could never make them because I'm not patient, I'm not craftsy, and my eyes would give out after about three minutes. They're cute though- if anyone is looking for a hobby, you could probably make a ton (before they go the way of the Beenie Baby).

-Yes, these are the things I think of. It's cold! I'm praying my husband gets a transfer back to Arizona. Cleveland hasn't exactly been an adventure. I miss the sunshine, and if I live someplace cool, hopefully that means friends will come visit.

As always-I love visitors to my blog. Comment to say hi!!

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