Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Link-Up: Thursday Thoughts

Tonight (I'm a little late) I'm linking up with Jen @ Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. The Thursday Link-Up is Thursday Thoughts.

• C is going to be 8 tomorrow! I can't believe that he is so grown up! We tried for a long time to get/stay pregnant, so he was this little blessing. He was actually born 5 weeks early. I had gone for my regular check up, and my doctor didn't like my blood pressure, so she admitted me, planning to induce me the next morning. I'm a crazy severe asthmatic, so she wanted me to see a pulmonologist first. I called M, told him the plan, but that there was no hurry. I told him to eat dinner, take the dogs out, and come to the hospital later. About an hour later, I was at the nurse's station asking her what Braxton Hicks felt like. She hooked me up to the monitor, and it turned out that I had gone into labor in my own. M wandered in, McDonalds in hand, having no idea what was going on. We joke that he came in with a Big Mac to find that I'd had the baby, but of course that's not the case. A few hours later, they were delivering our little guy by emergency C-section. They had several specialists there waiting for him, but they cut his umbilical cord, weighed him, and he promptly peed on the nurse. They cleared him and the specialists left. A dramatic entrance to the world, and he continues to be a joy every day. C is a little sensitive, like me. He's so smart and very sweet. We're so blessed to have him, followed a few years later by his brother. C loves to hear the story of when he was born, and I'm sure I'll be telling him in the morning.
Proud Daddy with Baby C, about an hour old.

Our family at about 3 weeks.

C after losing several teeth about a month ago.

• We have H's pre-k conference tomorrow. He's doing so well. Next year he will join C in public school. It's amazing how different they are. H is a tough guy (he'll probably be a wrestler), but he's also a cuddle bug. He loves to play this little game with me where we say "I love you more than..." It's usually some sort of food. He's so silly.

• It's been snowing all day and it's bitterly cold. Next week there are a couple of days with a high in the negatives. It makes me wonder why we moved away from Phoenix. M's company is based there, so maybe he'll get transferred back one day (fingers crossed).

• There are so many movies I want to see! I mentioned a few last week, but there are so many. I'm wondering about Endless Love-is it a remake of the Brooke Shields 1980s film? 

• I absolutely love the show Revenge. It's getting SO good, but won't be back until March. We also love Sleepy Hollow, which wrapped up this week-it will be a long wait until fall. I don't sleep well, so I watch the shows M doesn't like in the middle of the night-Reign, The Originals, and Vampire Diaries.

I guess that's it for my wandering brain tonight. I'll make cupcakes for C's class in the morning.

What are you thinking about this week? Seen any good movies? Are you part if the dreaded Polar Vortex? I need a vacation to Bora Bora!!

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