Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Ambition Box Review

I have been trying to order a variety of boxes to review lately. Most of my subscription boxes are pretty popular, so I like to try things a bit more unusual to review. Ambition Box is $15/month. They have a Facebook Page, and you sign up there. They then bill through PayPal. Ambition Box is a beauty box, and they are still fairly new.

The main item in my delivery was Beauty Treats Radiant Face Powder Pearls. They had a picture of these in the spoiler, but they were pink and bronze. I'm quite fair, so I was looking forward to the combination. The one I received is more bronze, but very pretty. I'll likely put these away until spring, when I have a chance for a bit of sun. These smell really good though, like roses, and I know I will use them.

The next item in my Ambition Box was a Demeter Salt Air Rollerball Perfume Oil. This came in another subscription box over the summer, and I didn't really care for it. I'm more of a fruity fragrance lover. This particular scent is very popular though, and I know lots of people who adore it. It is very fresh and clean smelling.

There were three makeup brushes by Abella brushes in my delivery. They are pink (yay), and there is a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, and a lash/brow brush. While these are very cute, they're pretty low quality. I may put them in my little cosmetic bag that I have in my purse. These might be brushes that I would buy for a tween, who is just starting with a tiny bit of cosmetics.

There were three foil pouches of Olivella Hand Cream. I've never heard of the brand, but I love hand creams. These will be a great chance to try a new brand.

The last item in my box was a small packet of Show Stoppers Nude double stick tape. I don't have any like this, but I will be glad to give it a try on a couple of blouses that gap a bit.

I was a little surprised that there was no box for Ambition Box. "Ambition Pouch" doesn't really have the same ring to it though.

I ordered Ambition Box quite a while ago back in October, but because of various delays, I received it just this week. I actually was pretty upset by how long it took. I was promised several times that it had shipped the week prior, but wasn't given tracking information. Those of us who didn't receive their boxes were told we would receive an extra item, although I can't imagine what the extra item might have been. The box value didn't seem to meet the price to me. Once I filed a PayPal claim though, I was finally given tracking information (the package was shipped after I filed the claim).

I'm very sorry to say that personally, I cannot recommend Ambition Box. Other bloggers have said that previous boxes were pretty good, but honestly, I think there was a pretty good chance that had I not made a PayPal claim, I would have never received anything.

*Disclaimer- I purchased Ambition Box on my own, and with my own funds.

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