Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August Wantable Review

As usual, Wantable sent me an amazing box that I LOVED. They have the most complete questionnaire, so it makes sense that I love what they send. I think it's the most customizable of all the boxes. They generally send 6 products. They're well packaged, the receipt gives detailed product information, and there's always a nice thank you postcard.

The first product I opened was a loose blush by Whip Hand. I have never even heard of this line before, so I'm anxious to give it a try. The official name of the product is Cheek Flash, and the color is Wanting. It is a beautiful peach color. I'm fair, so I think the color will be good.

The next item was packaged in its own little pouch. Nice touch. It was a lip balm from Echo Vie "Ecological Life." It is an all natural company created by Susan Lee, a three time cancer survivor, with the products being "wholesome everyday products with great ingredients." My husband and I are obsessed with every lip balm out there. If you open pretty much any drawer in our house, you will find a lip balm of some sort. This balm contains peppermint oil, and you can definitely smell it right away. It's soothing and moisturizing. The balm looks a little bit pink, but it's so sheer that it's hard to tell if there is color or not. I've used it a few times, and I can definitely tell it's providing my lips with moisture.

The next item I opened was an eyeliner pencil by Au Naturale Cosmetics. The pencil is named Night, and it is black. I know that most people love a black eyeliner, but I'm just not a fan very often. I have recently been using a lighter color to line with, and a very thin line of black right on my lash line, so I will use this. The pencil seems very creamy, so I'll give it a try!

Next, I opened a Face Stockholm nail polish in #168. It's a purple-ish blue, and it's SO pretty. I like how it's not a pastel, and it will be great as the weather cools down. I'm thinking of the denim trend coming back (I'm not too sure if I can pull it off as easy as when I was in high school), and this is the perfect color. I might try it on my toes with a layer of a silvery glitter polish on top. I love Face Stockholm, too, so this is a great item to receive!

I was a little surprised to see an eye primer by Cailyn in my box, as there isn't a spot on the questionnaire for foundations, concealers, powders, primers, etc. I looked at the info sheet, and it said that its considered to be a "tool," like a brush or sharpener. Regardless, this will be great. I've been pleased with Cailyn products so far, and the color isn't too dark. If it will help my shadow stay put, I'll be happy. Even more so now, as I'm trying out contacts for like the 10th time, and it would be nice if my eye makeup stayed on during the day.

The last item I received was a fabulous lipstick by Michael Marcus. The color is Debbie, and is a bright, blue based red. I have a hard time with red lipsticks, like we all do. I definitely need a blue based color, or a "true red." If it has a yellow or orange base at all, it looks horrid on me. I've never used anything by Michael Marcus, and I'm anxious to try this. He was the curator of the box, and I really hope to get more of his products in the future.

Pretty great box for $36! If you're interested in trying out Wantable, their web address is www.wantable.com. They have both an accessory box and a cosmetics box, and you fill out preference questions for both. You can get a one time box ($40), or monthly for $36. I love it so far.

* Disclaimer-I purchased this box myself, and was in no way compensated for my review.

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