Friday, May 19, 2017

A Girl's Best Friend

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I would argue that jewelry in general holds that special place in my heart. I admit that I spend an unusually lengthy amount of time looking at gorgeous jewelry and gems online. 

I'm actually fascinated by gemstones, and I think that working in that area may have been my true calling. I don't mean working in a jewelry store (can you imagine where my paycheck would go?), but actually designing jewelry, cutting gemstones and making gorgeous jewelry. Perhaps in another life!

For now, I get the chance to introduce you to some amazing jewelers, and to show off their work. I love how unique each designer is, and how their personalities show in their jewelry.

I purchased this beautiful moonstone ring from Gardens of the Sun. Meri Geraldine is the owner/designer in Bali. There are so many amazing things about Gardens of the Sun. Obviously their jewelry is spectacular. Each piece is completely unique, and their prices range from affordable to not (at least for me). I love how dedicated Gardens of the Sun is to its customers and to the environment. They use sustainable materials and they honestly want to sell jewelry that speaks to the individual.

Something else to love? "Gardens of the Sun values sustainability, tree planting, craftsmanship and quality materials. These are jewels you are proud to wear. They make you feel more beautiful inside and out, and remind you to be kinder to yourself." Each piece of jewelry purchased directly supports a women's tree nursery initiative in Indonesian Borneo. Gardens of the Sun is truly a company that I recommend with all of my heart. I adore my ring, and I love their mission.
Instagram: @gardensofthesun

I was sent these sweet little silver and cz studs by Violetta Blues. Violetta Blues is a new line from Idylle, a home decor store in Winterthur, Switzerland.
Store owner, Eva Graschi has started the new jewelry line, and the pieces are delicate and perfect for every day. She is extremely helpful and responsive. I'm very excited to see her jewelry line grow, and I'll be anxious to share more information as it does. 

The easiest way to see Violetta Blues' jewelry and to reach out to them is through Instagram. It is so fun to see gorgeous jewelry from new designers!
Instagram: @violettablues

I love these dark wood and sea glass bracelets from Sea Candy Jewelry in
Laguna Beach. I'm actually kind of obsessed with the beach. Odd that I live in Iowa, or perhaps being completely landlocked is the reason that I dream of the beach. I am fascinated by sea glass. The journey that these smooth pieces of glass make to shore is remarkable. I have a zen garden that has pieces of sea glass among its sand, and I find it incredibly soothing.

Sea Candy Jewelry has a variety of jewelry made from sea glass, including pieces made from rare colors and types of sea glass.

Owners Olivia Oddo and Sean Malek donate 10% of their profits to ocean cleanup projects. They are doing their part to protect our oceans and beaches, so they can continue to be loved and enjoyed.
Instagram: @seacandyjewelry

It is such an honor to share these three companies with my readers. I adore their jewelry so much, and I truly hope that you will get to know them as well. Whether new or established, each is worth supporting. Their owners are all so genuine and love what they do. 

**I was not compensated for my reviews. All opinions are 100% my own.**

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It's Julep Mystery Box Time!

HOT OFFER! Made for Summer Mystery Boxes just $24.99 Each

Made for Summer Mystery Box

This month, we couldn’t decide what to put into just one mystery box…so we created three. We dare you to try and pick just one. Pick up your Made for Summer Mystery Box - $100+ value only $24.99.

The Pastel Mystery Box: Want to know what’s in this box? Here’s a hint: six of our favorites in beauty and nail in sunwashed, summer-ready hues. $100+ value for just $24.99.

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The Neutrals Mystery Box: When it comes to neutral shades, we know you have strong feelings about them. (Translation: you love them.) That’s why we packed this mystery box full of our favorite natural hues—just for you. $100+ value for just $24.99.

WAIT, THERE’S MORE...When you grab a mystery box this month, you’ll get a chance to be one of 6 lucky individuals to name a polish in our 2017 holiday collection.

NOTE: Offer expires on 5/11/17 at 11:59 PM PT, or while supplies last. Purchase of multiple units of the same type of mystery box will result in polish or product overlap. There is no overlap between different types of mystery boxes. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offer or discount (e.g Maven 20% discount). No exchanges or returns are possible on Mystery Box or individual items. Estimated full retail value is at least $100. Taxes vary by location.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

BarkBox Review

Waffles got her very first BarkBox!

Bark & Co. Andi's Famous Dumplings

Nootie No Grainers NYC Jerky Chews-Roasted Duck Recipe
Grain and gluten free

Bark & Co Best Treats Ever! Duck and Turkey Strips

Bark & Co. Lady Liberty Ball

Butcher's Block Bones Krunchie Tube

She absolutely loved everything! She carried around all 3 of the dumplings at once, showing them off to everyone!

Right now, you can get 50% off your first box at or if you use my referral link, your first box is FREE! Their regular price is $25/month with a 6 month subscription. SO worth it!

Preppy Mom's Kisses💋

I signed up to be a LipSense distributer, and I'm super excited. I named my business Preppy Mom's Kisses💖

If you haven't heard of LipSense, it's gorgeous lip color that you can layer to create new colors, and it seriously stays on all day. It doesn't come off when you drink, smooch, or even when you wipe your lips (it takes a special remover). 

9am wearing Roseberry


LipSense is the absolute hottest thing right now. They can't even keep it in stock. If you're looking for a color that LipSense is out of-don't be discouraged! Let me know, and I'll see if I can find it for you💋

We also sell amazing eye color, foundation, skin and body care!

Check out the website (just put my distributer ID in to shop). Again, if what you're looking for is out of stock, send me a message!

Thank you for supporting me💖

Distributer ID- 354068

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

DAFNI Straightening Brush

I must have missed the class when they taught girls to style their hair. I'm a complete disaster! Even my biggish bangs of the 1980s were sub par. I'm not being hard on myself, I seriously have never had any hair styling game. In high school and college, I either wore my hair half-up or in a pony tail (in a bow or scrunchie, of course).

I've been wanting straight hair for ages, but can't afford a pricey treatment, and I'm a mess with a straightening iron. I've worn my hair either in a super easy pixie or bob most of my adult life, so I could avoid having to do much to style my hair. I've been growing it for a while now, and it just seems even more curly than I remember it! My sister (who has long, thick, really pretty hair) made me promise not to cut it for a while, so I've been at a loss. I had seen DAFNI advertised, and I thought it looked like something that would help me get my crazy hair under control. I sent them a letter to see if they would send me a straightening brush to review, and I was thrilled when they said yes.

The DAFNI Straightening Brush was developed in 2012 by Sharon Rabi and her father Kobi. It's really interesting to me that they came up with the idea after Sharon got a too-short and unmanageable haircut. I've had so many of those in my time-I see a cute picture, bring it in to my hairdresser, and leave in shock (and sometimes tears). They wanted something easier than a straightening iron. It took them two years before they came up with the perfect model, but their straightening brush was the first of its kind.

Using DAFNI is as easy as brushing your hair. The unique 3D surface of the brush is wider than that of a traditional straightener, allowing you to style large sections of hair with each brushstroke, reducing the time it takes to straighten your hair by as much as 10 times. Due to DAFNI’s ceramic coating and protective structure, you can use DAFNI exactly as you would a regular brush.

I hate HATE having my picture taken. I'm trying to be better, as we realized that with the exception of a few pictures with the boys when they were newborn, there were no pictures of me. So, I'm trying. Unfortunately, I don't look anything like the me from before marriage and children, but I couldn't very well show you how well DAFNI works without pictures.

So, the picture above is my hair before using the DAFNI brush. It was completely air-dried, although you can blow dry your hair with it as well. This was the very first time I had used it-I thought it would be good to show my very first result.

The picture above is after I've done about half of my hair.

Finally, the finished product. It's straighter than I've EVER gotten it from a straightening iron or blow dryer! I don't have any finishing product in it at all-I wanted to show it from just using the DAFNI brush for the first time. It stayed straight until I washed it again, and I think it was more manageable for several days. Each time I use the DAFNI brush, it gives me a better result. This may be because I'm better used to the brush, but regardless, it's fantastic!

If you've seen DAFNI, and you're wondering if it works, I can tell you that it absolutely does! I'm so happy with mine.

If you're looking for the DAFNI Straightening Brush, you can find them at:
Facebook: @DAFNIofficial
Twitter: @DAFNI_hair
Instagram: @dafnihair @dafnihairus
YouTube: DAFNI Hair

*I received the DAFNI for review purposes, but the opinions and this review are 100% my own.*

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ralph Lauren Red Polo Extreme

I received a bottle of Ralph Lauren Red Polo Extreme from Influenster to review. I love wearing a variety of fragrances, but my husband generally doesn't wear cologne of any kind. He was happy to wear it for my review, however, and I'm so glad that he did, because he really likes it, and it smells amazing. Even our son wears a tiny bit, and it isn't overpowering or heavy at all.

Polo Red Extreme is considered to be a spicy, gourmand fragrance. This is the exact type of fragrance that I personally wear (women's obviously). It is a sweeter fragrance, and really wearable. The main notes are Blood Orange, Black Coffee and Black Ebony Wood. You can smell notes of orange and coffee right away. It's very smooth-not harsh at all. 

This is definitely a scent I would pick out for my husband. I highly recommend this fragrance-it's delicious!

*I did receive this bottle of Ralph Lauren Red Polo Extreme free for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own.*

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Naughton Braun Pearls

I absolutely know that I am among countless others who share in the belief that it is difficult to adequately describe the beauty of pearls. Of course, there are pearls out there that near perfection, although few ever see such divine skill. It is my opinion that even the pearls with flaws are beautiful in their uniqueness. Pearls of different colors, shapes, quality and luster are a brilliance of nature.

Naughton Braun Pearls is a pearl jewelry company that uses only the finest freshwater pearls, silk threads and gemstones. Naughton Braun Pearls was founded by Bernadette Braun and Stacie Yuhasz, who are freshwater pearl lovers, avid travelers, mothers, designers and entrepreneurs. Naughton Braun believes that Women empower Women, and in the importance of giving back.

Naughton Braun has been very busy with Chinese New Year celebrations, but Stacie has given so much of her time to work with me. I had approached her to review a piece on my blog, and easily became entranced with Naughton Braun's sumptuous pearls and stunning designs. They have pearl jewelry that is simple enough to wear daily, and others appropriate for bridal or black tie. The Fairy Pools Earrings and Captiva Earrings are two stunningly gorgeous pieces from their earring collection. 

Fairy Pools Earrings

The Fairy Pools Earrings are described as dancing wisps of a fairy wing. These earrings pool and reflect color that surrounds them, enhancing your every move. The Fairy Pools are 13-15mm pink Edison pearl earrings set on gold-plated sterling silver hoops.

Captiva Earrings

The Captiva Earrings by Naughton Braun are bejeweled Sterling silver Edison pearl drop earrings, radiant with colored CZs and subtle lustre. They are 12-13mm Edison Pearls on a hinged sterling silver drop, topped with a circlet of colored CZs (they come in Emerald, Ice, Lagoon, Canary, Rose and Royal. The Captiva Earrings were featured by Jewellery Monthly Valentine's Day 2017 Gift Guide. I have The Captivas in rose, and they accessorize my usual pink, green and navy palette perfectly.

While either pair of earrings would be gorgeous for dressier occasions (The Captiva Earrings in rose would be absolute perfection for a spring or summer bride), they really work beautifully for daily wear. I'm generally comfortable wearing studs or huggies, but I am very confident wearing both of these. I've been growing my hair for what seems like ages, and these have such a lovely shimmer with my hair up or down. They don't have a long drop, and they are far from unbelievable bling. They will enhance a variety of skin or hair color combinations. You cannot go wrong with either pair. Actually-I don't think you could go wrong with anything from Naughton Braun.

If you're looking to shop with Naughton Braun Pearls, you can find them:
Facebook/Instagram: @NaughtonBraun
Pinterest: Naughton Braun

*Naughton Braun Pearls sent me these earring for review purposes, but all opinions are 100% my own.*