Friday, November 1, 2013

October Wantable Intimates Review

It's no surprise that I love Wantable's Makeup Box, so when they announced that they would be introducing an Intimates Box, I was really excited. I filled out the questionnaire, and anxiously waited for it to get here.

I couldn't wait to open the box, but when I did, I was so bummed. I couldn't request bras, because when I filled out the questionnaire, my size wasn't an option. So, I received two pieces of shape wear-so boring. There was also a cute pair of lace panties and a pair of argyle socks. Since this was my first Intimates shipment, I really wanted it to be great, so I returned the box for a refund, and went back to the questionnaire. 

I completely took off shape wear-I can go buy a pair of Spanx on my own. I was really happy to see that this time, there was a wider range of bra sizes. I ordered a second box to ship right away.

This time, the box was a great hit! Pink is my favorite color, so obviously I was excited to open this one! Included were a pair of black, white and pink sleep shorts, a hot pink bra, a pair of black and pink bikinis, and pink argyle socks. Yay!

I love comfy loungewear! I was so happy to see these adorable sleep shorts from Betsey Johnson. I know! Betsey Johnson! I'm one of those people who likes the fan going in the middle of Winter while I sleep, so I'll wear these now, even though it's getting colder out. 

I usually wear underwire bras, but when I tried this on, it was supportive and comfortable. This is a seamless bra from Coobie. I've never worn the brand before, but I'm happy to try new brands. I'm always searching for a great bra.'s pink, so it's automatically a win. 

How cute is this Gigi bikini? Yes, they're a little sheer, but they're adorable!! It's not like I run around the house in this kind of garb, but it's still nice to know that you have something pretty on! 

Of course I love these Cotton Candy socks from Argoz! They're so soft and comfy. I love wearing cute socks, and I will get a lot of wear out of these.

So, while I was really disappointed in the first box I received from Wantable Intimates, the second one was amazing! Definitely over the $36 that I pay for the monthly subscription. I can't wait to see what November brings!

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