Monday, January 13, 2014

Starstruck Sunday-Golden Globes

Like many of you, I watched the Golden Globes last night. In my house, that means watching it away from my Spongebob obsessed sons, and taping all of my favorite shows (which are all pretty much on Sunday nights).

I'm embarassed to say that I haven't seen a movie in the theater this year, with the exception of Monsters' University, but that is going to change, even if I have to go myself if we can't find a sitter for the boys. I really want to see American Hustle, The Wolf of Wallstreet, and Lone Survivor. I'm sure there are more, but those are tops on my list.

So, last night, I can honestly say I watched for the fashion, makeup and of course, the jewelry! I love the Golden Globes because everyone is relaxed (AKA drunk) and having a good time. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey were hilarious, and they both looked gorgeous. Even better that Amy Poehler won a Golden Globe for Parks & Recreation.

Obviously, I'm not a fashion critic, but I didn't think there were too many misses last night. The one dress that I was disappointed in was Julia Roberts' choice. She's usually one of my favorites, and I thought she looked fabulous last week at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in the sequined leopard print, but personally I wasn't a huge fan of her choice for the Golden Globes.

The only other huge WHAT??? that I had was during Jacqueline Bissett's speech. Many people seemed pretty unprepared for a win, and maybe that is part of the charm of the Golden Globes. Once most got started though, they were able to get on track, but not her. Perhaps a little too much champagne?

All of the men looked pretty fantastic in my eyes, but I was loving Matthew McConaughey's dark green velvet and black tux. Not that he could ever really look bad, but I really like it that he dresses outside of the box and still looks amazingly effortless. He won for Best Actor in Dallas Buyers Club.

It's hard to say who my absolute favorite was, as the stars looked gorgeous last night. I'll be anxious to see who Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police love (and hate), as I'm sure they saw a lot more than we did. Did it seem obvious to anyone else that George Clooney was absent? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler told a hilarious joke about him, so it seemed even more obvious that he was gone.

I also loved Emma Watson's open back red dress, that surprised with a pair of black cigarette pants underneath. She is so stunning, and it's been fun to see her emerge as a fashionista as her Harry Potter days have past (I say this with a little tear, as I LOVE all things Harry Potter). She is gorgeous, and rarely, if ever, has a miss as far as I'm concerned. Her makeup was fairly simple, but with a pop of red lipstick. Wow!


How much do you love Jennifer Lawrence? If you're anything like me, you love her! She chooses great roles, speaks to young women about being real, and isn't out making a fool of herself. Her look last night was perfectly glam, and I'm loving her pixie cut. I saw an interview with her recently where she said that basically her hair was fried, so she chopped it off. Of course, it seems to be the trend, so who knows. She's adorable though. Her makeup wasn't overdone, and her jewelry added a bit of shine to her white and black look. She looked fantastic.

Can you say Margot Robbie?? Oh my goodness-STUNNING! I haven't seen The Wolf of Wallstreet yet, but I hear it's amazing. I loved her in Pan Am, and I'm so glad to see that she's in a film. She is gorgeous, and she truly looked like a star last night. Her white deep-v front dress trimmed in crystals, along with her simple pulled back hair and understated makeup were to die for. I hope we'll see a lot more of her in the future.

Did you watch the Golden Globes? Who were your favorites?

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