Sunday, December 1, 2013

October From the Lab Box Review

absolutely love my subscription to From the Lab. They deliver high end products before they are released to the public. The monthly cost is $19.95, and the products are worth well more than the cost.

My second box from From the Lab was an AM/PM Cleansing water that is used without water.

As described by From the Lab, "Regardless of what cleanser you’re using, if you’re washing your face twice a day with tap water you can strip moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and dull. European women have found a better way. Instead of using regular water they use fine, rinse-free micellar waters. So gentle, yet incredibly effective, micellar waters protect moisture reserves and leave your skin completely fresh, hydrated, and clean. The top pick from our recent focus group of women like you, this month's selection takes micellar water to the next level."

knew right away that I would love this product. I've used cleansing waters when I was in Europe, and I loved them. The first time I tried this product, I was in love. This water removes all my makeup and dirt, and leaves my face feeling amazing. I expect that I will continue to purchase this product because it's awesome!!

If you would like to try From the Lab, you can use my referral link, and you can get the founding price of $19.99+tax. This is an amazing opportunity!

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