Thursday, October 12, 2017

October Julep Mystery Boxes

Julep's Mystery Boxes are a top seller month after month and the Divine Darkness Mystery Box is perfect for the season! Grab this offer right away - once these are gone, they are gone.

HOT OFFER! Divine Darkness Mystery Boxes just $24.99 Each

Divine Darkness Mystery Box

What can you coax out of the shadows? Make the night come alive with this eerily spellbinding mystery box.

The Divine Darkness Mystery Box includes two NEW mystical nail colors; Mira (Bombshell) – Cast Iron Matte Shimmer and Sorenne (It Girl) – White Iridescent Glitter Top Coat plus other beauty & nail surprises.
NOTE: Offer expires on 10/19/17 at 11:59PM PT, or while supplies last. Divine Darkness Mystery Box will include Mira (Bombshell) and Sorenne (It Girl). Other products vary. Purchase of multiple Divine Darkness Mystery Boxes may result in polish or product overlap. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offer or discount (e.g Maven 20% discount). No exchanges or returns are possible on Mystery Box or individual items. Estimated full retail value is at least $100. Taxes vary by location.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Makeover Monday

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather lately, and my son said that he knew I’d feel better if I “played” makeup. So, I did exactly that! I tried a few new products that I’ve been wanting to use, and now I’m feeling much better! Perhaps it was getting out of sweatpants and brushing my hair, but I’m going to go with a combo of both!

I’m pretty picky about my foundation in particular, but I’ve heard amazing things about Perfekt Beauty’s Perfekt 10 Skin Perfection Plus. I tried it in Luminous, which I’m happy to say works well with my fair/pink undertone complexion. It is a gel mousse, with a whipped consistency. It has SPF 30, and provides hydration from coconut oil and omega 6. My skin is quite dry, and I hadn’t exfoliated first, so I did notice a bit of flakiness. It wasn’t a lot though, so I’m sure that it won’t be the norm. I’ll keep you posted. If you’re looking for a light-medium coverage that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all-Perfekt’s Skin Perfection Plus is absolutely worth a try.

I received Lipstick Queen’s Blush in Black Lace Rabbit in my September Popsugar Must Have Box. I’ve liked the couple of their lipsticks that I’ve tried, so I was excited to try something new. I immediately loved this gorgeous color changing cream blush. I’m an independent makeup artist for Maskcara Beauty, and the majority of our products are a cream consistency. Don’t let the black color scare you! It is completely black in the package, but then alters when applied to your skin. The result is a plummy, just eaten popsicle wash. I don’t exaggerate-it’s really gorgeous. Now I want to try more Lipstick Queen products!

I’ve been an independent artist Maskcara Beauty for the last few months. If you haven’t heard of them yet-you will! It’s SO good, so give me a call or send an email if you have any questions. I usually wear their entire IIID foundation, but they really like us to get out there and use other products in addition to theirs. I think that’s pretty fantastic, and it gives the company a bit more credibility to me. Founder Cara Killpack is not just out there to make a dollar, but to help us be our most confident selves. Ok, enough about that! I used Maskcara Beauty’s Contour in Stone. It’s not my usual color, but it blended well and gave me some definition (always a good thing). I’ll be using this for a while to see if I like it as well as my usual color. I was very light handed, so know that if you love a more heavily contoured look-this is also an amazing line.

I love eyeshadow palettes. I mean, come on! They’re so pretty, especially when they’re new. I recently came across MAC’s Prissy Princess Palette. The colors are pretty neutral, but I had to buy it because of the name. As the youngest of three kids, I remember the torturous road trips in my parents’ station wagon. One thing that I giggle about now is my brother calling me Miss Priss. I can still recall my wail from the back of the car, “Mom! Rob called me Miss Priss. I am not Miss Priss.” And so on. Of course I had to buy the palette! The colors that I used were Colour Me Spoiled, Sweet Tart and Eternal Optimist). I also used a bit of Maskcara Beauty’s Eyeshadow Single in Finn. I was very light handed, but the colors made a gorgeous combination.

If you’re a makeup person, you’ve likely heard of MAC’s new Rollerwheel Liquid Liners. Even though I’ve worked as a makeup artist for huge named companies, and for many years, I’ve never been one who loves liquid liners. The Rollerwheel Liner is like a teeny pizza wheel, and it is so easy to apply! I think I’m going to be a liquid liner lover now! I used Rollerwheel Brown on my top lash line.

I was so excited to try a few of these new products, but really, I’ve been so excited to try false eyelashes. How I’ve made it to 45 years old, a makeup artist and makeup addict without trying them is beyond me. My lashes have always been long, but I’m currently not loving any mascara out there, and I wanted some vavoom! Shop Lux Lashes sent me a couple pair of lashes to try. It took me a while to be comfortable putting them on, but I think I finally got it! I had to trim a tiny bit off the length to fit my lash line, but once I did, they were pretty easy to apply with the glue they provided. I tried lash style A20, which is a natural lash look made from mink. Even though they are a natural look, I felt like a beauty queen. I’m such a dork. But they’re so pretty!! Shop Lux Lashes sells mink and silk lashes, dramatic, natural and with a clear band. They also have super cute accessories and a monthly subscription box.

I’m so completely old school about many things, and one of them is that unless I’m putting on a quick gloss or stain for color, I’ll almost always wear a lip liner. My current favorite liners are Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat liners. They wear well, and you can easily even out your lips or give yourself a little extra 😉 if you prefer. I wear Pillow Talk quite a bit. It’s a gorgeous beigy-pink, and goes with everything. I’ve only got a color or two, but I seriously lust after all of them!

Lipstick, oh how I love thee. I have so many, it’s actually kind of a joke. In October, I’m going to wear a different color every single day, and start to weed out colors that I don’t love. Most of them are brand new. I have a problem. I decided to wear Perfekt Beauty’s Lip Perfekt Hydrating Lip Balm in Hint of Tint. It gives just a bit of color (true to its name), and is a great choice for every day. Keep it in your pocketbook for moisturizing, sheer color that helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and dry lips.

Finally, I topped my lips with ColourPop Crystal Lip Balm in Amethyst. ColourPop is such an amazing line. I think their most expensive product is $8! Everything I’ve tried is such high quality, and they have so many fun colors. Their crystal products are new. They have four different “crystal” lines, and each one has a primer, a setting spray and a lip balm. The Amethyst makes a gorgeous shimmery lipstick topper.

Ok, I know this is a lot of work for a sitting around the house look, but to me its fun and it gives me a lift. I love makeup, so I’ll often try out different products and different looks. On occasion, companies send me products to try. In this case, I’d like to give a huge thank you to Perfekt Beauty and Shop Lux Lashes for sending me amazing products to try.

If you'd like to read more about any of these companies, you can click on any of the links in this post. Popsugar Must Have Box and Shop Lux Lashes are affiliate links, and I would appreciate that if you're interested in either if you would please use my links.

*Except for the products by Perfekt Beauty and Shop Lux Lashes, all of the products in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Paul Wright Jewellery

More sparkly beauties to ooh and aah over!

It's no surprise that I'm obsessed with beautiful things-especially jewelry. I've never worn anything too large. Instead, I will choose smaller, classic pieces. Even in the days of huge hoops and statement necklaces, I was the one wearing studs and a strand of pearls. I guess a leopard doesn't lose its spots.

I started following Paul Wright Jewellery several months ago. His pieces are absolutely to die for! Paul is British, and studied, taught, and worked in Africa, Spain and England. For several years, he owned a jewelry design studio in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. Paul took his interest in Estate Jewelry, and began creating Antique inspired pieces. Paul now has shops in Birmingham, England's Jewellery Quarter, where he designs and makes jewelry from silver, gold, and gemstones. Paul travels quite a bit to purchase precious gemstones. When I first met him, he was getting ready to attend a gem show in Thailand. I can only imagine the amazing stones he saw there! Paul Wright Jewellery pieces have a bold simplicity, and have been sought out by some of London's top stylists. His collections have been featured in several International fashion photo shoots, and worn by celebrities Rita Ora, Georgia May Jagger, and more.

Paul was amazingly generous, and sent me a pair of earrings and a pendant from his daisy collection. Paul Wright Jewellery's daisy jewelry is inspired by the Victorian diamond daisy jewelry that was popular in the late 19th Century. The pieces that he sent me have been made from silver and clear cz. They sparkle and shine so beautifully. When I opened the package, they took my breath away. I have received so many compliments on them, and I am so proud to wear them.

Paul Wright Jewellery has a variety of lovely styles, and I have recently given my husband a wish list of beautiful things that he is "allowed" to purchase for me at any time! If you are looking for something special as a gift, or a piece to treat yourself, I highly recommend that you look at Paul's jewelry. He has a stunning variety, and they are reasonably priced.

You can find Paul Wright at: 

Facebook: @PWJewellery

Instagram: @PaulWrightJewellery

Friday, September 1, 2017

20 Years

It is the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, the mourning of people around the world, and of her heart wrenching funeral. You cannot turn on the television, look at a newspaper or check social media without being reminded. Those who are younger may wonder why the date is significant, but for me, I cannot help but acknowledge her life and death.

I was fascinated by Princess Diana from the beginning. I was seven or eight when news of Lady Diana hit the US. My older sister would buy magazines, and I couldn't help but be interested in her life. Perhaps it was the idea of a real princess who looked like she stepped from a fairytale. I remember being at a friend's house that summer, and we woke up at 4am to watch her wed Prince Charles. It was one of those memories that has stayed with me through the years.

As she engaged in royal life, she gained confidence and championed causes that she dearly believed in, and thus she became a role model to young women from all over the world. As I grew up, I continued to admire her kindness, her dedication to her sons, and of course, her beauty.

On Labor Day Weekend 1997, I had a friend visiting from out of town, and we decided to go on a road trip to Laughlin, NV. I would be starting my first real teaching job after the weekend, and so it seemed like a good weekend to celebrate. As I sat at the blackjack table, I heard from someone that Princess Diane had died. It didn't register immediately with me that it was her. Later, as I watched TV, I was horrified to learn that the woman I had adored for practically my entire life was dead.

I didn't let on to my friends how crushed I was, because I worried they would think it was strange. During the days that followed, I was glued to the television while I was home. I saw people placing flowers at Kensington Palace, and I was sad for them too. I was only 24 or so, but I thought about Princes William and Harry, and how incredibly lost they must have felt. My dad died when I was 16, and mourn him still. I watched her funeral, and just felt such a loss. And over the years, I've thought about Princess Diana often. I've thought about all the young women who wouldn't have the opportunity to have her as a role model. 

I was not the type of person to be halted by the death of someone who I didn't know, but the life and death of Princess Diana touched me for some reason. My world is completely unrelated to that of Princess Diana, but I think of her death as a time marker.

And in the 20 years since, I have had good times, and I have had hard times. I have become a wife and a mother. I have received a master's degree, and I've moved from the West to the East, and now I'm in the Midwest. I've worked in public schools and private schools, I've taught art, been a counselor, an administrator and a stay at home mom.

I've been watching the news coverage honoring the life of Princess Diana, and my husband and I have talked with our children about her importance. She was a modern princess, she changed the monarchy and her charitable legacy lives on.

I find myself burned out and honestly, a bit lost after living what seams like a lifetime since I sat playing blackjack. I'm not sure what the next 20 years will bring, but I do know that life is unpredictable, and that's okay.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Roses N Rose'

If you've been a Preppy Mom reader for a while (thank you!), you know that I get super excited when I find a cool new company or an amazing product to share. I met the owner of Roses n Rose' in a blogging group, and she told me about her new skincare line. Of course, I had to try it!
Roses n Rose' was born in San Diego. A true American skincare company. Even better? They only test on the "babest babes of all babes, none of our furry friends." Their first product was their coffee based Rosie Cheeks body scrub, and they have added another scrub and a rose water face mist to the line. They are coming out with lip scrubs soon, and I'm so excited!

Another thing that makes Roses n Rose' a must have company? They have an entire charity line! They work with Moxie Box, and have created Charity by Moxie. For each product from their charity line sold, a percentage goes toward a charity that Roses n Rose' is passionate about. As they grow, Roses and Rose' will "continue to add products that support charities to their line and help the world become a better place." You can also donate to their charities without making a purchase by visiting their website here.

Of course, I wanted to purchase something from Roses n Rose's charity line, so I chose their Sunshine Scrub. This scrub was $16.95, and a percentage of my purchase went towards brain cancer awareness.

Sunshine Scrub is made with yummy ingredients like organic coconut sugar, coconut, pure cane sugar, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, and pineapple. I'm pretty obsessed with everything pineapple, so this was a perfect choice! Sunshine Scrub not only smells amazing, but it leaves my skin incredibly soft and smooth. The scent takes my mind to the tropics, and it makes my skin absolutely glow.

This will definitely be my go to body scrub from now on, and it's definitely a must have! If you'd like to purchase Sunshine Scrub, or another product from Roses n Rose', you can follow any of the links in this post, or you find them directly at:

Facebook @rosesnrosee
Twitter/Instagram @roses_n_rose

**I was not compensated in any way for my review. I purchased this item with my own funds, and all opinions are 100% my own.**

Tuesday, August 15, 2017



I have been a huge fan of ElyseRyan Jewelry for years. Elise Rosenstock, the founder and designer of ElyseRyan, is one of the most genuine people I know. Elise has worked with a variety of charitable organizations over the years, including Alex's Lemonade Stand, Easter Seals and the JDRF.
I'm currently loving this WRISTROCKS bracelet from ElyseRyan Jewelry. There are many WRISTROCKS to choose from; including collections for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a line made for the Mrs. World contestants, a bridal collection, collections benefiting different charities, and a variety of limited edition color stories. Each WRISTROCKS bracelet is one of a kind, filled with beautiful gem and crystals from all over the world and features a piece of silver, the designer signature of ElyseRyan.
The WRISTROCKS bracelet that I'm wearing this summer is pink and green (of course), with pearls, and clear beads. It goes with everything, and it's so comfortable to wear. You can stack these fantastic works of art or wear them as a stand alone piece. I wear mine with another ElyseRyan bracelet and a silver bangle.

If you'd like to see more of ElyseRyan's WRISTROCKS (and trust me, they're amazing), you can follow any of the links in this post (they are not affiliate links), or find her at:
Instagram: @ElyseRyanJewelry

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Who's Fidgeting?

I'm probably that mom that all of the teachers hated last spring. Yes, I bought my boys fidget spinners. A couple actually. I did not give them permission to take them to school, but unfortunately that did happen. I did notice that they helped them concentrate, however. For the past couple of months, they have been able to carry on conversations without becoming antsy to look at a screen in their lap. They've been able to watch a show on tv all the way through! These are very good things, as long as you don't mind a fidget spinner whizzing around on a finger while you talk to the kids. Ok, it's not that bad, but they really have helped.

I can say that I honestly don't mind. At times, I feel like I'm the original fidgeter. For me, my body is just restless. I have a hard time getting comfortable, and will often shift my weight, tuck one leg under, and then untuck a few minutes later. At least I'm able to recognize that I do this, and I can also tell you-it's frustrating to me. It is torture trying to sit still in meetings. My husband says it's like my skeleton wants to jump out of my skin. I've tried hard to control it by modifying my need to, well...fidget.

Renascent Studios makes a unique fidget chain ring that is both dainty and feminine. An original style ring that looks like two rings in one. With dainty jewelry being on trend right now, the ring is perfect. I always wear dainty jewelry, so my ring is like my version of the fidget spinner.

The Renascent Studios worry ring is a squared sterling silver band with a delicate chain gently dangling from the band. There are three little rings attached that move freely around the front of the ring, perfect to fiddle with. Renascent Studios offers several variations of their fidget ring-with or without the chain, the color of the chain and the rings. My ring (shown below) is sterling silver with a 14kt gold filled chain. It has 2 gold filled rings and one silver ring. It is so unique-I have people ask about it all the time.

These rings make great stacking rings and they are perfect for people with busy hands (yes, that's me). For people that are anxious or stressed they provide an excellent distraction and they work great to help focus your mind when meditating. Think of it as a beautifully adult version of the fidget spinner. Renascent Studios was ahead of the times! They have a whole shop full of lovely items.

If you'd like to find Renascent Studios, you can follow any of the links in this post (they are not affiliate links), or you can go directly to
Facebook/Instagram: @renascentstudios
Pinterest: @renascentjewels

*Renascent Studios sent me a ring for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own, and I was not compensated for my review.*