Tuesday, December 31, 2013

January Wantable Intimates Box

I've already received my January Wantable Intimates box! Boxes are sent close to the time of the month you subscribed. You can also skip months if you want to. Wantable is really good about sending you what you want, subscribers fill out a detailed questionnaire, which you can change at any time.

I was happy to see that I received a three pack of fun socks from Wantable. I love the fun colors!

The next item was a pair of microfiber and lace boyshorts. They are by Q-T Intimates, and are a cute pink leopard and black lace. I will actually return/exchange these, as they are a size too big for me. I know that they are great about returns, so I'm not worried. If they can exchange, I know they'll send me the same pair, or something else that is really cute.

The next item was a pretty mint colored low waisted boyshort by Montelle. They are very pretty, but also the wrong size, so I'll return these for a return/exchange as well.

The last item was a more expensive item, so there were only four things in my January box. It was a sleep shirt from Betsey Johnson. It is so cute, and it will be so comfy! I actually dated a Brad in high school and college, so I checked with my husband to make sure it was ok with him. Of course it was, and he laughed that I would even ask. This is adorable!

A great January box, and I know I'll be able to return or exchange the two items that were too big. Thank you, Wantable!

***Disclaimer-I was not compensated in any way for my review and all opinions are my own. I purchase this subscription myself. 

December From the Lab

From the Lab is a subscription box that sends subscribers new beauty products before they are released to the public. From the Lab is $19.95/month, which makes it a great deal. Products are generally worth over $100, so this is a great deal.

The product for December was Rejuvenating Face Cream No. 594. The active ingredient in this cream is Neodermyl. Neodermyl is available in Europe, but it isn't available in the States yet. Neodermyl is an active ingredient that From the Lab paired with Senestem, another active ingredient, to create Rejuvenating Face Cream No. 594. 

This is the first cream to combine Neodermyl and Senestem to diminish the appearance of wrinkles as much as a collagen injection. The combination of Neodermyl and Senestem improves the appearance of the skin with the addition of anti-aging elements. "Together they are thought to stimulate the synthesis of important skin structural proteins – collagen and elastin – so that the skin feels smoother. That synergy improves the feeling of tautness and density while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots." From the Lab

I've just started using this cream, but I do feel like my face is retaining moisture and that it is feeling smoother. I'm anxious to see what is sent in January. If you would like to inquire about From the Lab, their website is www.fromthelab.com.

***Disclaimer-I was not compensated in any way for my review and all opinions are my own. I purchase this subscription myself. 

December Wantable Intimates Box

My December Wantable Intimates box arrived a while back, but I'm just now writing my review. I'm slightly obsessed with Wantable. As a matter of fact, if they were Cleveland based, I'd want to work there. I'd seriously order more than one of the Intimates and Makeup boxes each month, but I'm trying to keep control.

The first item, and the largest was a great hoodie. The Two-tone Raglan Hooded Swestshirt in baby blue and navy blue was a great surprise to receive. I'm always looking for a sweater or sweatshirt to throw on when it gets a little chilly in the house. This will be PERFECT!

The second item in the box was a Bella Canvas Triblend Racerback Tank in heather gray. Although it's winter, I usually sleep in a t-shirt or tank top with pajama bottoms. I run the fan in the winter at night. This probably sounds crazy, but I would rather snuggle in warm covers. This is so versatile-a great addition.

The next item was the cutest pair of socks. They are a pointelle knit in a pretty apricot color. I love fun socks, and these will be great. They are by PACT, made of single-sourced organic cotton. PACT is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which ensures the highest level of environmental and social responsibility. The fact that they are cute is just a bonus.

The last item was a pretty pair of briefs by Montelle. They are a beautiful shade of dark purple/blue. I'm not a huge fan of briefs, but these are very pretty. 

Something that sets Wantable apart from other companies, is that if you don't like something, returns are free. The customer service department is terrific to work with, and they will do everything they can to make sure you're happy with your box. I may return the briefs. They are very pretty, but not exactly my style.

If you're interested in Wantable, they also have a makeup box, and an accessories box. They are $40 for a single purchase, or $36 if you subscribe. You can check them out at www.wantable.com

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I'm writing this post at 12:10am, so it actually is Christmas. We're spending the holiday in Iowa with M.'s parents, but this is also where I grew up. It's always bittersweet when I come "home," as my family moved away when I was sixteen, shortly after my father died.

I love showing my boys where M. and I grew up, going to our favorite restaurants, and seeing how much Bettendorf, Iowa has changed over the years. It's also hard to be here without missing my dad, and missing the traditions that my family shared here when I was growing up.

We belonged to a church here in town, where we attended for most of my young life. It always felt like home. My in-laws attend another church in the area of the same denomination. It doesn't feel right to me to attend there when I'm home, but I often wonder if my childhood church would feel odd to me. I have many memories of my dad, obviously, but one that is the strongest was attending Christmas Eve service with him, the last year he was alive. My sister was recovering from knee surgery, my mother was playing nurse, and my brother, being home from boarding school, was out with his buddies. So, it was just me and my dad who attended the candlelight service. This service had several Christmas carols, and my father, who was tone deaf, sang them in his off key glory. I remember him looking at me, giggling, and continuing to sing away. It's a random memory, but one that is dear to me.

My children will wake up in the morning, wondering if Santa remembered them, even though they are away from our Cleveland home. They aren't quite comfortable being away from home, and not in a hotel, so they refused to go to bed unless they slept with me. Thus, I am in my husband's childhood bed with my 5 year old, and my 7 year old who both have colds, and who are snoring away next to me. I can hear my husband, M. in the office next door snoring away on the day bed as well.

I wonder what memories my boys will have of Christmases when they are in their 40s. Will this be one of them? Will they remember going sledding in the below zero temperatures of the winter of 2013? Will they remember seeing Santa at an unusual mall where I hung out as a pre-teen?

My hope, as a mother, is that they remember them fondly, and that they are picking up memories along the way to adulthood.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kitsy Lane Jewel of the Month Club

Kitsy Lane has just announced a brand new subscription service. Jewel of the Month from Kitsy Lane has three different options. In each shipment, the subscriber will receive one new piece of jewelry from their current selections. Subscription options are:
  • Quarterly ($40) – receive a new box in January, April, July, and October
  • 6 Months ($75) – receive a box each month  from Jan – June
  • 12 Months ($150) – receive a box each month during 2014

Jewel of the MonthBoxes will ship between the 1st and 5th of each month. You will be billed the full amount of your subscription upon shipment of your first box.

have been a Kitsy Lane Boutique Owner since approximately March. As someone who loves subscription boxes, I love that Kitsy Lane is getting into this service. I love their jewelry and accessories, and this subscription offers pieces at a great price!

This offer is only available until December 25th. Reserve yours today at http://preppymom.kitsylane.com

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

November From the Lab Box Review

From the Lab is a relatively new monthly subscription box that allows subscribers access to high-end beauty products before they are released in stores.

Their products are appropriate for all skin types. I am definite proof of this, as I have very dry, sensitive skin, and I have not had a reaction to any of the products I have received. Their products are plant based or synthetic, and are all paraben-free and never tested on animals.

From the Lab's products are all full sized, and generally 80% less expensive than they will be when released to the public.

Face Cream No. 590 features a biomimetic peptide that has been shown to increase skin firmness and elasticity while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. It also contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E which encourages the regeneration of new surface cells, delaying the appearance of skin aging through softening and moisturizing, and continuing the hydration and preventing damage from UV radiation.

Face Serum No. 591 includes the Yarsagumba mushroom, which has antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals that cause premature aging. The serum also includes the extract of the Wu-Zhu-Yu fruit to enhance your skin's radiance. Serum 591 also includes the cultured stem cells of Coffea Bengalensis, that are known to replump and restore a fresh, youthful appearance without the dehydrating effects of caffeine. 

"Face Cream No. 590 works in synergy with Face Serum No. 591 to nourish and improve all aspects of your complexion. This silky soft, soothing cream contains the Tibetan miracle of Yarsagumba and Coffea Bengalensis Stem Cells. You’re receiving double the benefit using both Face Serum No. 591 and Face Cream No. 590."

From the Lab is a great way to try new products for a fraction of the cost that they will be in the store. If you're interested in trying From the Lab, you can use this referral code: https://fromthelab.com/join/42FY7T

Kitsy Lane Boutique Coupons!

I have a bunch of $20 off a $100 purchase at Kitsy Lane for Jewelry and Accessories. The website is http://preppymom.kitsylane.com

If you see something you like, comment below, and I'll send you a code. I don't want them to expire if someone can use them.

You also get a free scarf with a two item purchase. Don't miss out- they have beautiful things!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Ipsy Review

I have been subscribing to Ipsy for just about a year. It is one of the best deals out there for a subscription box. It is. $10/month, and subscribers get a unique makeup bag each month, along with 4-5 cosmetic items. They have a terrific website as well (www.ipsy.com), where you can see different looks created by subscribers and makeup artists.

Ipsy is usually the first bag I receive each month, and I always look forward to it. The December bag is a simple textured black patent makeup bag, that to be honest, you could use as a simple clutch if you were in a pinch. It's very pretty. In addition, there were five makeup items this month.

My December bag included an eyeshadow trio by Pop, called Naturally Bare. While these colors are neutral, they are anything but boring. I really like this palette, and I will get a ton of use out if it. My eyes are kind of a khaki color, so the colors are perfect for me.

The second item in my bag was Be a...Bombshell One Stick in Sunset. I like creamy stick blush, I think they look really natural, and you can build the color. I received Sunset, which is a melon-pink color. I thought it might be too dark, but it isn't at all. Multiple sticks like this one can really be used as lip and eye color as well. This color will be good year round.

I received a Big Lip Pencil by J. Cat in Caramel Mocha. This was the color I was hoping to receive. It is a great warm color  with a bit of brown, but not too much to seem muddy. I've received so many compliments just from the couple of times I've worn it so far. I'm just getting to know J. Cat products, and I'm impressed so far. This is a winner!

I received a mini Starrily nail polish in Bzzz Bzzz. This is a great size, but I'm not in love with the color. My college sorority colors were black and gold, so maybe twenty years ago, I would have loved it. It's cute though, and I have nieces that will go crazy for this. I'll slip it into their Christmas box.

The final item that I received was a set of Ardell Black Eyelashes. I know that lashes are big right now, but I hate wearing false lashes. I am lucky enough that I have long lashes to begin with, but I also don't like how false lashes feel on. These are natural though, and I'm sure I can find them a good home!

If you're new to subscription boxes, sand you like makeup, I strongly recommend Ipsy. The price is great, and the products are fantastic!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November Love with Food Deluxe Box Review

Since I already subscribe to, and write reviews on the Love with Food Tasting Box, Jasmine Ho, from LWF kindly sent me November's Deluxe Box to compare. This was incredibly kind, and I found that while mainly there were more if each item compared to the tasting box, there were also two additional items in the deluxe box.

This was my favorite item in both boxes. It was a bag of Tuxedo Popcorn from Kukuruza Popcorn. Oh my goodness- this was a bag of delight. Carmel popcorn with a drizzle of milk chocolate and white chocolate. It IS my new obsession.

There was one bag in the deluxe box.
I passed along the next items to my husband, as I did with the smaller box. It is Green & Black's Organic, Dark 70% Chocolate. I know dark chocolate has incredible health benefits, and that it is decadent, but I have never liked it. My husband said that it was rich, high quality and tasty. I'm sure that other Love with Food subscribers loved it as well!

There were two bags in the deluxe box.
The next little sweet was just my taste. It was a small square of Maple Fudge from Laura Secord. The company is from Canada, and the fudge is made with pure maple syrup. I'm pretty picky, and I adored these.  They were sweet, but not gooey sugary sweet. Delish!

There were three of these in the deluxe box.
I love bars, especially for breakfast or a quick snack. There was an Almond, Apricot, and Yogurt Bar from Eat Natural. It was healthy and filling. I shared this with my youngest, and he loved it! I'll be purchasing more of these for sure. He and I aren't huge breakfast eaters, but I insist he have something. Otherwise he turns into the pre-k version of your worst nightmare.

There was one bar in the deluxe box.

There were two bags of Sweet Corn Crunch from Sensible Foods. I had this in the first box, but I was glad to give it another try. I'm always looking for healthy treats for my kids. Plus, I'm from Iowa, so I figured they would be great:) I was right. They were sweet and crunchy, but not hard. My five year old liked them, and I kept trying with my almost eight year old son, but it is difficult to get him to try new things.

There were two bags of the corn snack in the deluxe box.
There were two bags of Sweet Potato popchips from Popchips. I loved these from the tasting box, and was glad to see more of them. They were a great combo of sweet and salty. I will definitely be purchasing these for the house.

There were two bags in the deluxe box.
One of the added items in the deluxe box was a box of Black Rice Cracker Chips from Grains of Wellness.  I had never heard of the company or the item.  They are made from black rice, palm oil, and a touch of sea salt. I really enjoyed these crackers, as did my boys.  They're not heavy, and they are very tasty. They are also gluten free and vegan, so if you are looking for a great snack if you have dietary limitations, these are something you should try!

There was one box of these in the package.
The second addition to the deluxe box was a bag of Seasoned Pistachios from The Gilded Nut. I'm not crazy about pistachios, but my husband loves them.  He took them into his office, and they were never seen again. A hit!

There was one bag of pistachios in the deluxe box.
There was a shortbread in the box by Dancing Deer Baking Co. It was unexpected that the all butter shortbread was blended with rosemary and pink sea salt. It might sound unusual, but it was delicious. A wonderful combination of savory and sweet.

There was one package of the shortbread in the deluxe box, with two cookies in the bag.
I always love it when my subscription boxes include teas or hot chocolates (I'm not a coffee lover-when I lived in Paris, the Parisians thought I was crazy). This box included Mighty Leaf Ginger Twist Tea. I've been a little under the weather, and this was perfect!
There were two packages of Mighty Tea in the box.
The next item, we haven't tried yet. It was a packet of Indian Spice Blend from Arora Creations. It says that the spices are for asparagus, okra, and string beans. We love green beans, and I'm always looking for ways to liven them up a bit. I'm anxious to give these spices a try, and will try some of the other varieties if it's a hit.

There was one packet of seasoning mix in the box.
The larger Love with Food Deluxe Box starts at $17/month, depending on whether or not you have a subscription.  I really enjoyed the November boxes, and I was glad to be able to try the deluxe box.  The deluxe box is definitely a better buy, and it's nice to have snacks on the healthier side in the kitchen or office.  I would have liked to see a few more additions so that it would be more than a tiny bit different from the tasting box, but if you're considering giving them a try, I would absolutely say go for it!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

October From the Lab Box Review

absolutely love my subscription to From the Lab. They deliver high end products before they are released to the public. The monthly cost is $19.95, and the products are worth well more than the cost.

My second box from From the Lab was an AM/PM Cleansing water that is used without water.

As described by From the Lab, "Regardless of what cleanser you’re using, if you’re washing your face twice a day with tap water you can strip moisture from your skin, leaving it dry and dull. European women have found a better way. Instead of using regular water they use fine, rinse-free micellar waters. So gentle, yet incredibly effective, micellar waters protect moisture reserves and leave your skin completely fresh, hydrated, and clean. The top pick from our recent focus group of women like you, this month's selection takes micellar water to the next level."

knew right away that I would love this product. I've used cleansing waters when I was in Europe, and I loved them. The first time I tried this product, I was in love. This water removes all my makeup and dirt, and leaves my face feeling amazing. I expect that I will continue to purchase this product because it's awesome!!

If you would like to try From the Lab, you can use my referral link, and you can get the founding price of $19.99+tax. This is an amazing opportunity! https://fromthelab.com/join/42FY7T