Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

I've decided to do a weekly Throwback Thursday post. I'm one of those people who loves to look at old photos, and I feel like I remember high school and college better than I do last month from time to time. It's gotta be kid brain!

Today, I'm posting a picture of me and my mother from my sorority's Mother's Weekend my junior year. I went to The University of Arizona, where there was always something fun going on. It's nice to see color on my cheeks, especially when it's been so cold in Cleveland this winter. I definitely miss the Arizona sun, and the Wildcats are having an amazing basketball season!

No crazy stories from a weekend with my mom, but as she has gotten older, I find myself missing the mom that came to fun events in Tucson, and who would get tipsy from one glass of wine.

Are any of you dreaming of warmer weather? Anyone thinking of fun, random times with your parents? Any University of Arizona fans out there????


  1. Replies
    1. Noor-thank you! I really don't like having my picture taken, but I read about a movement called Mom Stays in the Picture, and I was moved. Of course, I was much younger and thinner in this picture, but I want to make sure my boys have pictures of us together throughout their lives. I love this picture of my mom, and it just reminds me of fun times with her.

  2. I'm dreaming of warmer weather! Beautiful picture! My mom passed away in 2012 & my dad when I was way younger, I know the feeling!

    1. Stephanie-it really is something that always stays with us. I'm blessed to still have my mom, but there are so many changes. I'm also dreaming of warmer weather, as it's supposed to be below zero again today. I say we have a blogger retreat someplace tropical!! Thank you for your comments-I'm sure that you have times you cherish with your parents. Take out those pictures and treasure them!