Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Orange Glad Review

I've been receiving the Orange Glad Sweet Box for a few months. I'm not a huge sweets lover, but every once in a while I like a little something, which makes this a great box to receive monthly. I would much rather have a treat from Orange Glad than whatever we have in the house for C's lunches. Don't get me wrong, I like a Little Debbie maybe once a year:) I also think the name is hilarious (it doesn't take much), because it reminds me of the first knock-knock joke C ever told, as in "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?" Bahahaha!

January's Orange Glad box arrived packaged nicely. Again, the box doesn't have a ton of items, but just a tasting. This is great for me, unless it had something like Rice Crispy treats, and then there couldn't be enough as far as I'm concerned!

These are all high end treats from different companies around the country, many of which we might not come across otherwise.

The first item was a package of Sour Cream Coffee Cake Bites from Just Desserts. They are baked from scratch, and are recommended to be eaten right away. I put these in the fridge, and warmed them up for my husband. They looked and smelled delicious, and reminded me a little of the Hostess Crumb Cakes from when I was younger. Trust me though, these are much more than a Crumb Cake!

The next item was a milk chocolate bar from Divine Chocolate. I can't tell you how glad I was to see this. Every once in a while, I really want a bite (square) of chocolate, and I don't like dark chocolate at all. Since dark chocolate is trendy and "good" for you, it seems like that's all that companies send. This was creamy and lovely. Definitely not a chocolate bar you would find at the checkout of the grocery store!

The next treat was a Buttery Shortbread Square from Clairesquares. This was an amazingly tasty Irish Shortbread. You could definitely taste that this was a high end treat. You could taste the butter, and it was very rich. Probably good we don't have more of these around! These were voted as an Outstanding Cookie Finalist by the National Association for Specialty Food & Trade in 2012. I never knew there was such an association, but I can see why these were awarded a prize!

The next item was a Caramel S'more from Sweet Lydia's Bakery. I love S'mores! There was just one individually wrapped treat, and it was SO good! The graham cracker was a little crumbly, but aren't they always? After I tried this, I was thinking that it would have been even better warmed up. I've never thought to include caramel in a s'more, but it was yummy! Sweet Lydia's is in Lowell, MA. I know making s'mores is part of the fun, but my boys don't like any charring on their marshmellows, so these would be a great treat to buy for a special occasion. 

The last item was a small box of mini cinnamon rolls from Uppercrust Bakery. They had the shortest shelf life, and it was recommended to eat right away. I did put them in the fridge, and I warmed them up for the kids. They loved them, and have been asking me to buy them again. They smelled so good, and the boys wouldn't even give up a bite!

We're all pretty much carb lovers in our house, so Orange Glad is a favorite. They are definitely my weakness, especially breads and rolls. When I lived in Paris during college, we would often grab a baguette, cheese and fruit for lunch. I know it's pretty stereotypical, but it was inexpensive, and we would sit and watch as people walked by. I don't think I've truly enjoyed something so simple in 20 years, but it was such an amazingly simple thing to do.

If you haven't tried Orange Glad, it's a great subscription box to try. It's decadent, and probably not treats you would have around the house all the time, but great for a little bit every once in a while. Their website is This would be a wonderful gift for a Valentine!

***Disclaimer-I was not compensated in any way for my review and all opinions are my own. I purchase this subscription myself. 

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