Friday, March 14, 2014

5 on Friday Blogger Link Up

Today I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures, as well as Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog for The 5 on Friday Blogger Link-Up. I've never participated with this link-up, so I'm excited! The idea is to post FIVE things that you're happy/excited about on that Friday (other than it being Friday, of course).

One-This just tickled me. It was really warm this afternoon (after a blizzard on Wednesday and Thursday...), so the boys went outside for a bit. C. realized that he had a Laffy Taffy in his coat pocket as a prize from lining up at school, so he was a nice big brother and shared with H. When I went out to get the mail, C. was reading the jokes to H. on the front steps. It was so cute!

Two-Tomorrow night is the season finale of Black Sails. I really started watching it to have something to watch while waiting for Game of Thrones to return, but it's been so good! I have no idea how they could possibly wrap up the season in one more episode, however!

Three-I got a part time job that I start tomorrow. It really isn't a huge deal, as I've been employed non-stop since I was 16 (a LONG time ago), and I have both undergrad and graduate degrees, but I've been sick since Fall, so I've been home. I'll be doing makeup artistry, which I did part time in my 20s while I taught, so it should be a lot of fun. I'll only be working about 12 hours a week, but that should be perfect while I'm still getting fully on my feet again.

Four-My sister and family get home this weekend from Istanbul. They went for Spring Break, and their itinerary was amazing, but there have been riots there this week. Obviously they're safe in their hotel, but I'll still feel better once they're back in the US. It was rainy and cold there anyhow, so I'm guessing they'll be glad to be back in Texas. My oldest nephew will be graduating from college soon, and I think my sister planned this amazing trip before he'll be working, and not quite as available to go on family vacations. I've been worried though, so I'll be glad for them to get home and to hear all about their trip.

Five-This may not be a huge deal to most people, but I think Spring is here, or at least close. I'm not a huge fan of Cleveland, especially since I spent most of my life in Arizona, but this Winter has been crazy! It always seemed like we got huge snows whenever M. was out of town on business, and I just don't like cold weather. Speaking of Spring...March Madness is upon us. I'm not a huge basketball fan, except for college basketball. I went to the University of Arizona, and they've had a great season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they have a good showing this year!

That's about it this Friday! I love it when people stop by and say hi, so please let me know you were here in comments! 

****I'm going to end with a plea for help. Another blogger pointed out to me that my blog was set to no reply. I fixed it by switching away from my Google + profile, but now when I go to follow other bloggers, it says to try again. I have to go to more options, and follow that way. That's fine, but I want to make sure my blog can be easily followed. It won't let me share without being on Google+ either. I'm actually quite tech savvy, but I'm completely turned around! Foe that matter, even my bloglovin' is backwards with my name where everyone else's blog names are...maybe it will magically be fixed in the morning, but I doubt it! Any suggestions?


  1. I hope your sister and her family back it home safely. It's hard to relax when your family is that far away! Good luck with your new job :)

    1. Paige- they did, thank you! They travel all over the world, and I never worry. It's just that there were riots and they got stuck in one while tear gas was being thrown. So scary! They say it was a great trip though!