Monday, November 4, 2013

September From the Lab Box Review

I'm going to start by saying that if I could choose a new profession, it would be to develop skincare and cosmetics. I'm fascinated by it all, and I'm always looking for the best eye creams and the best moisturizers. I definitely missed my calling.

From the Lab is a company based out of LA that introduces high end new skincare, hair care, and beauty products to members/consumers up to 19 months earlier than if they were to wait for them to hit the shelves. The cost is only $19.95/month. I love this box!

From the Lab is still a fairly new subscription box, and I'm waiting on my third box now. I think that it's important to review boxes and products that might be a little more unusual, because trust me, you won't have a hard time finding a review for Birchbox or Ipsy.

My first shipment From the Lab, was their 24-Hour Face Cream No. 578 +
Eye Cream No. 579

A moisturizer and an eye cream, which was exactly what I needed. I have very sensitive skin, and it's also very dry. Sounds lovely, right?  Because of my sensitivity, I have to be careful with what I use. I know I shouldn't, but I also like to brand jump, in order to try new things.

This duo is considered to be their purifying set. "Heavy metal deposits from environmental toxins accumulate on your skin, resulting in free radical damage and a prematurely aged complexion; yet it’s almost impossible to find a skincare product on the market today designed to combat the skin-ravaging effects of heavy metals" (From the Lab).

While that's all great, I was more concerned with how it felt on my face. I couldn't smell any perfumes. The cream was thick, but not greasy. It absorbed quickly, and left my skin moisturized, but not suffocating and itchy!! My face feels terrific. Winner.

The eye cream was much the same. My eyelids actually peel, and I have no idea why. Probably eczema, but totally embarrassing. This eye cream didn't burn or itch. It was moisturizing, but didn't leave my eyelids greasy. I'm excited to keep using this.

I am so excited that I found From the Lab. I can't wait to see what they'll be sending next, and I feel lucky to be able to test their products. I could end up finding a whole new regimen! From the Lab does allow it's members to purchase past products, which really pleases me. So far, this particular set is a huge win for me.


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