Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday Social Blogger Link-Up

Today I'm linking up with Neely and Ashley for the Sunday Social! It's really fun, so if you haven't linked up before, grab either this button or the one from last week, and answer this week's questions on your page!

1. Biggest Middle School fashion mistake?
Middle School was a pretty big fashion mistake in general. It was the 80s! I had braces, and I wore a lot of Esprit. 
In high school, we had a dress code. I pegged my jeans and wore a lot of Polos and sweaters. So many sweaters...
2. Who were your best friends in High School? 
High school was a time of huge transition for me. I went to public school in Iowa in 9th grade. I still hung out with my friends from middle school, but I didn't really fit in with them anymore. Then I went to boarding school, and I really felt at home there. My roommate was Claire, and she was/is an amazing person. We would talk and laugh until our prefects got tired of coming in to tell us to go to sleep. Technically we weren't breaking any rules though, since we were in our beds and the lights were out. I was also great friends with Lesley, Maria, Dari, Cathy, Cynthia, Alex, Eliza, Allison, Sam, Scott, Jon, Dave, and Brad.
Roomies-with Claire in our dorm room sophomore year.

3. What was a typical weekend like for you in high school?
Weekends were unusual for us, because we had classes and sports on Saturdays. We had study hall on Friday nights. My grades were pretty good, so I could sign out of study hall, but there wasn't much to do-everyone else was in study hall!
With Sam and Eliza doing face masks in my room senior year.

After sports, lots of people would leave for the weekend. I went home with Dari, Cathy, Sydney and Maria some weekends, but mostly I stayed on campus. There was always something to do-sometimes they hired companies to come and do something like Jello wrestling. Generally we wound just hang out. We had co-ed visitation on weekends, which meant we could go in boys rooms or have them to ours. That was always a big deal. We cad a campus center (lovingly called the Can)- we spent a lot of time there.
4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that: 
I did. In 9th grade, I dated Mark, who is now my husband, for about a month. Then I dated Tom for the rest of the year. In 10th grade, I dated Spencer for a while, and then I started dating Brad right after I turned 16. I dated Brad until I was 22. If I told you all about that, I could write a book. Brad was a wrestler, and was/is very good looking. He was fun. When we were good, we were great. When we were not know how it goes. Still, 7 years- there are a lot of great, fun memories there. He was a day student, so we'd hang out at his house too.
With Brad-I'm not sure when this was. By looking at my hair length, I'll guess junior year.

Senior Prom

5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? 
No- did people really do that??
6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be? 
Wow! High school was just fun. I think boarding schools are just such a unique experience, and at times we had to make our own fun. Sneaking into each other's rooms to do a little tap shoe dance with a field hockey stick as your cane at 1am, sledding down the front hill on dining room trays, a big weekend in NYC for your 16th birthday.
With Cynthia-my girlfriends had a surprise party for my 18th birthday!

If I had to choose ONE though, there was a night my sophomore year in the middle of winter. It was snowing really hard, and all the power went out. The dorm parents let us out of the dorms. People were sledding, building snowmen (and other snow...things), and there was a huge snowball fight with like 200 people. I spent part of that night talking to a boy about getting back together. We ended up being great friends (and still are), so I would love to skip the angsty teenage talk, and spend more time throwing snowballs. I did quite a bit of the play part that night, but as teens we thought everything was such a big deal. It wasn't-more snowballs!


  1. Hello from the Sunday Social! Crazy looking back at old prom pictures and comparing them to what the kids are wearing now days, right!?

    1. Ali-oh my goodness! I worked as the dean at a high school until last year, and every prom, I was blown away by how short the dresses were, and how they dance now. I love this prom picture of us from 1990-is it obvious I'm not from New Jersey? My hair was blonde and not nearly big enough. But at the time, I really wished it was! Thanks for stopping by!!