Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bona Clara Party

Since I've become obsessed with subscription boxes and blogging about them, I've met so many great women. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Most recently, I had the unbelievable pleasure to meet Brandy. Brandy reviews subscription boxes, writes a popular blog, sells for two popular companies, is a mom, and oh yeah, she's in law school. Somehow, we discovered that we are sorority sisters. Of course, she went to MIT, and I went to the University of Arizona. I'm not putting my Wildcats down-I LOVED it there!

Anyhow, Brandy sells skincare for a brand new company called Bona Clara. Their products don't contain as many fillers, parabens, or chemicals as other skin care lines. I decided to have a virtual Bona Clara party, to help Brandy, but also because I REALLY want to try the eye cream. I don't really know too many people in Cleveland, so I invited other bloggers, subscription box addicts, and friends for our online chat. It was so much fun!

Bona Clara is super easy to figure out, as everything is divided by age group. It takes the guesswork out of deciding what you need. When I worked in the cosmetics industry, so many women would go back and forth, trying to decide what they needed.

Pictured-40's Cleanser

Unfortunately though, nobody bought anything. I was pretty bummed and a little embarassed. So...I'm hoping that any if my readers who are in need of a new regimen, or even an item here or there will log in and pick up what you need. There is a 30 day return policy, so if you don't like something, you can return it.
Pictured-30's holiday facial kit $25!!

All you need to do is log on to
Brandy is even doing giveaways that are still up for grabs for anyone who makes a purchase. The party will "close" on Friday night. Check it out!!
Pictured-the eye cream that I'm lusting after!


  1. All of these beauty products look wonderful!


    1. Lauren-they are all so nice! Brandy is closing the party tonight if you'd like to place an order. The $25 holiday try me kits have been hugely popular!