Friday, January 17, 2014

Love for MeUndies!

Despite what it might seem like, I am not obsessed with undergarments. That being said, we came across a new company about 6 months ago called MeUndies. They do have a subscription service, where you can choose to have a pair (or more sent to you on a regular basis). They have a pattern of the month, which is fun. You can also buy packs of 10 or 365! MeUndies also has tees, socks, and they have recently added sweats and hoodies.

365 pack of women's briefs

These are the most comfortable (is there a good word? many hate the word panties, underpants makes me sound like an 8 year old) undies ever! M loves their boxer briefs, and I am a fan of all the "female" options from briefs to thongs.

Women's thongs

You can use code FP5017 for half off your first pair today only. Please use my link, for an additional discount.

Women's briefs
Men's boxer briefs

Men's trunks

Women's v-neck

Long sleeve tee and boxer briefs

These are the most comfortable "undergarments" ever, seriously! Also, I was pretty sure you'd all appreciate MeUndies stock photos rather than pictures of me and M in them!!

***Disclaimer-I was not compensated in any way for my review and all opinions are my own. I purchase this subscription myself. 


  1. WoW...the women's undies are cute!

    1. Stephanie-it's a little embarrassing how much I love these! They are so comfortable and so cute. My husband and I each get the pattern of the month, and they're too cute. I just ordered a few pair of the boxers to sleep in as well. They're a little pricey, but they always have specials and they are so worth it!

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